Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 25, 2008

Glad To Be Home, Part 2

Okay, I’m back and ready to type some more.

The day after our Tagaytay trip Pinky and I decided to go to SM Las Pinas to buy some stuff that we needed to bring back home.  Inside the mall, there was an exhibit featuring how Henry Sy amazingly transformed a small shoe store into a mega empire in only 50 years! Without question, this is truly a remarkable feat by our kababayan, whom I wish was also related to me (even distantly) – hehehe. 

For our lunch, Pinky treated me to UCC Coffee Company in Westgate Alabang.  The food is really so good.  I only had seafood salad for my main course but a BIG glass of coffee jelly float for my dessert – uuuuh, sarap!  Marga, who was also with us, enjoyed the spaghetti with cream mushroom sauce which Pinky ordered. UCC is now on the top of my list of favorite restaurants (together with California Pizza Kitchen – CPK, of course).

That evening we decided to visit Let’s Face It in the Alabang Town Center and have my warts removed (siyempre, I had to broadcast this pa).  But before you have mental images of me looking like a frog, I must say, and this was also mentioned to me by the care specialist, that the warts I have are the small ones which are barely visible to the eye (defensive). I believe there was roughly 50 small bumps that was zapped out of my body – thank goodness!   Pinky and my mom, who also joined us, both had a diamond peel.

On Saturday, August 9, Pinky and I went to Intramuros to join the first official EB of Litraong Pinoy.  It was quite awkward at first especially since I had wart marks all over my face and neck but that feeling quickly changed after the introductions. Pinky and I were happy to finally meet Thess, Jeff, Ronnie, Lino, Jen (and brother), Girlie, Marie and Arvin (and sister) in person.

Despite the heat and humidity, we enjoyed our tour of Intramuros, Fort Santiago and Luneta Park.  Jeff patiently toured us around using his handy guide book, which he borrowed from a friend.  There were so many nice things and places to picture.  Unfortunately, Pinky and I only had one camera, which we had to alternately share the whole day.  Bummer!  Our point and shoot camera was also so inferior compared to the giant DLSR cameras of most of the participants.  Their cameras not only had flashes as heavy as the camera itself but also several removable lenses which allowed them to take great photos. Hay, ka-ingit.

I just have to share that while we were doing our rounds in Fort Santiago we also bumped into my youngest brother, Jamie, who was also there to take photos with his officemates.  The world is really so small.

Speaking of a small world, the popular children’s song with the same title is now Marga’s favorite tune.  She sings the refrain it in both English and Filipino.  Last night she asked me to sing the English lyrics while she sang the Filipino lyrics at the same time.  Super cute I must say so myself (and without bias because she is my daughter).  Who taught her the song?  Well, she learned it during our week long trip in Hong Kong and Macau, which I will share with you guys next time.

Until then. 




  1. Hon, a wee bit of correction please – the UCC pasta sauce was actually garlic mushroom in olive oil… hehehe 😉 Cream mushroom sounds good too, nonetheless…

    Looking forward to your next post. Have yet to get into the blogging groove myself. Mwah!

    Hehehe! Basta UCC is the best!

  2. ayayay! inggits me sa EB nyo. nagkitakita tayo ni sis thess and the other LP members. saya saya nyan for sure 😉

    Nell, oo nakita na namin si Thess in person. The EB was so fun even though it was so hot that day. I’ll post the pictures next time.

  3. seems like you maximized your vacation big time! all those food trips and massages are kainggit ha. yun din ang hindi ko puedeng ma-miss when i’m in pinas.

    take care and hope to read more updates from you! 🙂

    Gracita, kailangan talagang sulitin ang maikling bakasyon. Puro kain at masahe lang ang ginawa namin don…hehehe.

  4. inggit talaga ako sa LP EB! waaaah! 😀

    Dapat gawa din kayo ng EB sa US. Ang dami niyo naman diyan eh.

  5. inggit din ako sa LP EB, huhu. pero ok na rin kasi i’m sure maiinggit din ako sa gadgets nila if ever, gastos na naman ang asawa ko, hehe!

    i love UCC too! miss ko na!

    Di bale, you should organize an LP EB in the US. Ang dami ninyo diyan no.

    Ang sarap ng UCC no… yum.

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