Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 8, 2008

Birthday Party = Pizza, Nah!

(Note: This was originally intended to be posted last May 31 but, for one reason or another, I forgot it in my inbox).

When we were back in the Philippines, Pinky and I usually go all out of our way whenever it is our children’s birthday. We would normally ask Luigi and Rafael to choose a theme (whatever they wanted) and we would stress ourselves out looking for an invitation, cake, giveaways, and party games that were ALL in line with the chosen theme.  Most of the time, our boys would come up with a theme that was not easily available in the market so we would ask Rina and Pippo, Pinky’s youngest sister and brother, to help us make all the paraphernalia to ensure that everything came out as we planned.  It was hard work (especially for my sis and bro – in laws) but every moment of it from planning to execution was total fun for everyone.  I am so sure the boys had nice memories of their parties and that just makes me sleep comfortably at night since I know that they will have good stories to share with their own children when they become parents too.

Fast forward to our present life here in the KSA and I can not believe how much our life has changed since 2006. I must say, though, that most of the changes were for the better except when it comes to my children’s birthday celebrations. Grrr! 

Last Wednesday, Marga and I had a joint birthday celebration in The Pizza Company in the Al Khobar Corniche.  Our dinner was simple.  We just invited a few (adult) friends who ordered pasta and pizza.  The children (Luigi, Rafael, Marga and Ira – yes, he is back!) just sat beside the adults trying to stay awake from the boring conversations we all had about the office and life (in KSA) in general. Marga and Ira were becoming restless so they started to make noise and run around the pizza place.   Fortunately, we found the newly constructed play area, which kept the kids busy and entertained from time to time.

I must say that Marga looked happy when we left the restaurant.  She genuinely adored the play area and the free balloon she got from the Pinoy waiters.  She also loved the Pasta Carbonara that she ate and I must say that I liked it too. So why do I feel that I did not make my daughter happy that day? Hmm, hang ups.  I guess I have my own “birthday party” issues to resolve or I am just a frustrated “party host” who lost an opportunity to really entertain my children.   

Anyway, I am posting some of the pictures we took in the pizza place that evening – proof that Marga really did not seem to be affected by her very simple party.

To my lovely daughter, Marga, I promise to make up for everything when you are a little older (that is, if we get to move to a more open place in the future).

 Happy birthday, Sweetie!  I love you…mmmmwah!

The Birthday Celebrants

Marga feeling grossed out by her present!

I am the luckiest man alive… both beautiful!

The gang… just to prove how bored the kids were… look at Rafael’s “pilit” smile… mukhang naiiyak na hindi mo maintindihan 🙂

Oldies but goodies!

My lovely cousin back from her parole… hehehe!

Ira… all strong and healthy (I can’t imagine he was having uncontrollable mulitiple seizures just a month ago!)


My lovely children (and a lost child).

Birthday girl shows off.

Monkeying around.  Now, can you imagine them doing this in our home!

Now, Marga’s side view.

Anak, please wear your hairband next time. I can’t get a good shot!

Brave little girl.

Nag bibinata…

… at nag papa-binata (notice the gel on his hair).

Our pride and joy.












  1. Nice pics ha! A little bit more practice with your new toy and I bet the photos will be all the more spectacular…

    Love you!

    Yup, I should put that in top priority over cleaning the house…hehehe! Miss you already. LY2!

  2. happy birthday keith and marga! 🙂

    did you use your new toy to shoot these? the colors are so vivid! 🙂 ganda!

    as for feeling bad about not giving marga the dream party, i’m sure she didn’t mind not having that – at least not yet, hehe. bawi na lang next time, di ba? anyway, she still looks very happy sa pics o! sobrang cute!

    as parents, we have this idea in our heads of the “perfect” party for our kids. its parang failing our own personal expectations that cause us to feel bad (or to imagine that our kids didn’t enjoy their party, hehe). pero in the end, mababaw lang naman ang happiness ng kids and most of them (the really good kids, like yours) are guaranteed to appreciate whatever little effort you put in for them. 🙂

    Thanks, Meeya. Yes, I did use my new toy but still don’t know which setting to use. Hopefully, I should get better with more practice. Gusto ko yung katulad sa inyo, may mga blurred effect pa sa background.

    I must agree with you that kids are usually easy to please. I just feel guilty that I am unable to provide the same (or better) things for my daughter. I also feel bad kasi Marga might end up comparing her parties with her brothers when she grows up. I noticed that she is the one without any photoablums, parties, etc… I hated it pa naman when we were young… when the older kids get everything and the younger ones end up wth nothing because tinamad na yung parents.

    Hay, anyway, I can’t do anything now… babawi na lang when she grows up.

  3. Keith you certainly have a wonderful looking family. Everyone is so photogenic! It’s great to see you all having a good time.

    Goyo, thanks so much… even if I doubt if we can be called photogenic.

  4. hi keith! naku, something must be terribly wrong with bloglines. ang tagal na pala nitong update na ito! bakit ngayon lang nagregister?! grrr! pati nga yung updates ni nell, ngayon ko lang natanggap.

    uy, may new toy ka pala! galing galing! i’m glad marga had a grand time. dito din ang focus ng parties yung mga bata talaga. wala nang kung anu-ano pang gimik. masaya na ang mga kids na naglalaro at patalun-talon like luigi, rafa and marga in the pics. i’m glad ira’s well na!

    belated happy birthday again to marga! i love the pics, keith! ganda!

    Naku, that happens to me too with bloglines. Minsan matagal mag-update.

    Ibay talaga nag mga birthdays if outside the Philippines – mas simple no. Di bale, I think what is important is for the kids to have fun pa rin.

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