Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 11, 2008


Who said camels can only be seen in the desert?  This lost camel was looking for a place to park… in the ISG School parking a few days before the boys went on holiday.



  1. Was the spot between the 2 cars too small for him? (^0^)

    seriously, what was it doing there?!

    Hi Keith!

    Thess, the school of my children is located near a vacant property. Sometimes they have camels lazy grazing the field (sa Pinas this would be equivalent to some goats in the neighborhood). Naligaw lang siya doon sa parking lot that day.

  2. Reminds me of the werewolf in the vampire film we watched before we left for Manila (sorry, I forgot the film’s title… again!!). 😉

    Great candid shot!

    Yes, it does remind me of that too… ano nga ba yon… Van something yung title…

    I was excited to take a shot of the camel. I was trying to take a short nap while waiting for the kids and then came the camel. Needless to say, I was awake after it passed our car.

  3. hala, naligaw nga ba sya? pano yun? talaga bang nagkalat sila jan? sorry po dami ko tanong! curious lang!
    have a great week ahead keith!

    Hi Dang. There are a few camels in the area. I noticed before that there were 15-20 camels grazing the field near the school. Medyo naligaw lang itong camel na to that time.

  4. van helsing?

    ang cute naman, camel na naligaw. very middle east! kung kangaroo na naligaw sa parking lot, for sure australia. pag kalabaw, pilipinas. pag ferrari, sa florida, haha!

    Yehey, that is right, Meeya. I could not remember the title? Di ba kamukha nga ng camel yung warewolf doon?

    Buti pa sa Florida, ferrari ang mga nakikita.

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