Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 4, 2008

Truly Blessed

Lately, I have been swamped with work.  Accounts which are due for review are kept pending for weeks (and sometimes months) since I have to wait for information coming from other people. I have ranted about this before and, to be honest, I think after almost three years of working here in the Mid East, I can say that I am used to it.  This is part of my life.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Pinky and I hinted about some good news for our family.  Although things are still not yet final, I guess I can share it with all of you now.  My wife is not pregnant! Hehehe!

Kidding aside, my company is sending me and two colleagues to Prague, Czech Republic next week for a training.  It is the first time since I joined the organization that I am being trained outside the Kingdom so you can sense how excited I am about this trip.  Also, it is my first time to be able to visit the eastern part of Europe, which I heard is extremely beautiful.

Pinky and Marga will be joining me but, unfortunately, our boys will have to stay since they have school (and since we were unable to save up for this unexpected trip).  Thankfully, we have been blessed to have my cousin, who lives close to us and who also works in the school of my children, to adopt my kids for 10 days. 

If plans push through, we may also take a 2-day side trip to Vienna, Austria and enjoy the sites of this beautiful city.  Our online buddy, G_Mirage, who lives in the city, has also been very kind enough to suggest where we can stay and also help fix our itinerary.

We were adviced that our Schengen Visas have already been approved but we are still waiting to receive our passports so we can fix our Exit/Re-entry visas, as required by local immigration.  Once okay, everything should be green and go unless something comes up at the last minute but that is a negative thought that I am erasing from my mind now.

Anyway, I will make sure to update all of you again once everything is final.  In the meantime, my apologies for not being able to do my usual blog-hopping routine or answering your comments. 





  1. wow, prague!! i saw this movie of mandy moore before that was shot in prague and ever since i’ve always wanted to go! ang ganda!! mas masaya pa that pinky and marga will be joining you! enjoy! 🙂

  2. Yes, the Lord has truly been very good to us – and exceedingly generous too! 🙂 He has truly sustained us all these years in the desert.

  3. yihee, finally the secret is out! 🙂 i’m sooo jelly-belly! but do enjoy the trip and take lots of pics please. also, don’t forget the tripod for those night shots. you know naman how wasted our pics were before…we just made people pretend they saw notre dame in the background since the pic was too dark at night. *sigh, how i wish i could join in on the fun.* anyway, don’t forget my “prague frince” souvenir. LOL! 🙂 — this is “agent X” signing out…

  4. Wowowee! Salamat sa Diyos para sa kamag-anak na mapag-iiwanan ng mga binata, sa mga online buddies all over the globe at sa mga ganitong opurtunidad.

    Good job Kuya Keith! Pictures, pictures, pictures please! Enjoy and take care! 😀

  5. […] adding to the excitement of this month (as hubby already mentioned in his most recent post), is the totally unexpected good news we received recently about Keith’s business/pleasure […]

  6. wohoo! i’m so happy for you guys. i hope you had a fun and safe trip to europe 😉

  7. that will be truly a respite from the desert heat.ü don’t forget your coats and scarves! and visit the Infant Jesus of Prague!

    i’ve got a tag for you, leap. madali lang ito.ü
    God bless!

  8. Uy! Mukhang enjoy pa kayo sa trip ah?

  9. wow talagang truly blessed ka. Prague is one of the most beautiful places in eastern europe. Kasama actually yan sa imaginary itinerary ko haha

  10. Nga pala. Keith mas maganda kung sa Salzburg Austria kayo pupunta ni pinky haha. Research mo na lang kung bakit.. hint: do re mi!

  11. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. Pasensya na at I have been delinquent in replying to all your comments.

    We are now back in KSA and our trip to Prague (and Vienna) was definitely a memeorable one. Tama nga kayo, it is such a beautiful city – pang Mandy Moore movie nga siguro, Chichung.

    I’ll try to organize myself and blog about this soon – or if not, I’m sure Pinky will be writing about her experiences too.

    Salamat ulit sa inyong pagdaan, ha.

  12. Hello? Hello? Hello? Narinig kita naghello? hahaha. Keith, shensha na I haven’t replied to you and Pinky’s mails yet 😀 Sayang din when you called my fone was empty na…pasensha na kayo sakin…I went to the hotel with the kids hoping to catch u pero I thought mas gustuhin nyo magpasya than stay there…

    Anyway, Im glad to know you enjoy the trip! ingat!!!

    G, katawa ka talaga! I thought there was a problem with the connection since I just heard you say hello and then suddenly na wala na.

    Thanks talaga for making our trip so memorable. We loved Vienna. The place is so beautiful. Sayang at di tayo nag abot. It would have been nice to see you and your family in person. Di bale, I’m sure there will be a next time again…. until then.

  13. most people don’t bother going to eastern europe kasi mas prefer nila ang cosmopolitan west. pero they’re missing out on a lot of authentic culture! buti pa kayo you will get the opportunity to visit and enjoy it (ingget ako!). 🙂

    next year sana yung training mo bandang dito naman. *wink*

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