Posted by: Leap of Faith | June 8, 2008


Guess what my wife bought me for my 35th birthday…


I love it! Now my only problem is how to use it. 

To all the good souls out there, please help me.  A summary of Photography for Dummies will be much appreciated.














  1. ow wow, that is one nice camera. play with the different settings first (portrait, macro etc.), and then play with photoshop. or you can use the picnik editing tool also, which is very easy to use. dba? ohhh, me like your new toy 😉

    I know, Nell. Isn’t it a beauty. At least now I feel like a professional even if it is not an DSLR. There are so many features. I actually plan to wake up early this weekend to try to taking some pictures in the Corniche. I really hope I get more familiar with all the settings… there are just so many.

    I do not have photoshop but I’ll try to play with Flickr first… sayang naman yung binayad ko doon.

  2. wow. natigilan ako dun ah. ang ganda ng cam mo, leap!


    Bro Utoy, actually, natuwa din ako kasi ang ganda nga niya. Problema ko lang ay ang pag gamit. Nasanay na ako sa Nokia at low tech Sony Digital Cam namin at ngayon nalulula ako sa dami ng features nitong camerang bago. Hopefully, mag-improve naman ang mga pictures ko in the future.

  3. wowoweewa! enough said… 🙂

    how’s mr. lonely doing? i just spoke to the entire gang. had to be a party-pooper and break up their family lunch. mahirap na, mashado ako pinapaselos just because they’re all happily together back home. boo-hoo! 😉

    Rindu, naawa ata sa akin si Pinky eh… ang pathetic kasi ng camera namin dati (remember the free Digital Camera we got from Citibank). Ikaw nga maganda din ang iyong camera… better join Litratong Pinoy… it’s fun.

    Nakakaasar nga sila. Yesterday evening, Pinky together with Ma, Pa and Tito Kit ate in UCC in Westgate. Super na -ingit ako because I remembered the yummy desserts they have there. I told Pinky we have to eat there in August. I look forward to going home soon.

    I hope your job hunting goes well. I heard what happened to A&F. Hay, di bale what is important is you get a job by July and just look for another one after.

  4. Wow – kataba naman ng puso ang iyong entry… ipagmalaki ba ang aming munting regalo.. 🙂

    You’re right…better learn how to work it while you’re still there so that you can take nicer pics already when we get together by end-July.

    Click away, Mr Lonely!

    Don’t worry, Hon, by the time we see each other we do not need to go to The Picture Company for our studio shots… ako na lang ang gagawa… naks! Thanks for the gift again 🙂 I love it!

  5. ooohh i love your camera. 🙂

    basta, don’t be intimidated, yun lang ang aking advice. it still is basically a point and shoot camera, pero there’s the potential for it to give you a lot of help. one feature at a time. 🙂

    hindi man ako masyadong expert sa mga camera, feel free to email me with any question, malay mo machambahan natin ang kasagutan hehe.

    Thanks so much, Meeya. I know I can always rely on you to help us out with the techie stuff. Pinky wanted to get me the DSLR (as recommended by my brother) but I thought it was just to bulky to carry around when we go on trips. Having 3 children, a bulky camera, a video cam and an extra bag for Marga’s stuff is just too much for me to carry. Oh, I also forgot, kung point and shoot nga lang eh hirap na ako sa setting, what more ang DSLR!

    I’ll try to play with my camera this weekend and I’ll email you if I need help. I am hoping magawa ko na yung mga style ninyo – the one with faded background effect 🙂

  6. Can’t help you with how to use it but, man, am I envious. That camera rocks!

    Thanks Goyo… it does look hot… at least now, I can just carry it around and I’ll look like a pro photographer (even if I am not)… hehehe!

  7. keith! i missed this post. kaya naman pala alam ni meeya na may bago kang toy. woohoo! ang suwerte mo sa asawa…parang ako! nyahahaha! high five tayo. 😉 o, next birthday, upgrade na tayo to dslr, ha? ay, next month na pala ang akin. di pa puwede! hahaha!

    o, sayo na ako magpapaturo ha?! 😉

    Naku, Weng, swerte din sila sa atin! DSLR… maybe in 5 years. Ikaw ang dapat magturo sa akin. Gusto ko gawin yung medyo blurred yung background. How do you do that?

  8. syempre sobrang late na ng reaksyon ko, pero ganda ng gift, leica lens pa!

    keith, tip langdun sa faded background, if your camera’s on manual mode, babaan mo yung aperture (f1.8 etc achuchu) tas focus on the subject to get the faded background effect. syempre sana tama lang yung tini-tip ko. practice lang ng practice, pretty soon you’ll get the hang of it!

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