Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 8, 2008

Hong Kong and Macau Pictures

After checking out of the Disneyland Hotel we moved to the Marco Polo Gateway Hotel, which was located in the Ocean Ferry Terminal in Kowloon Island.  Although the hotel and our room looked very dated (i.e. pang 1980’s), I must say that its location was very nice (i.e. right smack in the city’s shopping district!). 

Since sightseeing was our main objective, we decided to just window shop (kawawa naman kami) and walk around the area.  Our first stop was the old clock tower, which, fortunately, also had a Beijing Olympic Exhibit.


Marga was starting to get irritated with the heat (and her parents since we wanted to have photos of our family standing beside all the famous HK landmarks!).

The Beijing Olympic Mascots… we bought ourselves souvenir mugs of all the mascots… one for each of us.  Mine is “Nini” the green mascot.  I believe he represents the African continent.

Hong Kong was the host city for the equestrian events hence the beautifully decorated horses.

Pinky and I won all the medals!  Our three prized possessions (note: medals awarded in no particular order… they are all Gold Medalists in our hearts)


The harbour and skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island.


Rafael touching the hand prints of Jet Li at the Walk of Stars. 

Direk, ready na po ang mga anak namin.


My masterpiece – the Laser Light Show at Hong Kong Island.  Finally, a great night shot!

 Waiting at the Hotel Lobby.  All set to go to Macau.

Marga was starting to get bored…. poor flower… he loves me, he loves me not!

Beautiful! Medyo asar lang at umeksena pa si Sponge Bob.

Our Lady of ahhh, ahhh… I clearly was not paying attention to the tour guide… hehehe!

Where is the fountain?  The whole place is supposed to be a water fountain but, just when we were ready to take this picture, the water disappeared! Grrrr.

Ama-ah Temple.

… and this one too.

An old rustic store selling incense for praying.

A Lego replica of the Macau Tower.  We did not dare go to the top even for a better view of the city.

We had lunch at the Wharf (or is this New Orleans pre-Katrina?)

Marga trying out her luck in the slot machine – ang aga mag simula no?

1, 2, 3… Macau! (Tingan niyo naman ang sigaw ni Marga… feel na feel)

The hills are alive…ooops! wrong song… feeling Europe lang.

Ang bigat! Suko na ako, Marga.

Waiting for our coach – resting by the shade.

At the Ruins of St Paul’s.  Standing at the base of this structure makes you realize how grand this church must have been before it burned down more than a century ago.

Steps leading up to St Paul’s.  Behind is an old Jesuit building, which was recently restored.

A closer look at the building… notice the cobble stone pavement too.

Posing by the statue of “the lovers”… Pinky and Luigi trying to be silly.

Don’t blame the lady for being so erotic… it was really a “hot” day.

Ruins of an old Portugese Fortress… unfortunately, we did not have the time and the energy to explore it anymore.



  1. As usual – AH-LAB-IT!!! Especially like your night shot as well as the equestrian pic.

    Teynks, honeypie. I should thank you for the wonderful pictures 🙂

  2. nice pics keith, talagang sinulit nyo pala ang bakasyon nyo ah… love the night shot also, what did you use for stabilizer? tripod? or patong lang? 🙂

    love also the captions, natatawa ako sa captions, hehehe

    Oo nga lino, super sulit vtalaga ang bakasyon namin…. feeling ko nga eh halos araw-araw kaming wala sa bahay… mag deprive ba?

    Gumamit ako ng tripod for the night shot. First time lang ako nakakuha ng medyo malinaw na night shot. I still need to do a lot of practice pero happy naman so far ako sa outcome.

  3. great pics, keith! matagal ko na rin gusto magpunta sa macau. kailan kaya? hmmm. 😀

    Weng, do it during your next vacation in the Philippines. You will enjoy it.

  4. i love the pics! especially your night shot, pwedeng-pwede! 😀

    macau is so pretty now. i should go back! the last time i was there was in 92 and, believe me, hindi pa ganyan ka-picturesque, hehehe!

    (psst, pls tell pinky i love her bag, hehe!)

    Meeya, you know my cousin who also went to Macau during that time was discouraging us to go… she said wala daw makitang anything interesting. Obviously, a lot of thingshave changed since then. Do you know that the gambling income in Macau is much higher than in Las Vegas – weird no, and I thought gambling capital of the world ang LV.

    Binangit ko na sa kanya, Meeya… thanks daw.

  5. Macau looks so lovely—now I’m more pumped to visit the place.

    You’ve got awesome pictures. Thanks to your post, I now have a few travel itinteraries to consider. 🙂

    Thanks Lady for dropping by.

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