Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 20, 2008

First (and hopefully the last) Time

I had a very interesting experience just this noon.  After bringing home the kids and eating a very hearty lunch (Pinky cooked something special today and blogged about it here), I went back to the office like any other day.  Nothing special.

The elevator door opened and four people, including my colleague Ton, stepped in.  They invited me in but I said that we might not fit. Despite my reluctance, they insisted.  Hmmm, the maximum capacity of the elevator is 6 people so I guess we were okay.

Just a few seconds after the door closed, the poor elevator went up an inch and then stopped.  It did this a few more times until it finally decided it could not take the weight anymore!  The five of us where stuck in between floors!  Grrr.  As much as I wanted too, I could not complain as I was the obvious culprit.

We rang the buzzer several times and the guards soon opened the door.  The only problem is we had to squeeze in a small hole in order to get out.  We all hesistated at first (some of us probably thinking of what may happen if the lift suddenly moved) but had no other choice.  So, in spite of the lingering fear at the back of our minds, we decided to jump off the lift (palakpakan naman diyan mga kabayan).

Hon, weird as it may be, I guess this is the best way to prove that I enjoyed my lunch today.  Next time you cook something as good as your special meal, I will make sure to take the stairs (even if it is four floors up).





  1. OMG! Nagpaka-action star ka pa pala kanina ha – what an experience! 😆

    Good thing at flexible kayong lahat and you easily made it out of that elevator – I wouldn’t know what I would have done if I were in your place!

    Napa – Ipe (as in Kris and Ipe) nga ako eh. Nakakatakot na experience but it happens quite often in the office elevator. Next time I will be more careful… max 4 people lang in that elevator…

  2. Siguro kinalahati mo yung luto ni Ate Pinky! Hahaha… Ooops ‘di pala nakaktawa yung nangyari, bad ko. Sorry.

    Na-experience ko na ang ganitong eksena sa ABS-CBN nung nag-ojt ako, pababa naman kami. Akala ko end of the world ko na nun. Hindi naman namin kinailangan sumiksik. Hay! Na-tense na naman ako sa pag-alala. Hehe!

    Tama mag-stairs na nga lang sa susunod pag puno na. Naka-exercise ka pa! 😉

    Naku, Twinkie, seriously ako ang umubos ng Pork Binagoongan ni Pinky. Bawal kasi pork dito kaya medyo PG ako when we get to buy this from Bahrain… ang sarap pa ng luto ni Pinky, kaya ayun.

    Naku sorry at naalala mo pa ang iyong masamang experience… hay, erase, erase. Hindi ko alam kung kaya ko yung stairs… ang tarik kasi eh… super nakakahingal.

  3. iskeri naman yan, keith! mabuti rin the hole was big enough para magkasya kayo.

    alam mo, a similar thing happened to a group of exporter friends of our in germany. e diba ang liliit ng elevator sa europe? pinagkasya nila ang 9 na tao sa elevator na ang liit. tapos huminto. winter pa naman so mga nakacoat sila. naku, ayun, ang tagal bago dumating nung nag-ayos. as in nagtanggalan na sila ng mga jacket at panlamig sa elevator. nagtatawanan pa sila nung una. 😀 oh well.

    ingat ingat na lang next time! 🙂

    Naku, Weng, iskeri talaga! I never thought it would happend to me!

    Oh my nine people in a small elevator?! Buti hindi sila nagkapalitan ng mukha.

  4. well, it wasn’t your fault since the rest insisted that you join them in the elevator.

    i used to have this fear of being stuck inside an elevator alone. gosh, hindi ko alam gagawin ko! atleast in your case, may mga kasama ka.

    Gracita, hinid ko alam kung okay na may kasama ako… mga katutubo sila… yikes… buti na lang they also work in my office so medyo protected ako. Thank goodness din at wala silang amoy.

  5. Nangyari din yan sa isang friend ko at kasama pa nya 3 yr old daughter nya. Nakakatakot isipin na habang lumulusot ka sa butas ay biglang umakyat yung elevator no. Mag stairs ka na nga lang or be sure na 3 lang kayong sasakay next time.

    Naku, Ann, I don’t know how I would have reacted if I had the 3 kids with me… nightmare!

  6. good thing you got out unscathed 🙂 ayan na, its the fates telling you to go on a diet na daw, haha!

    alam mo, i have been stuck three times na sa elevator, pero hindi naman ako nagpa-panic (something wrong with me?). mas nakakatakot ang bumabagsak na elevator kesa one that’s stuck hehe.

    Diet? Naku, Meeya, mukhang magpapaiwan na lang ulit ako sa elevator kaysa mag diet… lalo na kung masarap yung ulam.

    3 times…serioso ka… ayaw kitang makasama sa elevator… sama ng track record mo.

  7. Kuya Keith, I have something for you here:

    Thanks twinkie… touched ako 🙂

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