Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 30, 2008

I’ve Got (Snail) Mail

Munchkin Mommy, I finally received the beautiful cards you sent me.  Officially, it landed on my desk last Saturday, 28 June 2008, but I was unable to blog about it because of my schedule.

Thank you so much for taking the time to brighten my day and for helping me prove that snail mails do arrive in the Kingdom – even if it gets tampered in the local post office.

I hope you guys enjoy these lovely cards because I certainly did.

After 15 days, my package finally arrives!

And they did not even have the decency to seal it again!!!!

The contents… hopefully none missing.

Nice touch… I like the hang ten foot!

Four cards… all neatly packed!

Ooops! Not anymore…hehehe!


My personal favorite…

… and this one too…

… okay, and this one three… shoot, I’m loving everything…

I’ll sure have happy thoughts from now on.

Thank you so much, cousin!





  1. sa wakas! the middle east bound snails arrived last. my friend gracie who is based in dubai also got hers last saturday. like i told everyone, you could have simply dropped me a note of thanks. baka lumaki ang ulo ko nito at maniwala akong may kakayahan akong gumawa ng cards. hahaha!

    oooh, we have the same personal favorite. 😉 i’m glad you liked all of them. that certainly makes all the effort i put into making these, (not to mention the cost of stamps for all 14 sets i sent) well worth it. magiipon muna ako ulit ng pambayad ng selyo before i do this again. hee hee.

    you mean they open the mail, keith? tsk tsk. buti na lang walang laman na magiging dahilan para makulong ka. hee hee.

    o siya. i hope you find good use for these cards. baka pagawa mo lang scratch paper kay marga ha?! kidding. take care and God bless!

    Weng, naku, pareho pala kami ni Gracita… ang bagal talaga gumalaw lahat dito sa Mid East. Siguro nawala sa sandstorm ang sulat mo!

    Ang galing ng Leap of Faith card mo. I noticed na ginawaan mo pa ng picture tulad ng aking avatar (yun nga ba ang tawag doon?). I could not just send you a note without blogging this. This does not happen to me all the time – super blog worthy. At kailangan ko mayabang ang mga cards mo – just in case someone sees it and orders from you in the future – you’ll never know!

    Yes, they opened the enevelope! Di ba you sent me USD100? It wasn’t there anymore… grrr! Anyway, just send me another one pleeease!

    Thanks again. I’m sure those cards will be useful to us… Naku, I know someone who will celebrating her birthday pa naman in a few days… hehehe!

  2. keith, i have a tag nga pala for you here. 😀

  3. […] doing today’s errands, I got another surprise as I was checking out Bloglines (again!).  Keith, my KSA-based cousin, got his snail, too!  The Middle East bound snails arrived in their […]

  4. didn’t know you’re cousins pala! sweet! and really pretty personalized cards!

    Ces ang galing no. Weng is actually the wife of Pinky’s first (favorite) cousin.

  5. they opened the mail? did they actually offered a reason for doing it o standard procedure talaga yun? maybe they detected the cuteness of the cards within. hehe… munchkinmommy should start a business making cards. i’ll be a customer.
    God bless!

    Bro Utoy, yes I think it is SOP here since the last mail I got from Sardonicnell was also opened. It’s either that o mayroong nang-aasar lang sa akin… dapat lagyan ng anthrax yung susunod na mail para madala sila!

    Good idea… you can use those cards when you need to mail your friends in the Phils… yihee! excited na ako for you.

  6. Ganda naman – am super inggit!!! I must make a mental note to greet cousin Weng on her 4th blog anniversary – hehehe! 😆 Vested interest ba? 😉

    Hon, please do… she might be giving out Nintendo Wiis by that time. I want one too!

  7. OMG is that true, they open mails in the Kingdom? why are they doing that? wala bang privacy dyan? at least keith kahit buksan nila walang nawawala. dito sa pinas kaya nakakadala bigla na lang nawawala ang package mo at di na nakakarating sayo

    Mine hasn’t arrived yet… matagal dito sa bukid ang sulat…

    Bluep, nagulat din ako. Talagang walang privacy. Well, I’m sure somethings also get lost especially if you send important/valuable things in mail (although who ever does that?).

    Antayin mo lang ang sulat mo – dadating din yan.

  8. how lovely at may personal touch pa. which reminds me, tanggap mo po ba yong postcard? just wondering 😉

    Yes, Nell, I received your postcard last Christmas. It was the firt ever mail that I received in the Kingdom and I did a post about it.

  9. hi keith, weng is so creative! (not to mention generous!) nung nagsabog yata ng talent sa art sa mundo, absent ako kasi nira-ransack ko ang aming ref, hehehe.

    i received my cards too, di ko pa lang nafi-feature sa akin blog. 🙂 hopefully soon! 🙂

    Meeya, ang galing ng mga artistic na tao no. I also wish I had that talent but, like you, hindi yun ang nakuha kong talent. Kainan din ako magaling.

    I’ll wait for your post cards. Post it soon.

  10. Very energetic post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a
    part 2?

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