Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 24, 2008

Glad To Be Home

My family and I arrived safely in our little Kingdom last Thursday evening.  Our vacation was short, as expected, but full of many beautiful memories spent with family and good friends.  We wish it could have lasted a little bit longer but I guess, like any vacation, all good things have to come to an end.

It is my second day in the office and, thankfully, my work has remained quite manageable despite my long absence. Fortunately when this happens I get to update all of you.

So, where do I begin?  How about noon time of July 31 at the NAIA.

My flight to Manila (via Gulf Air in Bahrain) was surprisingly uneventful (unlike our last trip home last December).  I was very eager to land and finally meet Pinky and the kids who met me in the airport together with my mom and mother-in-law.  Luigi and Rafael were pretty excited to see me (I think) but it took a while before Marga finally warmed up and allowed me to cuddle her.  How about Pinky?  Well, I could not cuddle her that time for obvious reasons. 

For my first meal my mother-in-law cooked lechon kawali.  Her crunchy pork cutlets are really to die for.  I say this without any bias but my mother-in-law really cooks the best lechon kawali in town.   Pinky also whipped up something special for my first night (hmmm) – she scheduled us both for an hour long full body massage in The Garden Spa in Alabang.  What a way to start my vacation!

On my second day I realized that I left the memory stick of our camera back in KSA. Stupid me.  Panicked, we had to rush to the Alabang Town Center (ATC) to buy it and a few more stuff for our out-of-town trip the following morning.  Pinky and I also had our first date in this Japanese restaurant whose name eludes me at the moment.  Our meal was composed of our favorite sushi, maki and tempura – so Pinoy talaga!

The next morning we drove to Nasugbu, Batangas where a relative of ours generously allowed us to stay overnight in their beach house in Punta Fuego.  This place is so beautiful and posh and that pressured us to bring out our best Arabic twang so we can blend perfectly well with the crowd. 

By the way, it was also my mom’s 61st birthday too that weekend so it was nice that we could celebrate it with the whole Sy family sans my oldest brother who is currently working in California.  My cousin, Dong, who recently relocated back to the Philippines from the US of A, was also with us and he led us all during our “magdamagan” Karaoke party.  Embarrassingly, we all sounded drunk with each performance and I guess that raised some concerns with the other residents of the place since they now have a new policy banning KTV parties in Punta Fuego. Hehehe… joke lang.

We decided to take it slow on my 5th day.  Pinky and I treated our boys to watch The Mummy 3 and later have lunch in North Park.  For dessert, we had the famous Razon’s halo-halo from Pampanga.  Yummy! By this time, I already gained back all the weight I lost when I was alone in the KSA.

On day 6, my Mom gave us free tickets to watch Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella starring Lea Salonga and shown at the main theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  It was surprisingly better than what I expected even though at certain times I felt I was watching excerpts from South Pacific and the West Side Story. Overall the whole production was nice and very entertaining and the cast, some of whom were brought in from abroad, were very good.  Aside from watching Lea Salonga, the highlight of the night was seeing Jamie Rivera and Rachel Alejandro in person – yes, they are still alive!

The day after, Pinky and I decided to get away from it all and escape to Tagaytay City.  We booked in the Boutique Bed and Breakfast where we slept in the “I Lust” room.  The place was very uniquely with its modern and trendy interior and beautiful view of the Taal Lake.  However, we also felt quite disappointed since the place was much smaller than what we expected and the layout of the rooms where somewhat weird (i.e. our room had a bath tub with a beautiful view of the lake – the only catch is that, if you decide to use it, the people located in the terrace restaurant below will also have an unsightly view of your body!). The varied selection of pirated DVDs, the churros con chocolate before sleeping and our delicious breakfast in bed the following morning made up for everything, though.  Oh wait, I forgot to mention that we also had an hour and a half long massage in our room too! Pamper us baby!

Shocks, do we sound deprive?  I just read through what I wrote and it seems like we did so many things in a span of one week.  By the way, I did not even mention that we also ate in Figaro and at the Breakfast at Atonio’s in Tagaytay City when we were there.  Yes, pampering and pigging out seems to be the theme of our vacation.  Hehehe!  No wait, Pinky and I also went to the Chapel on the Hill in Batulao Batangas to do some reflection so that must count for something – a plus for the spiritual side of our trip, I guess. 

Anyway, let me take a break first.  I still need to recall what happened next although I am pretty sure this involves a lot of eating and massaging.  Hehehe… 

Until then.





  1. Wow – great blow by blow! And you said you had such poor memory… 😉 Guess your DS Sudoku sessions are doing wonders – hahaha! 😆

  2. wow, that’s a lot of activities. first week palang yan, hah. and i’m glad you guys enjoyed your trip, at may ‘i lust’ room pa hah 😉

    Sulit na sulit, Nell. Hataw sa room number name no?!

  3. you had me at “lechon kawali”. hee hee! 😀 makapagrequest nga kay ninang petite pagnakauwi kami…whenever that is. 😉 para ka talagang nakalaya when you reached pinas, keith ah. i can feel the joy! 😀

    Super saya Weng… hehehe… nakakaihya… mukhang deprived.

  4. grabe ang memory mo keith! did you have a handy-dandy notebook to jot down everything you did? hala, hahaha!

    kung ako rin ikaw i would cram a lot of pampering and pigging out kapag nakauwi ako sa pinas! haaay, kelan kaya! sana tomorrow na 🙂

    Meeya, grabe – ganoon talaga kapag deprive sa mga social events at nakakulong lang sa bahay.

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