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It’s been weeks since I last updated my blog.  Aside from doing so many things in the office, I have also been so preoccupied with entertaining friends and doing last minute errands before I fly off to Manila this Wednesday.  Yehey!  Yes, you read me right, three more days before I take my annual home leave and be reunited again with Pinky and the kids. Thank you Lord!

Okay, so what have I been doing the past weeks.  A day before I flew off to Jeddah for a week long seminar, an office mate of mine had his post birthday celebration in Bahrain.  My colleague, Ton, and I just could not resist a free meal so, despite the thought of having to endure a 2 hour traffic in the causeway, we decided to go to Bahrain for some “oink-oink”  and booze (what a life!).  Before that, of course, we had to drop by the mall to catch a movie.  Being the musical fan that I am, I ended watching ABBA’s “Mamma Mia!,” which, in all honesty, was entertaining but too cheesy for me.

The following day I flew to Jeddah and was booked at the Hilton Hotel.  This place is beautiful.  I was actually shocked at how grand the place looked like.  The hotels here in the Eastern Region do not even come close to anything like it.  Aside from seeing my good friends, Patrick and Louie, who were both my colleagues in HSBC in Manila, the only highlight of my stay there was being able to swim indoor and use the gym facilities in the hotel (for free).  I must say that I was so physically fit that week that I felt like competing in the upcoming summer Olympics in Beijing. Woot Woot!  By the way, I just have to mention, that I am now down to 159 lbs (as of this morning) compared to 167 lbs when Pinky and the kids left last June 5 (a major achievement for a food lover like me). Palakpakan naman mga kaibigan.

It was pay back time after my week long training.  The work on my desk started to pile up while I was gone and that kept me away from by regular blogging and blog hopping routine.  I hate it when that happens. 

Aside from work, several birthdays and other celebrations followed.  First, it was the birthday of my good friend Paolo, Marga’s Pediatrician from SAAD Hospital.  I enjoy going to his party every year since this is the only chance I get to meet and know other Pinoys, usually from the hospital.  I must say that these people really know how to party – great food and a videoke, how can you beat that?! So Pinoy talaga.

I also attended the birthday of another friend, Raymond, and the celebration of the pregnancy of our friend Beaver, who is married to Ato.  These occasions were just so important that we had to force our friends to treat us in Bahrain. 

Raymond treated us to lunch at a nice Pinoy restaurant called Bahay Kubo, where we literally pigged out.  His birthday spread included lumpiang sariwa, pancit canton, crispy pata, sinigang na baboy, inihaw na liempo and sisig na tenga.  To top this, I also had two glasses of gulaman at sago!  Oh my, just thinking of it again makes me want to cross to Bahrain and eat like a pig again – seriously!

After lunch, we left for the Seef Mall to catch the Dark Knight.  It was long but very nice.  Heath (Ledger) played The Joker so well that we all left the theater feeling so moved by his performance.  He was so evil and his “tongue” action just made you so scared of this villain.  Too bad he will never be able to reprise his role ever again.

I have not been able to religiously follow the Batman series so it was quite weird for me to hear Bruce Wane’s voice change whenever he transformed to the caped crusader. His deep, awkward sounding voice made me wish that he gets more beaten up by The Joker – hehehe!  This is the only thing I did not like about the movie. All that action made our stomach digest faster. So, after the movie, we decided to window shop a little and then head off to The Gulf Hotel, where our favorite Japanese resturant (Sato) is located.  

Ever since Pinky and I discovered this restaurant, we always make it a point to have some tuna sashimi and tempura whenever we go on long vacations in Bahrain (usually during the Ramadan and Hajj holidays).  This place is a little pricey but the food is really good.  Thank goodness it was Ato, Beaver and their baby who were shouldering the bill this time.  Free food really taste so much better especially if you are having several plates of sushi and maki, a hot bowl sukiyaki, thinly sliced but crunchy tonkatsu, tender beef cubes, Japanese fried rice and my favorite, EBI TEMPURA!!!! Oh what a night.

So what have I been doing now that our food bingeing is over?  Burning all those calories, of course, by cleaning the house.  After weeks of feeling so lethargic, I have now felt the pressure I needed to get things done.  As of last night, our whole house has been dusted, kitchen oven cleaned, floors vaccumed and mopped and bed sheets laundered.  Bathrooms are scheduled for cleaning tonight.  Wow, I feel like a very accomplished man. 

I must thank you all for reading up to this point.  I really feel touched that you missed my updates so much. Anyway, I will be finishing my packing in the next few nights and so I am not sure whether I will be able to access my computer soon. Most likely, my next update will be made from Manila – that is, if ever I get the chance to use the computer. So far, it looks like my three weeks there will be jampacked.  Anyway, I will try to make time to update. As the late Ate Luds always say, “Promise!”

Until then.









  1. So that’s why you haven’t updated your blog for the past few weeks , you were soooooo busy pala hehehe. Tapos you’ll be going home for vacation, have a safe trip and enjoy your stay in our beloved Pinas.
    Yung pasalubong ha wag kalilimutan pag balik nyo dito 😀 best regards to Pinky & the kids.

    KD, hehehe… grabe sa dami ng activities no? Sobrang na harass na nga ako eh pero enjoy naman. Email mo ako kung may kailangan ka sa Pinas so I will try to get it (huwag lang baboy o yung iba pang bawal dito ha).

  2. I am so PROUD of you, Hon! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you very soon – tuloy-tuloy ang “oink fest”! Hahaha! Diet na lang uli pagbalik sa kaharian…

    Mwah! 😆

  3. kakainggit… at uwi ka ng MNL. kami eh sa december pa, huhuhu. have a pleasant trip 😉

  4. Keith! Finally you`re going home for vacation sa Pinas and most importantly you`ll be with your fam! Hay, saya-saya naman! I wanna go home na rin.. hehe.. I have yet to watch Dark Knight! My boss just couldn`t stop mentioning how awesome it was! 🙂 I`m intrigued with Heath Ledger`s much-acclaimed performance of a lifetime! Well, sad nga he`s no longer around to fully celebrate the film`s success. Anyway,have a safe journey! 🙂 Sarap ng oink-oink lalo na sa Pinas!

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