Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 31, 2008

Hong Kong and Macau, Part 1

“Maliit lang ang mundo. Maliit lang ang mundo.

Maliit lang ang mundo. Maliit ating mundo.”

To those who do not get it, that is the refrain of the Filipino version of “It’s a Small World,” which is featured in the newest attraction of Hong Kong Disneyland.  Seriously, you better give it a try and I am so sure you will get hooked by the simple melody and perfect Pinoy lyrics.  Marga and I sung this tune for days, if not weeks, and could just not get it out of our system. In fact, as I mentioned in my last post, we even sung the English and Filipino lyrics in unison as instructed by Marga.   

Before I forget, though, I realized that I have been narrating to all of you our recent vacation in Manila but have not shared any photos of it.  I know it must be a bore just reading through what I wrote but please do bear with me.  Pinky and I are just having difficulty downloading our pictures at the moment.  But once we get our PC to work, I will make sure to share our pictures with all of you.

Anyway, going back,  Pinky and I decided to bring the kids to Hong Kong to celebrate Rafael’s 8th birthday in Disneyland.  We have been fortunate to bring Luigi and Rafael there once before (in 2006 before I left for Dammam) so we initially had reservation of going back to the place.  However, the combination of Rafael’s birthday and Marga’s fondness for Disney characters made it easy for us to decide that Hong Kong was the perfect place to celebrate.  Fortunately, Pinky found a good package that allowed us to stay 2 days free in the park if we booked 2 nights in any of the two Disney Hotels in the area. Since we already tried the Disney Hollywood Hotel before the obvious choice for our accommodation this time was the Disneyland Hotel

I must say that you can not go wrong with Disney even if you have kids below the age of 35!  Pinky, my mom (who also decided to join us) and I (oops! and the kids too) were so excited to stay in the Disneyland Hotel. The place was so beautiful and elegant – its Victorian style design with huge crystal chandeliers were really very impressive. The kids, especially Marga, on the other hand, enjoyed meeting and personally hand shaking Mickey and his gang.  Rafael felt so special that day since he received a souvenir cake (made out of small towels) and since his name also appeared  in the digital announcement board as one of the birthday celebrants. Bida talaga! 

We decided to take it slow on our first day. Luigi, Rafael and Marga attended several craft workshops while us adults toured and enjoyed the hotel.  We were so tired at the end of the day that we decided to have room service that evening.

The following morning, we had a heavy buffet breakfast at the Enchanted Forest where Mickey, Minnie and the other characters joined us.  Marga was dumbfounded seeing her “friends” in the flesh and that made it easy for us to convince her that there were more of them in the Park.  Goodbye tantrums!

It was soooo hot! I swear, if not for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the background, I would, without a doubt, be convinced that I was in “another” Kingdom (i.e. with Abayah clad women). Anyway, after organizing ourselves, we decided to say hello first to Daisy and Donald Duck who were welcoming the visitors at Main Street.  After a few photo ops here and there we decided to proceed to Fanatasyland where we watched Mickey’s Philharmagic, rode The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and It’s a Small World (okay, now I know you want to sing the Pinoy version – huwag ng mahiya).  Marga was dying to ride Dumbo and King Arthur’s Carousel but the lines were just so long!

After lunch, we decided to watch Disney on Parade and then move on to Tomorrowland, where Pinky and the boys blasted the aliens with the help of Buzz Lightyear.   Marga, Grammy Dollie and I, on the other hand, decided to get wet in the UFO Zone.  We also drove futuristic cars in Autopia and later the boys and I took on Space Mountain!

We wanted to dance to the tunes of High School Musical but the brief down pour (i.e. 5 minutes)soaked us all in water and cancelled that day’s performance. Bummer.  Fortunately, we had another day to spend in Disney, which I will share with all of you next time.

Until then.



  1. Di na talaga ako naniniwala na poor ang memory mo! You even mentioned things I couldn’t even remember until I read them again…

    Yup, really enjoyed our Disney getaway – if only for the “priceless” expressions on our kids’ faces – especially that of our little “donya”. 🙂

    Hope this won’t be the last of our holidays at tuloy-tuloy lang ang blessings. 🙂 Labyu! Mwah!

    Selective memory and tawag diyan. Happy thoughts lang and pwede sa utak ko. I do hope we are still able to have more holidays in the future.

  2. ang saya nito, hah 😀 at nakapag macau and hk pa pala kayo. i’m sure the kids had a blast!

    nicho’s asking us nga kong maipapasyal ba raw namin sya sa hk disney. but i doubt it, sa dami ng relatives na kikitain eh kulang ba ang isang buwan. hahaha :mrgreen:

    Naku, Nell we had such a blast (the kids especially). The Macau part was more for Pinky and I para naman may makita kaming ibang place aside from Disney and HK.

    I’m sure mas maganda at mas malaki ang Disney diyan sa Anaheim. Tell Nicho diyan mo na lang siya dadalhin 🙂

  3. mas okay sana ang kuento with pictures. pero since wala, mag imagine nalang ako 🙂

    i wanted to go to disneyland when i was a kid. pero since wala pang HK disney non, e can’t afford ang mom and dad ko! your kids are very lucky. i can imagine how happy marga, luigi and rafael must have been!

    Gracita, posted the pictures already. Buti na lang at naayos namin ang computer.

    I’m sure kahit bata or matanda super excited when they go to Disneyland. The place is just so magical. Pinky and I were talking nga about how lucky our kids are now at they were able to travel na at such a young age. Sana nga lang they will remember it.

    Di bale, when your baby comes I’m sure you and Papa Harvs will also bring him/her to Disney or to Universal Studios or Dubailand!

  4. usually nagsusulat lang ako ng travels dahil sa ka pepe pero Ive never been to any country before. Heck Ive never been to the visayas and Mindanao either. Im quite stuck here pero someday i will be travelling too, naku by hook o by crook. Yang disney land na yan ang gustong gusto kong puntahan honestly. wqala lang ako time at moolah haha

    isip bata kasi ako. I love toys, I love comic books and I love theme parks. Dito lang ako sa pInas di magenjoy sa Enchanted kingdom kasi di ko trip. Maliit at masyado madami kakilala. Gusto ko yung wala may kilala sa akin para naman makakpaglaro ako na parang bata sa mga rides na di na coconscious kung may makakakita ba sa akin na kakilala hehe.

    Welcome back nga pala sa blogosphere. Its nice that you came home safe together with ate Pinky.

    Pax et Bonum

    Bluep, sayang at naudlot yung Sydeny mo. Di bale I’m sure malapit ka na rin makabakasyon sa dami ng naiipon mo sa Ka Pepe…hehehe!

    Naku, punta ka nga sa Disney sigurado enjoy ka (sino bang hindi?). Aabangan ko ang mga litrato mo ha 🙂

  5. disney is for people of all ages! naka-ilang punta na ako pero sobrang parang first time visitor ako palagi. 🙂 we hope to visit disneyworld naman next. cross fingers!

    Naku, Weng, hintayin niyo kani. Problema nga lang eh expired na yung visas namin. Grrr.

  6. nauna ko nang na-view ang pics so i know that you and the kids really enjoyed your trip. 🙂

    disney fan din ako, it just brings out the kid in you, di ba?

    thanks for sharing your journey. sobrang na-miss ko ang kwentos niyo by not being able to bloghop these past few weeks. awww.

    o paano, kitakits tayo nina weng sa disneyworld? 🙂

    Meeya. na miss ka na nga namin eh… super busy ka kasi lagi eh. Thanks for dropping by though and for looking at all our pictures. Sige ba… kaso sandali, mahal pala ang tickets pa punta sa US.

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