Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 14, 2008

Dubai… So Near Yet So Far

Yes, that’s how I feel regarding our Dubai vacation.  We already have our tickets, our hotel has been confirmed and the whole family is starting to feel excited to see the fastest growing cosmopolitan city in the Middle East.  The only catch is that I still do not have my exit/re-entry visa, which I need to have in order for me to be able to leave and re-enter the Kingdom after our vacation.

For those who are not aware, all expatriates who work here in the Kingdom (and their dependents) are given the visa so they can freely travel in and out of the Kingdom.  It is usually applied with the consent of (and/or through) the employer and is normally for a “single” use only.  For some fortunate souls, like me,  I am able to get away with a “multiple” visa since we occasionally have official bank activities in Bahrain.

The visa that was previously issued to me will expire a few days before our planned departure so I, confidently, applied for a renewal.  Unfortunately, the HR Manager said that the bank has, for one reason or another, become more strict in granting these visas.  In short, the approval of my direct line manager was not enough to secure me the document and I still needed to get a special approval from our Division Head, who is based in Jeddah.  Grrrr! 

So there, my life has been HELL the past few days because of this new policy.  Although I was able to secure the approval already and (supposedly) my visa is currently in process, I am afraid that this privilege will eventually be removed from me.  If ever that happens, that will definitely spell “living hell” for all of us since will no longer be able to easily cross the causeway to Bahrain in order to have a few hours of normalcy.

Anyway, enough with the ranting.  It is officially a little more than 3 weeks before my whole family flies back to Manila.  So, to our family back home, please bring out the fattened pig and be ready to slaughter it .  My children have been longing to eat Wiwa Petite’s “crunchy” lechon kawali for the longest time now … hmmm, yum!

That’s all for now. I hope to share more good news with all of you soon.




  1. Don’t worry, I’m sure all will be in order really soon.

    Ikaw naman, as if you’re still not used to this scenario! You very well know how these types of hassles usually happen to us right before a planned trip. The only consolation is that things work out for the best everytime, right? So hang in there, okay?

    And them revoking your multiple visa privilege – perish the thought – puhleez!!! Ika nga ni Ninna, “happy fots” only please. 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon. Love you!

    Your right, hon. Things did turn out okay in the end. Dubai here we come!

  2. like pinky said, everything will be alright. and like this chorus to a song that’s been playing in my head since i started reading your entry — don’t worry, be happy!

    Nell, oo nga that song should always be my mantra. Medyo may pagka-praning din kasi ako eh… hehehe!

  3. agree ako ke pinky & nell na maayos lahat yan! mag eenjoy kayong lahat sa inyong bakasyon, lalo na at 3 weeks eh pinas vacation naman! here’s waiting for all the good news!:)

    Thanks so much, Dang. We will make sure to enjoy our vacation 🙂

  4. me too. agree. don’t worry about the fuzz. Sometimes fate pulls joke on us by means of hassles. just focus on hope and everything will be okay. Hope you and pinky and with the kids will have a great time.

    BTW please pray for utoy, I think he has been sick (seriously sick) lately.

    God Bless.

    Thanks, Bluep. Ayos na lahat. We are ready to go on our vacation… hay salamat!

    I read Bro Utoy’s blog. I do hope he gets well soon. We shall pray for him.

  5. hello keith, tag po kita ulit hah. thank you…

    at your own convenience po 😉

    Nell, done. Thanks for the tag.

  6. Naku sir, sana nga makakuha ka ng re-entry Visa! that’s happened to me before, I was working in Thailand but I wanted to go to Holland for an R&R, nagkaipitan, similar like what’s happening to you.

    Dubai? Wow!! Kuha kayo ni Pinky tons of pictures ha!! Kainggit hah!

    Thess, ang hirap ng ganon no. It is very stressful especially when everything has been planned and paid for already. Ang mga airline tickets pa naman namin ay non-refundable since promo fare siya. It’s good na lang na everything is okay now.

    Naku, I hope our pathetic camera does not get destroyed at the last minute.

  7. […] as you may already have read from Keith’s earlier blog, stands for Dubai, the “fastest growing cosmopolitan city here in the Middle […]

  8. na-feel ko ang frustration mo keith. 😦 pero in the end, all’s well naman at nakapag-enjoy kayo ng family mo talaga. hopefully, by the time na you need to renew your visa again, mas lenient na ulit sila and hindi ka na mabibigyan ng ganitong problema.

    happy fots! 🙂

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