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Star Struck

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I opened my WordPress account and received a new comment in my Clicking Away site from Mr Jun Alfon.

Mr Alfon, born Fernando Solis Alfon, Jr, is a well-known Filipino painter whose work is known for its beautiful depiction of the indigenous Tibuli tribe in Mindanao.  I won’t pretend to know a lot about this well known Filipino artist.  In fact, I only know him because we bought one of his paintings in an art gallery in Alabang Town Center (ATC) a few years back.

Unlike many art aficionados who go to exhibits to critique the style, subject and what-not of known artists, Pinky and I love to look at paintings solely because it is visually appealing to us.  Even though we have always dreamt of having a collection of beautiful paintings adorn the walls of our home, this has never been our priority especially since we have 3 children to feed.

Pinky and I have only invested in 2 paintings. The first painting we bought was 9 years ago.  We were newly married, had one child and just moved in our newly renovated house in BF Homes.  It was the perfect way the start a new chapter in our life.  We were both eager to decorate our home.  We bought a few pieces of furniture but thought our living room wall looked very bare. 

We went to this art gallery in Alabang Town Center and saw this beautiful poster (a reproduction of the artwork of some known foreign artist) and decided to buy it.  The lady in the gallery told us that they knew someone who could exactly copy the picture we chose but he could do it on canvass and using oil paint.  Of course, we were excited… imagine copying every stroke and color exactly as the original.  Wow, our first ever painting.  Needless to say, after several weeks of waiting, the painting arrived – we were shocked! It was not even close to anything we saw. We returned it several times for re-touching but, even with that, the painting was still hideous. Since we paid for it already, we decided to just get the same, hang it on our wall and charge it to experience… a very bad experience.  For the longest time, that painting has been a reminder of what happens to us when we buy on impulse.

Traumatized, we vowed never again to buy a painting which we have never seen.  Also, Pinky and I promised that all the paintings we would buy in the future had to be mutually agreed upon.

A few years passed and we had a second child. We decided to sell our first house and, with the help of our parents, constructed a second one.  What a way to start a new chapter again.  Like before, we slowly accumulated some new stuff for our home… furniture, mirrors, appliances, etc.  Paintings, nah, we only just had one.  That was until we visited another Art Gallery in ATC (yes, it was different from the first one) and Pinky and I fell instantly in love with this beautiful painting of a native woman who was dressed with a very intricate garment and head piece.  We were so excited.  It met our agreed criteria… we saw the painting and we both loved it.  Problem is we did not have the money to buy it. 

We decided to think about it a few days and when we had our finances in order we went back to buy it.  The only problem is, the painting was already gone. We were so disappointed that we spoke to the gallery owner to ask about the artist.  He gave us a crash course on who’s who in the Philippine art industry. Apparently, Mr Jun Alfon, the artist of the painting we wanted, was featured in a local publication about artists to watch out for. We were excited but we still did not have his painting.

A few weeks passed and the gallery owner called us to say that he had a new painting of Mr Alfon.  We immediately went to the gallery and, again, instantly fell in love with this new work… a Tiboli Mother and Child with intricate clothing.  We bought the painting right then and there.

This painting has been the centerpiece of our home in Manila and now here abroad.  We brought it to the KSA, our current residence, and I’m sure you may have noticed this in the background every time we post pictures of our home.  What happened to our other painting? I have no idea… we must have lost in when we were packing our stuff for the move… good riddance. 


Tiboli Mother and Child Series by Mr Jun Alfon

Pinky featured this painting in her Litratong Pinoy (Mahal na Ina) entry a few weeks back and that is how Mr Alfon saw it online.  I do not exactly know how but I guess Mr Alfon was just surfing the Internet, lurking on blogsites like what we mere mortals do, and found his work.

I am seriously so star struck and speechless at how down-to-earth and humble Mr Alfon is.  He’s very kind gesture makes me even a bigger fan of his.  Now, every time we see his painting on our wall, we will not only remember the beautiful Tibuli subjects but also the kind man who painted them.

Mr Alfon, thank you so much!

PS: Shown below are the comments made by Mr Alfon:

From Saudi Sexpat Stories:

“hello,just looking for blogs nd i happened to visit your site. happy to know you like and most of your friends like the painting.please visit my website and feel free to contact me. am the artist. Jun alfon”

From Clicking Away:















  1. Yup – was as surprised and start-struck as you too! 🙂 Am definitely more of a Jun Alfon fan now.

    Amazing how smaller the world has become ever since the internet came to be… what a blessing!

    The Internet is amazing, right?! I am also so impressed with Mr Alfon… his work is not only great but he seems to be a really nice guy too. Did you see his panels? I’m loving it…. maybe our next project 🙂

  2. oh wow!!!! this is such a nice story! now, that’s the power of blogging! now, i have to head on pinky’s site and have my share again…*wink*

    Ces, ang galing no… I really can’t get over it… the Internet really is such a great tool… I wonder see yung next celebrity who will visit our sites 🙂 hehehe!

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  4. ang galing naman keith, like pinky, i have a deeper respect for the artist now. imagine, he cares so much about his paintings at talagang nare-research niya over the net where these ended up. 🙂

    i’m sure he’s super happy that you prominently feature/d his work in your blogs as well as have taken good care of it. 🙂

    Ang galing niya talaga, Meeya, no. Imagine a lot of people of his stature wouldn’t have cared a bit to leave a message, I’m sure. But he wrote a message in Pinky’s blog AND MINE even if I did not feature his painting in my site. I am really so impressed with him. I wish more people are like that… they do not let their success go to their head.

    We really take good care of that painting. Alam mo naman, iisa na nga lang yan eh 🙂

  5. Hi, saw your blog thru BlueP. hope you don’t mind my linking u so I can read your blog as your updates arrive. Thanks

    Thanks for dropping by. Sure, I don’t mind. I’ll drop by your site too 🙂

  6. Lovely! Appreciating your consumer, whether it’s a painting or a blog entry, is really a wonderful gesture, one that is remembered.

    Found your blog via Bluepanjeet, too. God bless.

    I so agree with you Lionel. To thank the people who support your work, whether in whatever form, is the best way to show your appreciation.

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ll hop to your site too 🙂

  7. Keith, talagang hanga ako sa ating magagalign na Pinoy artists!! Nagustuhan ko yang painting ni Mr. Alfon agad ng makita ko sa blog ni Pinky.

    Pag may time ka, silipin mo ito:

    I was visited too by a famous Pinoy Artist, si Mr. Fidel Sarmiento naman 🙂 star struck din ako dyan tapos ni-add pa nya ako sa multiply account nya.

    Thess, ang galing talaga ng Internet and blogging. Who would have thought that famous people would drop by our sites and leave messages… wait, famous person ka nga pala Thess… now I am really honored.

    I read your story… ang galing!

  8. what an experience keith! star struck talaga! my friend here C collect paintings na galing pa jan sa pinas at pag me nagkagusto eh binebenta pa nya..(raket eh..heheh) noon pa namin gusto ni charlie bumili pero just couldnt find the money and the time! someday i hope!
    mabuhay ang pinoy! nakakaaliw ang experience mo talaga! 🙂

    Thanks, Dang. Naku, kami ni Pinky ay hindi naman collectors of paintings. Super na in-love lang kami with this work. Oo nga kung sana mas affordable lang talaga ang mga paintings di sana mas masarap mag-collect no. Hindi ko sure lang ko kaya kong gawing business – for some reason this things have sentimental value to me kasi.

    Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy!

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