Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 9, 2008

Adrenalin Rush

As I write this entry, my mind is wandering about thinking of my bed and soft pillow.  I did not sleep too well last night.  The adrenalin rush from some events that happened last night kept me from having a restful sleep.  I was tossing and turning most of the evening. 

Now that Pinky and the kids are on vacation, my cousin, Geraldine, has graciously invited me to have dinner in their house every night.  Being the food deprived person that I am I accepted the invitation provided that I they would allow me to treat them to dinner once a week.  Last night, Geraldine was not in the mood to eat out so she requested me to buy fried fish and delicious biryani rice in one of the local restaurants. 

We had dinner at half past 7 and ate the fish until it was unrecognizable.  We each had a slice of homemade carrot cake for dessert while we continued chatting endlessly about our childhood.  It was a nice, simple dinner.  That was until we heard our friends (Ato and Raymund) knocking on the door.

After opening the door, Ato and Raymund told me to immediately move my car since there was a fire right beside it.  I panicked and rushed outside.  The building’s main electrical cable, which was located close to where I was parked, was suddenly on fire.  Nobody knew how it started but we suspected that it could be due to the extreme weather conditions here in the Kingdom.

One of the neighbors thought of dowsing the flame with water until Raymund smartly remembered that water would only aggravate the situation.  Instead, we got an empty pail, filled it with sand and threw it on the flame.  The fire did not weaken and it was only then that the Arab neighbor realized that he had a fire extinguisher in the car.  The fire was controlled but we were now all pumped up with adrenalin.

About five minutes after the incident the ambulance and several fire trucks arrived.  We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they responded to the emergency call.  To be honest, it was something we did not expect especially after seeing how inefficient some things can be here in this part of the world.  I wanted to take some pictures but unfortunately forgot to bring my camera.

The local electric company arrived too and started to repair the damage.  The whole building was in total darkness. It was around 2230 that time and knowing how things move pretty slow in this place, I decided to invite the Magallaneses (Geraldine, Rinel and Ira), and our friends, Ato, Beaver and Raymund to sleep over in our flat.

Oh my gulay! The reality of the situation soon sunk in.  I have not cleaned our flat for almost 3 weeks! The last time I had a general cleaning was when a friend from Riyadh visited me a few weeks back.  What an embarassing situation! 

Everyone was polite enough, though, not to comment about the condition of our flat.  I guess they all knew that it was either they accept the sorry state our flat was in or they had to sleep in the car – hehehe! (Of course, I do not have the heart to do that *wink*).   Even though I was caught unprepared, I could not bear letting them think that I was a total slob.  So while everyone was getting settled, I changed the bed sheets, vacuumed some parts of the house and scrubbed the toilet clean!  Whew! What a workout.  I know I could have done a better job but given the time constraints, it was the best I could do.

So, if there is one lesson that I want to share with all of you that would be … you will never know when an emergency like this will happen so always keep your house neat and clean (just in case).  Will this event push me now to keep things more tidy at home?  Nah, only my wife Pinky can pressure me to do that!  Hehehe!  But since she is on vacation, I am on vacation too 🙂



  1. naku brooder, dito sa pinas nagliliyab na ang poste next day ka pa pupuntahan ng meralco, which brings to mind my pending post about my experiences to these companies. Buti na lang wala nasakatan o napahamak. Anyhow hirap ng may adrenalin rush, hirap nyan makatulog. Pikit ka pero bukas ang diwa mo hehe.

    Ingat lagi tol

    Bluep, naku totoo yung sinabi mo. Na experience ko na rin yan with Meralco ng nasunog yung kapit bahay namin. Nakakatakot. Pasensya ka na at hindi ako nakaka-ikot ngayon. Sana ma post mo pa rin ang iyong Meralco experience.

  2. Glad to know all of you are safe.

    Quite disappointed to learn though that even after such an action-packed evening, you still refuse to budge in terms of cleaning the house in a timely manner… haaay 😦 Napa-workout ka tuloy ng di oras.

    ‘Nuf said.

    Ikaw naman, parang hindi ka pa sanay sa akin. 10 years na tayong kasal no.

  3. score one for pinky. 🙂

    ako naman, if theres a part of the house that’s always clean, it’s the bathroom. 🙂 kasi naman i keep expecting someone like oprah to come into the house and maki-CR haha! i don’t want to be caught unprepared for that. 🙂 and the scattered toys, i could always make “the ninna excuse” haha!

    anyway, i’m glad you and your cousins are fine. ako nga fire alarm lang tumataas ang dugo, what more kung totoong sunog na??

    Meeya, tama bang kampihan mo si Pinky sa blog ko?! My excuse na lang is that naturally tamad ang mga lalaki. O please, huwag ka nang humirit pa ha… hehehe!

    Good point ka diyan… si Oprah and her crew sometimes make surprise visits at home di ba? Dapat ngang maglinis.

    Oo nga yung mga fire alarm sa building niyo eh super dalas pero at least walang sunog. Dito naman walang fire alarm kaya malamang eh nasunog na kaming lahat if not for the neighbor who saw the flame. Yikes!

  4. you’re just like harvey. when i was still living in AD and him in Bahrain, our house in Bahrain was always dirty! maglilinis nalang siya pag padating na ako kasi alam niya magagalit ako pag may nakita akong kalat and dumi, haha!

    so kind of you to offer your place to your friends kaya i’m sure they don’t mind the mess.

    take care in jeddah! 🙂

    Naku, mukhang magiging close kami ni Harvey at kayo ni Pinky. Hindi ba mas OC kasi ang mga babae. Do I sound like I’m justifiying my actions? Anyway, I clean the house naman except that medyo mas tolerant lang ako sa dirt when I am alone.

    Your house, by the way, is so clean. Pwedeng pang magazine.

  5. good thing nothing happened to you, to the car or to the building. iba kasi ang electrical fire.
    pero, diba, it felt good after the fire was doused? aptly titled as adrenalin rush talaga!
    God bless!

    Bro Utoy, you said it, we were all so relieved when the fire was doused. I had a first hand experience with fire when Pinky and I just got married and it is something I don’t want to experience again. God really has been protecting us always.

  6. di yan maiiwasan, keith. that happens from time to time. ako naman pagdating sa ganyan last minute stuff, eh i call for reinforcement. hehehe 😉

    Thanks, Nell. Buti na lang my friends were nice enought not to mention how filthy the house looked like. Dito nga lang in KSA wala akong walang ibang reinforcement kung hindi ako (or si Pinky who is in Manila naman).

  7. alam mo akala ko nagiwan na ako ng comment sa post mong ito pero di lumabas. anyways, praise God walang masamang nangyari..napalinis ka lang ng di oras pero ok na rin yun. bait ni pinky, yun lang sinabi nya sa yo. 😉 buti ngayon si miguel, na tre-train na magbalik ng kanyang laruan sa mga boxes nya. pero ang hirap akong i-train, si charlie..;) in charged sya sa paglilinis ng banyo pero minsan di rin magawa so ako na lang din gumagawa..well..sya naman ang kumakayod ng husto sa labas ng bahay so ok din at no complaints na ako..:) take care!

    Dang, na guilty naman ako sa inyo ni Meeya at Gracie. Medyo tamad lang ako when I am alone pero when Pinky and the kids are here I am forced to do my house chorse naman. Ang hirap kasi talaga to clean the house especially when you do it alone. Parang walang incentive for me (or tamad lang talaga ako). Buti i-train mo na yung anak mo habang maaga para di maasar ang kanyang future wifey.

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