Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 5, 2008

Revisiting Dilmun

Last Thursday, I was fortunate to revisit the Lost Paradise of Dilmun (LPOD).  This new waterpark in our neighboring Bahrain is really beautiful.  Even though I just went there with my family a few months back, I still decided to join the Magalleneses and our friend Raymund as they discover the secrets of this ancient civilization.  Truly, we had so much fun.

Anyway, I am posting some pictures of our outing.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

Greeted by these bulls at the entrance of the LPOD.

The building where the souk (market) is located. Actually, gift shop lang yon…hehehe!

An elaborate fountain beside the souk.  

Raymund trying to avoid the splashes… mission impossible!

Pretty bouganvillas… reminds me so much of home.

Thrill rides… guaranteed to make your pants wet!

The guardian of the beach… Aslan!

I was looking for my size… d**n it, they do not have it in XL!

Perfect way to chill-out, relax and get a tan… actually, I hate sun burn!

Hunk and father.



Bridge to nowhere.

Love these fountains…


… these ancient ruins…

 and this wash area!





  1. Glad you took more time to snap pics this time around – and the picture quality just keeps on getting nicer too! 😉 At least, sulit naman your new “toy”!

    I love the shot of the pillars – were they already there when we last visited?

    Why don’t you have shots of Mommy Ge and yourself? Too shy to “flaunt” your bods, huh? 😉

    Yes, I enjoyed the time alone to really get pictures. That place is really nice.

    Siyempre, shy kami ni Mommy Ge. Pang private lang ang mga katawan namin.

  2. so, that’s the reason you went to bahrain! 🙂

    Gracie, yup. We were hoping we could eat in Chukai but we ended up meeting some friends in Swan Lake. I’ll try your suggestion next time.

  3. what a beautiful water park… this reminds me of our local raging waters na patok na patok ngayon since umiinit na dito sa cali. pero syempre mas maganda itong LPOD nyo, kaysa raging waters namin 😉

    Nell, I heard of Ranging Waters before. I always wanted to try it but was just too scared to try the rides. Ang sarap to go there pala especially when the weather is really hot.

  4. wow! this is nice… something you would not have imagine to find in the desert… 🙂

    Oo nga Lino. Ang galing no?!

  5. uuy si keith nag-eenjoy mag-picture. 🙂

    tama si pinky, the quality of your photos are now super improving. bravo! 🙂

    Thanks so much Meeya. Hindi ko pa rin na susubukan yung Buke style. Next time.

  6. beautiful pictures! talagang hindi sila nagtipid sa kanilang construction ha. just wondering coz the others were talking about your new camera and i’m thinking of buying a new one, what cam did you use to take these pics?

    Thanks, Marites. Todo talaga sila sa pag construct dito sa Mid East. Sobrang boom sila.

    I used a Panasonic FZ18. It’s still a point and shoot but it supposedly has a lot of features that is similar to a DSLR. Unfortunately, I can not give you professional advice kasi wala din akong alam sa mga camera. The biggest plus lang for me is that it has 18x optical zoom, which was really important for me.

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