Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 6, 2008

HK Disney Pictures, Part 2

Fun and adventure were the themes of our second day in Disneyland.  Of course, where else will we find these but in Adventureland, which was located in the heart of Disney’s own tropical jungle. 

So you think the jungle river cruise looked so tame ha… not! (said in a pa-slang accent)

Marga and I were starting to get worried.  Our “trying hard” English speaking Chinese tour guide warned us of the dangers that await us down the river.


 Wild beasts were staring at us while we pass by – di pa ata sila nakakita ng artista eh… hehehe!

A wild Rhino attacked our group.  Fortunately for us, it decided to go for these men – tuhugan time! 

In panic, we quickly climbed a tree house. But, like all Pinoys, we still had to strike a pose for posterity sake. 

What did you say?  You see some sharp fangs behind us?

 Ahhhh…ahhhhh…ahhhhh! (that was us screaming our lungs out because of the Jaguar).  Luckily, the King of the Jungle was just close by… Sy family saved at last!

Pinky starstruck after being saved by Tarzan.  Her smile says it all – super kinilig with Tarzan’s abs.

These native drums are supposed to ward off other wild animals… sige Rafael pagbutihan mo ang pag tambol!

Rafael still “feeling” the beat… Luigi and Pinky were more reserved.

It worked!  Those drum beat scared all the animals but attracted the rain.  Rafael and Luigi splashing around in the Liki Tiki poles.

Cheating! Papa and Marga why are you sitting down?!!!

Sweat Wet and tired… ang mga basang Sy-siw (get it?!)

Time to let our shirts dry off while we watch the Festival of the Lion King…. sanadali lang, hindi ba cult ito?

Okay, right show.  Pumba and the other animals were there…

Marga loved this elephant.  She stared at it the whole time (and even noticed when it was sleeping).

Too much adventure for one day!  We decided to slow down and move on to Main Street where we met Fa Mulan. Pa-cute niya no?

Of course, how can we miss the HSM show.  Marga performed too. She was asked to dance (together with other kids) in front of the crowd.  My daughter gave out her best naks!  In fact, days after her performance, she still kept on shouting the “Go Wildcat!” cheer.

We ended the day watching the Disney Water Parade.  Unfortunately, we could not get any pictures since we were standing close to the parade route and water was splashing all around. 

Waiting for our coach service.  Huling hirit in the Disneyland Hotel lobby.

When in Hong Kong do as the Chinese do – that is pose with a “V!”

One more time… click!



  1. The pics and captions are just great – nice story-telling technique ha! 🙂

    Kala mo ba kay Tarzan ako kinilig? Nagpapa-cute lang ako sa ‘yo no! 😉 Di pala halata… As always, “conservative” na naman beauty ko – hahaha! 😆

    Ay, medyo nag seselos na nga ako kasi akala ko kay Tarzan ka nag papacute eh. Ganoon din naman ang tiyan ko – mas malambot lang nga… hehehe.

  2. ang saya saya! 😀 ako nga hindi ko pa napopost ang disneyland pics namin eh. hee hee. ang lakilaki ng mga binata at humahabol ang nag-iisang dalaginding! 😀

    I-post mo na Weng kahit luma na ang pictures. We want to see it too.

    Ang bilis nilang lumaki no? Actually medyo nalulungkot nga ako just seeing them grow up… wala na kaming mga babies… boo hoo hoo!

  3. wow you seem you had a great time there. The Pictures said so.

    Ang tangkad ni mulan haha.

    Si Tarzan parang may exopthalmus LOL

    ang gaganda ng kuha nyo ang linaw

    Bluep, yes we had a great time although siyempre medyo pagod kami ni Pinky. Naku ano namang medical term ang ginamit mo to describe Tarzan. I think I need to research on that kasi ngayon ko lang narinig yon. Salamat sa pagdaan.

  4. Enjoy talaga ang naging bakasyon nyo kahit maikli. That’s why our kids always look forward to the next summer vacation.

    Hi Ann. Naku, super nejoy talaga ang bakasyon – or masyado lang tayong deprived dito sa ating Kaharian.

  5. si mulan, bagay yung actress sa role. pero sa HSM, hindi ko akalain na naging asian na si troy, hehehe!

    enjoy na enjoy ang mga kids (pati ang not-so-kids), kitang-kita sa pics! 🙂 nag-enjoy din ako just viewing the pics and reading the captions. 😀

    You said it… hindi ba weird na Asian looking ang mga cast ng HSM… anyway, buti na lang eh si Gabriela ay talagang galing sa Asia… they sang very well though.

    Super enjoy kaming lahat… kahit mainit…halata naman sa pics, di ba?

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