Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 3, 2008

Back to Our Reality

We just came home from our three day vacation in Bahrain.  Even though it has been a yearly tradition to cross over during the Ramadan Eid, I must say that we still had lots of fun this time around.  Personally, the highlight for me is finding this new Japanese restaurant in the heart of the Juffair district, which serves great sushi and is reasonably priced. Oooh, I love Japanese food!

The villa we rented (i.e. Kingdom Villa), though, was a major let down due to its very small-but-deep swimming pool, which looked more like a converted “poso negro.”  Who wants to swim in that right?!  We were teasing each other that we could swim in batches and do “vertical” laps naman in the pool eh – grrr!  Fortunately, after complaining, the property manager allowed us to use the swimming pool of a nearby compound, which looked more or less what we had in mind.

Aside from the swimming, our children also enjoyed the movies, of course.  Yes, plural form.  We saw Get Smart and Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which were both light and entertaining movies.  Steve Carrell is so funny that our family is now officially a member of his fans club.

Pinky and Marga also did some winter shopping in the Bahrain City Center, a newly opened mall which is owned and operated by the same group from Dubai (the Deira City Center).  This place is beautiful albeit not all the stores were open yet. I especially like the layout of this place as it gave you the feeling of space – not like the overly crowded Seef Mall, which is the current place-to-be whenever you are in Bahrain.  I honestly feel that the City Center will attract more people once the cinema opens (hopefully) soon. Finally, we have another decent mall to visit whenever we decide to cross over again.

The boys will be back in school tomorrow while I have two more days of rest.  Thank God.  Anyway, this is all for now. 

Until my next update.






  1. Aaaww!!! Napakagandang bata talaga ng bunso ninyo! Pintog na pintog ang tisay na pisngi o!

    Converted poso negro… Hahahaha! Ayus sa description! May fans din si Steve rito! Galing niya. 😀

    Oh well, sabi nga, “There’s no place like home…” Kaya welcome back pa rin!

    Twinkie, maraming salamat… alam mo naman ang mga anak natin… bida sa ating buhay!

  2. I totally agree with your chosen highlight – yum! Wouldn’t mind crossing over again soon if only for that alone… 🙂

    Another highlight for me? The “oinkish delights” which also crossed over with us from the other side – hahaha! 😆

    Oh, yes, how could I forget that… bad me! I was so happy with Sumo I overlooked the piggies 🙂

  3. Ang cute nga ni Marga. Ganda ng shot mo.

    Salamat, Ann. Si Pinky ang kumuha ng litrato na yan… gusto ko din yung shot na yon eh.

  4. yey, ako rin kasama sa fans club ni steve carrell! grabe, cone of silence, nyehehe!

    anyway, sarap naman ng inyong pasyal! and si marga, konti na lang, pwede nang pang-sports illustrated 😀 sooo cute!

    At least we are in the same club, Meeya…. sports unlimited? Bakit may Abayah version ba yon… hehehe!

  5. parang well yata yung vertical pool na tinutukoy mo, keith, ah! 🙂 di bale, nagenjoy pa rin naman kayo doing other things. sarap magbakasyon ano? kaya naman nagtatrabahong maigi para magastos sa pagbabakasyon at shopping, diba? ay, para rin pala sa future ng mga chikiting. hahaha! 😀

    Weng, oo nga no balon pala ang tawag sa ganoon… akala ko poso negro.. yuck! Naku, kung pwede lang magbakasyon lagi eh sana lahat ng tao masaya no… hay hirap ng buhay, lalo na ngayon. Ipon-ipon.

  6. glad you guys enjoyed your bahrain adventure 😀

    Thanks, Nell. It is always fun crossing over to the otherside.

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