Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 29, 2008

Eid Mubarak!

It is officially the start of our Eid Ramadan vacation today, which means I will have no work until the 5th of October… woot! woot!  Every year, my family and I all look forward to this time because it means an extra five or more days of vacation for all of us… not that we go to anywhere special.

As in the past three years, we will be spending 2 nights in Bahrain with the Magalleneses and some friends. We decided to rent a 3 bedroom villa in the Juffair area this time as compared to the previous years when we just stayed in a furnished apartment. A villa, by the way, is a like a single detached residential unit, which gives you more privacy as compared to an apartment type building. Yes, we need a lot of privacy expecially since we are planning to soak in the swimming pool the whole day!

Bahrain is the worse place to be in during the Eid holidays. A lot of Saudis, together with the Kuwaitis, Qataris and Emiratis, flock to this small island to have fun.  We were originally planning to drive to Kuwait or Qatar to avoid the traffic in Bahrain but heard from friends that we might encounter some difficulty obtaining the visas from the border. Grrr.  In short, it was Bahrain for us again this year.  Hay, I guess I should not complain, though, as Bahrain (even with the traffic) is definitely much better than staying in Dammam during the holidays.

By the way, we went to Bahrain last night to watch “For the First Time” the movie of Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion.  Pinky has been dying to see this movie since it showed in the Philippines almost a month ago (I hope it is because of the beautiful scenery of the Santorini Island in Greece and not anything else, i.e. “kilig” factor). Surprisingly, I was shocked to see only a handful of people in the cinema.  I was honestly expecting to see a few more “screaming” fans falling in line with us especially since it is not always that they show Pinoy movies here (the last being “Caregiver”, the Sharon Cuneta blockbuster).  Well, I guess Pinoys are not use to the Ramadan mall schedules, which is changed during this time of year (i.e. open from 10am-3pm and from 7pm-3am).

Anyway, I guess this is all for now.  I will make sure to update all of you with some pictures soon. Speaking of pictures, you may want to check out my Clicking Away site as I just recently updated it with a lot of back entries for Litratong Pinoy and Lasang Pinoy Sundays. 

Until next time.

PS:  I would also like to thank Twinkie of Twinkie Calls for awarding me with this Green Award.  Maraming salamat sa iyong pag-alala.








  1. Anuvah!!! Binuko mo na naman ako! Nawalan na naman tuloy ako ng “bloggable” – cheh! 😦

    Yup, I liked the scenery talaga… Richard and KC are truly sights for sore eyes – hahaha! Teka, ano bang sights ang tinutukoy mo? Meron pa bang iba? Hahaha! 😆

    Suree! I thought kasi you were planning to do a full review of the movie eh.

  2. i suddenly miss bahrain! we used to live in juffair!! 🙂 our flat is just infront of Rock Bottom. that place is the place to be, haha! 🙂 most of the cool bars are there and the restos are just walking distance! hope you have fun (despite the traffic)! i heard bukas na city center!

    regarding “for the first time”, i heard mejo flop din siya sa pinas. maybe the people read the reviews and decided not to go? pero ako, despite the negative feedback, i want to watch. just to see kc and santorini greece 🙂

    Naku, i saw Rock Bottom when we were driving around. Really nice place. We stayed near the American base. There is this strip with a good selection of restos. Super happy kami with this new Japanese resto there. Hay! It is so nice to be able to cross over once in a while. By the way, hindi na natuloy yung business trip mo doon?

    Pareho kayo ni Pinky. She has been so looking forward to watching it even though the lady selling sweet corn in the Seef food court told us it wasn’t nice. She was right. I love Santorini, though. Sure wish we can go there in the future.

  3. i heard nga that KC’s movie didn’t do well in pinas plus the critics didn’t hold back and gave the movie not so good reviews. hindi yata nakuha ni kc ang blockbuster genes ng kanyang mommy, hehe.

    as for me, i’ll still see the movie because, as you said, KC and santorini. and also to ogle shamelessly at KC’s bagssss! hehehe!

    next year, hopefully, you’ll go somewhere else na (like atlanta or austin) 😛

    Meeya, the scenery was breathtaking. Ang ganda ng Greece. Maiingit ka when you watch it… I did…. o yeah, and the bags, you will like that too.

    Oo nga, sana my family can visit you guys in the US next year. We still have to renew our US visas pa kasi eh.

  4. tama si meeya. nabalitaan ko rin na maraming nadisappoint sa movie ni kc. 😀 fan pala si pinky ng anak ni ate shawie. hahaha! 🙂 kung magkakaroon siguro ako ng dvd, papanoorin ko rin…just to annoy myself. hahaha! dami daw kasing nainis sa movie. pero nasagap ko lang yun. hahaha! 😉

    US naman next year ha!

    Actually, medyo ham acting yung dalawa… I must say, though, that their English accent was good… kahit si Richard. I was surprised. Akala ko eh may pagka TH sila.

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