Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 18, 2008


Before anyone reacts negatively, do not be fooled by the blog title.  This is a “GP” rated site and I intend to keep it that way. Furthermore, may I also clarify that this is not a paid post.

M’Jack (or Magic Jack) is the coolest gadget that we acquired during our last trip back home (thanks to my Sis-in-law, Lorrie, who introduced it to us).  It is a small matchbox size mechanism that you install from your computer’s USB port on one end and to a telephone unit on the other.  Once installed, a program is automatically downloaded to your computer, which allows you to make unlimited long distance calls to any place in the US of A for free!  Actually, it is not really free since you have to pay a minimal amount of USD20.00 per year to make unlimited calls! 

I believe the right term to use here is VOIP (voice over internet protocol).  Unfortunately, I will not pretend to know or attempt to explain what that means. What I only know is that I can call long distance, it is (so far)legal and it is for free – okay, okay… very reasonably priced.

Since we bought our unit, Pinky and I have gotten in touch with most of our relatives in the US as well as our blogging buds, Nell and Meeya, who unfortunately we called at a wrong time since she was doing her rounds in the mall.  In addition to that, we have also been able to regularly communicate with our families back in the Philippines (using MJ to MJ) and all I can say is that it is great!  The quality of the calls is clear as if using a landline.

I hate to say it but, so far, it is asta la vista baby to YM and Skype cause M’Jack’n!



  1. Wow!!! My twin worked in a callcenter and their client is Vonage, another VOIP provider. We were just hopin’ that some day, Vonage will launch VOIP in the Philippines… But hey, hey, hey! Thanks to this info Kuya Keith!

    Kulet nga ng title. 😀

    Twinkie, I know people who use Vonage in the Philippines. It’s the same concept except MJ is much cheaper. I think there is a monthly due for Vonage.

  2. Medyo di nga ata maganda ang dating ng title mo, hon…especially if medyo “imaginative” ang iyong readers – hehehe 😉

    Di bale, I am definitely one with you – M’Jack’n too! 😆

    Hmmm, ikaw ha… what an invitation! GP site nga ito no….

    People…. pop those thought bubbles now!

  3. Ay brods gusto ko yan. May ganyan din barkada ko pero na turn off ako kasi sabi sa aken 7 dollars daw per month ang bayad. E pag naka isang taon eh 84 dollars din lahat lahat. Mura ito nakuha mo kasi 20 lang per month. Laking tulong nyan lalo na at mabagal minsan ang webcam sa skype at YM.

    Tanong, pwede din ba webcam jan? O call lang? sensya na tech illiterate ako eh

    Bluep, super okay siya… sorry I forgot to tell you that we bought the unit for P3500 but if you know anyone in the US, they can buy it for you at just USD20!

    Wala siyang webcam so what we do is just open YM for the webcam. Very clear yung connection ng MJ unlike if you just use YM or Skype na, more often than not, eh di kayo magkarinigan.

  4. magandang ideya yan ah…i reresearch ko pala. salamat sa inpormasyon.

    Mahalia, no problem. Salamat sa pagdaan.

  5. oh…the wonders of technology! i guess i’ll be MJ-ing with you soon for some “agent X” biz? 😉

    Rindu, yes, we will be MJ-ing more often now….

  6. uy, thanks for reminding me about this! isesearch ko yan. hindi ako bibili ng more than $20. hee hee. so ilang oras kayo nag-usap ni nell? mwahahaha! tawagan niyo ako ulit ha! 😀

    Weng, mga 30 minutes rin kami ni Pinky nakipagusap kay Nell. Nakakatuwa talaga itong unit na to. Sige, we will make sure to call you again one of these days.

  7. Kuya Keith, sikat na sikat na rin si Magic Jack sa amin. Kanina ko lang nakausap Ate Twinkle ko. Mahal nga raw ang Vonage at tama, monthly nga ang bayad plus gadget. Pag punta ni Jose (my hubby) sa US by October pabilhan ko siya. Pwede ba phonepals si Mia at Marga? Hehe!

    Btw, I’ve got an award for you here: 😀

    Twinkie, good news yan. It will really help cut your phone bills dows, espcially if you call your family in the Philippines regularly. Tell us when you have your unit, para makapagtwagan naman din tayo.

    By the way, thanks doon sa green award ha.

  8. I saw your comment at Girlie’s site, di ka nagkamali si Kap nga yun, mukhang pokpok noh? kadiri pero alam mo bang I won the most jazzed up equivalent to best dressed award which won for me a nokia 1680, oh di ba?

    Wow, Kap! Super na-ingit naman ako at nanalo ka pa ng award. Sabagay deserving ka naman eh… at you did not look at all like a pokpok. Ganoon talaga ang “rocker” look.

  9. thanks for the call nga pala! hala nabisto niyo naman ako, haha! nagkataon lang po. 😀

    anyway, we used to use another voip phone (sort of like vonage but with better coverage) pero we were paying $27/month for it. ngayon naka-MJ na rin ang aking family hehehe! its much cheaper talaga and the voice quality is good. 🙂

    ito na ang simula ng pagbagsak ng PLDT, nyehehe! oh well, its about time na naman that people have access to easy and affordable phone service. 🙂

    I agree with you Meeya. I can not believe why calling long distance should be soooo expensive – especially now with the technological advancements. I do hope MJ is able to sustain the quality of its service.

  10. isn’t it a great find and gadget? and btw, i’d like to thank you guys for calling me couple weeks ago. it’s good to finally make chicka. mwaaah 😀

    Nell, it was really nice talking to you… we enjoyed the conversation… sana next time we can chat longer.

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