Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 3, 2008

If Only They Could Talk

“Anong gusto mong maging kapag laki mo?”

“Gusto kong maging katulad mo, Kuya, isang magandang pumpkin!”

“Ting!”  — todo na ang ngiti ni Kuya Pumpkin. Feeling!


This is our first ever halloween pumpkin.  We bought the pumpkins and the decorative corn from the local Tamimi Market in order to make our home a little more in theme with the holidays.  Unlike in the Philippines, Halloween is not celebrated in this part of the world.

Before we bought these, we tried out carving a Halloween pumpkin but using an Indian squash.  It turned out hideous and, not to mention, rotten in less than a day.  I must say, though, that our first experiment gave me a nice entry for my Litratong Pinoy.

It was fun doing this pumpkin.  We were all so involved in making it.  Marga and the boys helped me scrape the seeds inside the pumpkin while Pinky drew the outline.  Carving it requires precise skill and that is where I come in – naks, yabang!

Although we still miss the festivities back home, I must say that this Halloween turned out to be quite memorable.  What do you think?




  1. hahaaa, aliw ang conversation ng pumpkins, keith!

    Thanks so much, Abby… ang hirap kasing isipin kung ano ang pwedeng pag-usapan ng mga pumpkin eh… aren’t they good only for halloween, pumpkin soup and pinakbet?

  2. Ah-lab-it! “Master carver” talaga ang dating mo – I must say! 😉

    Hope to do this again next year… 🙂

    PS I love your storyline between the two pumpkins too – “in” ka sa “usapang mag-kuya” ha! Hehehe 😆

    There will definitely be a repeat next year… maybe we should buy more pumpkins so we can each decorate one…. so many nice ideas from the Internet especially from Martha Stewarts site.

  3. hindi mukang first time mag-carve ng pumpkin! nice work! and wow, family activity na naman! very nice talaga! i plan to emulate your family in the future. i love the family bonding time 🙂

    Chichung, i practiced on one squash before this one. I actually thought it was hard to carve but it actually turned out pretty easy… just make sure to use a sharp knife or cutter.

    In this part of the world, we really have to rely on each other for support. Pinky and I also have to be a little mofre creative just to make things more memorable for our children. Good naman at they enjoy the things we do. I’m sure you and Harvey will be creative too when the time comes… your children will be very lucky to have you both as parents.

  4. “Carving it requires precise skill and that is where I come in.” Panalo ‘to! Feel na feel ko ang importance mo Kuya! Hahaha!

    Nagiba ang puso ko dahil wala kaming “master carver” nung halloween. Nag-trick or treat Tatay ni Mia para sa kanya. Next year sana magawa rin namin yan. Galing niyo talaga!

    Twinkie, feeling lang ako…hehehe! Master carvey kunwari 🙂

    Oo nga sayang at wala si Jose ng Halloween. Di bale, I’m sure Mia still enjoyed celebrating with you. Next year, make sure to do this. It is so fun and the kids just love the idea.

  5. ang asawa ko kaya kailan sisipagin magcarve ng pumpkin? mukhang ako pa rin ang gagawa nun ah! hehe. pero i already have ideas for next halloween. 😉

    Weng tell Dondi to do it… it is actually fun… and not that hard… Martha Stewart’s website has lots of great ideas… medyo too advance nga lang for me…

  6. paglaki ko, gagayahin ko tatay ko 😀 isa na siyang pie ngayon hehe!

    alam ko na kung saan nakuha ng mga anak mo ang kanilang artistic talent, kay pinky! sa iyo yung precision cutting skills, hehehe. 😀

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