Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 25, 2008

For the First Time

My daughter, Marga, will kill me for this.  I just could not resist taking a video of her while she sings “For the First Time.”  It is one of her favorite songs, seriously… I think she is a KC fan.

I hope you guys pardon the poor video quality… I just took this using my phone camera.  Marga is also having a bad cold now, hence, the funny nasal sound.  Her hair?  Well, I have no excuse for that – she just has a naturally frizzy hair style. Poor girl!  



  1. i absolutely love marga!!

    clap! clap! clap! very nice! future kc concepcion! 🙂

    na-LSS ata siya. did she watch the movie too when you guys were in bahrain? or baka nakuha niya from you or pinky yung lyrics? 🙂

    wawa naman siya, it was obvious that she had colds. hay, ako din, i have colds right now. i think it’s because i didn’t go out at all during the weekend. too much AC and naburo sa bahay, haha.

    Yes, I think she just loves the refrain part… paulit-ulit kasi eh. If you tell her the lyrics naman she will get mad at you… funny talaga.

    She did watch the movie with us but I think she was hooked on this song even while we were in Manila. She would see the previews on tv and kakantahin niya.

    I hope you get better soon. Ang sama kasi the weather is starting to change… and yes, the A/C does make you feel weird too… itchy throat.

  2. Waaah!!! Ang cute cute niya talaga! Si Mia again ng again at sabi “Mommy Baby Marga is so cute!” Hay, kahit anu pang pang-kuha ng video basta nairerecord, kuha lang ng kuha at maraming gustong manuod ng manuod!

    For the first time… Naku isang linggo ko siguro kakantain ‘to! Haha! 😀

    Thanks, Twinkie. Children really have a natural attraction with other kids. Kahit sina Marga (and even my boys) enjoy watching videos of other kids too. I really love taking videos of my kids but since we moved here to KSA eh medyo nabawasan ang aking video taking… the locals kasi are very conservative and they will fell offended if you take videos in public… feeling nila sila yung kukunan ng video.

    Naku, I hope hindi ka ma LSS… hirap alisin yan.

  3. She is just adorable, if I may say so myself! 🙂

    I think she got the “musicality” (?) from you – including her “interesting” memory for (repeating) lyrics – hahaha!

    Hmmm…wonder if may ma-snag din siyang mala-“Richard Gutierrez” in the future…abangan!

    Naku, biased tayo, Hon…

    My “interesting” memory for reperating the lyrics… hehehe… sana man lang yung singing voice na lang ang comment mo – remember I got a silver medal in singing when I was in Prep. I’m sure if Marga were in school now eh she would win the same (naks!).

    If we are still in the Mid East by then, malamang si Ylmaz Bektaz ang makuha niya… noooooh!

  4. what a cute cute kid! so pretty! haha my nieces also sing a lot… they are so kulet! 🙂

    Hi Pia, thanks for dropping by my site. Children are so cute… they love to sing (and on video pa!)… I guess a natural tendency to show off (or is that just called innocence?)… please send me your website so I can drop by it too.

  5. hahahaha….so adorable and so funny!!! 🙂

    the repetitions remind me of my “knorr real chinese soup” song. 🙂

    Rindu, yes it reminds me of your Knorr version. Too bad, Papa and Mama did not have a video recorded back then… otherwise, you would be in big trouble now!

    I am posting another video soon… abangan.

  6. ewan ko leap pero parang naiyak ako. ang cute ng bunso mo! made me wish tuloy, sana maging tatay din ako…

    I’m sure this is one of those proud daddy moments for you.ü kainggit!

    Kapatid, salamat sa magandang comment. Super proud talaga ako with my children… kahit medyo hindi ganon ka talented…hehehe!

    Naku, I hope the video did not trigger your paternal instinct – mahirap na… I should send Brigitte an email just to warn her…hehehe!

  7. aliw! ang pula ng lips! parang may lipstick?

    pinks, bakit naman mala richard gutierrez ang gusto mong ma-snag ni marga? ayaw mo ng mala keith sy? 😛

    bravo marga! i hope you get over your colds soon! mmwah!

    Naku, Weng, I don’t think I’ll allow her to wear lipstick until she is 50… pero siyempre, hindi papayag si Pinky niyan ha.

    Salamat, Weng. Ewan ko nga kung bakit hindi katulad ko ang gusto ni Pinky for Marga… guwapo naman ako diba (mabait pa!)?

  8. ang cute, grabe! now i have “for the first time” LSS na! 😀 she’s really so bibo (or biba, biba hot babe, hehe!).

    and there’s nothing wrong with her hair, she’s gorgeous!

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