Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 9, 2008

The Ambitious Lonely Boy

As most of you guys are aware by now, Pinky and the children are in the Philippines for a much deserved vacation.  They left last Thursday via Bahrain and will stay in Manila until late August.  I shall be taking my home leave by the end of July but in the mean time I shall be known as Mr Lonely.

I know I should be used to this by now.  Since we moved to the KSA in 2006, there have always been a few months in a year when I have to live alone in our apartment.  Yes, it sounds easy but it is not especially if you are used to having your wife beside you at night or if you are used to hearing your children bugging you every time you come home from work.  Our house is now eerily quiet, not to mention very dirty.

Yes, now that I am alone, I should have more time to do things at home.  However, for some reason, I just do not have the drive to lift a finger.  The house is in a really sorry state… the floor is dusty, the rooms are all messed up, the clothes piling up like crazy and the bathroom is starting to make my own toes curl.  Pinky left me some food to eat while they are gone but even eating alone at night has become such a chore for me.  Lazy?  Nah, just depressed…naks, paawa effect pa (in case, Pinky reads this).

Anyway, I have decided to do something different.  Instead of just bumming around, I started using our treadmill.  I ran for 30 minutes yesterday and I plan to do this for the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully, this should help trim my unwanted fat and make my wife start craving for me when she sees me in a few months… hehehe! For the record, I currently weigh 167 pounds but I expect this to drop to around 147 pounds before I go on vacation (wow, ambitious!).

Cleaning the house?  Well, I want to take things one small step at a time.  Maybe in a few more weeks I would be so sick of living in that place that I would be forced to give it a general overhaul.  Until then, it looks perfectly fine with me.

This is all for now.  I am currently thinking of what fruits to buy for dinner…. hehehe, talagang serious to ha.










  1. Naks naman! Here’s looking forward to the leaner, meaner, sexier and “more drool-worthy” you come end-July… Yummy-nam-nam! 😆

    In the meantime, baka mas makakabawas ng timbang if you start cracking with the mounting housework, right? 😉

    Take care and see you very soon! Labyu! Mwah!

    You betcha. Please make sure you are ready… Mwahahaha! Sige, I am psyching myself… clean house on weekend, clean house on weekend.

  2. uy serious! fruits ba talaga? haha! good luck sa pagpapa-macho.

    pero you know, tama si pinky, you should tackle the housework, too. think of it as a supplement to your cardio efforts. nakakaliit (daw) ng bewang ang pagbe-bending to pick up the mess on the floor, (“daw” because i haven’t seen the effects on me yet, haha!).

    Meeya, totoong fruits lang ang kinakain ko in the evening, although I think I felt dizzy last night after I ran for an hour and ate 2 bananas… I had to eat an extra banana because I thought baka medyo I’m starving myself. I eat a lot during lunch, though, usually two viands and one whole plate of rice… no exaggeration.

    Sige, as I told Pinky, I am psyching myslef to clean the house this weekend!

  3. hey, 167lbs isn’t that heavy! but good luck, just the same. i never had any success in losing weight but seeing how determined you are, surely shedding pounds will be easy for you.
    maiba ako, nagulat ako kay bluep ha. na-feature tayo!!! hehehe… truth to tell, yung mechanics ng contest, it had me more confused after reading it.
    God bless, Mr. Lonely!

    P.S. check out this Michael Buble video at youtube:

    Kapatid, yes it is really heavy… I think the ideal weight for my height is around 140+ pounds, so you can imagine how overweight I am. I remember that there was this pharma company in the Philippines who took some tests on me before and said that I was classified as Obese (level 2)… ang catch lang eh, they were selling Xenical! Although, I honestly think I am in that level already!

    I am so thankful nga to Bluep…nagulat din ako 🙂 I also got confused with the mechanics…. I think, we should nominate some blogs too, right? Anyway, I left a comment for Bluep saying that he might get technical with my blogsite because I really started this around 2006 and only transferred to WordPress on Sep07.

    I’ll try to view the video later when I am at home.

  4. 20 lbs. in a matter of weeks? are you out of your mind?! baka magkasakit ka niyan! basta take it easy. you’re on the right track. exercising and eating healthy are your best bets. promise. ako i still have about 10lbs na kailangang tanggalin. hee hee. sige, sabay tayo ha! 😉 good luck, keith!

    Weng, I always blog about my weight when Pinky is not around. Last year I remember claiming that I will lose the unwanted fat but siyempre I did not. 20 lbs is very drastic nga. So far, I lost 5 lbs pa lang and I have started to plateau. This is an uphill challenge!

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