Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 18, 2008

Birthday Bash at the Heritage

We celebrated Rinel’s 34th birthday at the Heritage Village last night.  This place is known for good arabic food and a real nice ambiance so, whenever there is somebody new in town, this is where we always bring them.  I think this is the nth time that we have eaten here but everytime I see it I can not help but get amazed at how nice the place is.  

Anyway, happy birthday bro-cow, you’re d’best!

The waiting area.  This man is brewing arabic coffee for everyone to taste.  To be honest, I like the Nescafe 3-in-1 more than this unique brew.

This colorful window brings life to the, otherwise, plain wall.

Other local hand knitted garments adorn the walls too.

A full view of the well decorated wall.

Traditional Arabic copper coffee kettles, a real symbol of the Mid-East.


I stole this shot of the main interior.  Unlike in other countries, taking pictures in public places here in the Kingdom is not encouraged as this may offend some conservative locals. However, my friend Raymund and I just could not resist taking a shot of that beautiful big lamp that is one of the main attractions of this place.  Also, do you notice the silhouette of the giant copper coffee kettle down below?

Ira is greeted by our kind waiter… that curbed dagger must have scared the little boy as we had to force him to smile for this photo op.  I actually like the bold colors of this room – bright red door against a blue and white wall.

Traditional lamps are seen all over the place.  This one hung over our room.  I love how it gave more character to the place.

I am guessing this parka (?) was left by one of the patrons… that place was cooold!

The celebrant with unico hijo and our friend, Ton.

Lovely ladies, Beaver and Geraldine, my cousin.

Temporary bachelor, Raymund, a colleague from a competitor bank (hehehe!)

Ato-heart-Beaver. Sweet.


Daddy put me on time out!  Poor, Ira, bored to death by the adults.


Friends again…





  1. Talaga naman – you’re getting better and better at working your new toy ha! Am super proud at how nice your pics turned out – especially liked the copper kettles, the colorful window and the “stolen” shot of the resto lobby (sneaky huh?). 🙂

    Keep on clickin’ away!

    Salamat, hon. Mukha ngang malaki ang impact ng magandang camera at kaunting editing sa computer… hehehe!

    I wish you were here with me so I would be inspired to take more pictures.

  2. oh you’re back already from PI? that was quick! i so love the colors, the details, the aura of this place! i bet you can use a few of those pitchers and stuffs to make-do a moroccan-themed anything! gtg, and work on my LP now…Litrato that is:) hey i just got LasangPinoy, Sundays started, hope you can also join and use your NEW toy?:) more often…

    Ces, I will be having my vacation in the Phils next month. Pinky and the kids went ahead. They are still there in Manila.

    I am actually starting to appreciate the arabic/moroccan themed house decors. Maybe next time Pinky and I can infuse the decoration of our house with things form the Mid East.

    I look forward to joining LaPiS.

  3. Hi Keith! I thought you’re already in the Phils with Pinky.

    Dammam ba yan?

    Hi Ann. Yes this is in Dammam. You should try this resto/museum out. Food is reasonable (although Atabic) and place is nicely decorated.

    Naunang umuwi sina Pinky but I will follow by end of July. Ang ganda ng mga bakasyon pictures niyo ha!

  4. the (stolen) picture of the big lamp looks like it was taken by a professional. ang galing!

    Salamat kapatid… nakakalaki naman ng ulo yung comment mo 🙂

  5. nice! thank you for sharing glimpses of heritage village with us. napaka-rich talaga sa detail ng kanilang art ano? ganda!

    naawa naman ako kay ira, sobrang bored na yata talaga, hehe. you captured his mood so well! 🙂

    It is really so elaborate… needs getting used too. I did not like it too much before but it grew on me after so many times of seeing it.

    Nakakatuwa si Ira no. He was really getting so bored with all the adults. If I were in his shoes, I would have made a bigger fuss.

  6. hi keith! i’m a friend of Weng, and just thought i’d drop by your blog as you’re quite popular in her posts. i love your kingdom stories, medyo nakaka-relate ako ‘cos i’m also from the land of sun & sand. surprisingly, nakita ko pa ang HS classmate ko – Beaver. i’ve not seen her in years.

    btw, love the pics of the lamps 🙂


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