Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 9, 2008

Six Quirky Things About Me

My cousin, Weng, and blogging friend, Nell, tagged me with this Meme.  The instructions are simple:

Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six unimportant things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

 Okay *Keith: deep breath,*  here is my list….

1. I love cutting the ingrown nails of my big toe and letting it bleed.  There is this weird sense of pain and pleasure that I feel whenever I do it… sadistic tendencies, I guess, hehehe.  What is more weird is that after a few days, my big toe swells with pus that walking becomes very difficult, not to mention very painful.  Once everything subsides I enjoy pulling of the dried skin from the infected area… oooh! so gross but sooo good!

2. I love pouring soup over and/or mixing food (i.e. corned beef) on my rice.  This is the way to eat good food and enjoy it.  Keeping the plate orderly with certain sections assigned for each viand is just a bore.  Give your mouth and stomach a break and make it easy for them… just mix, chew and swallow… end result will all be the same, promise!

3. I organize myself by keeping all my credit card slips in my wallet and matching them when the statement comes.  What is so quirky about that?  Well, I seldom get to match them so you can just imagine how thick and messed up my wallet can be.  To tell you the truth, I have more useless paper in my wallet than money.  I must say, though, that a thick wallet helps give that impression that I have a lot of money inside it or, at least, that is what I think it does.

4. I am a sucker for any drink smothered with crushed ice and flavouring… anything colored blue, green or red will definitely catch my attention. Yes,  I love these drinks whether it be under the hot summer sun or even cold and wet with torrential rains.  Fruit shakes, Quickly, Zagoo, Pina Colada, halo-halo… name it, I’ll drink it!

5. The first time I moved to Dammam, I shared a flat with my office mate.  I did not have too much things except for a few office clothes and only one set of bedding. Okay, I’m pretty sure you have a weird feeling where I am leading to.  Yes, for the longest time (i guess two or three months) I did not wash my bed sheet because I felt that, if I did, I would not have any spare bed sheet to use (grabe sa excuse no?).  I relied purely on my wife’s quirky “pagpag” method, which, to be honest, worked for me at that time.  Bed bugs?  Well, let’s just say they were kind to me… or was so replused by my “cleanliness” that they went somewhere else… hehehe!

6. During any trip (long or short), I can not pack my suitcase in advance.  Pressure is something that gets me going and without it I am like an engine that just ran out of fuel and refuses to move.  24 hours is enough time for a long trip… one or two hours (tops) before I leave is perfect for a short vacation.  Yes, I often leave a lot of my stuff but, what the heck, packing my luggage would not be as fun if I got everything covered, right?    

So there, I’m pretty sure sharing these to you did not help a bit in keeping my “pretty boy” /”boy next-door” image intact.  Gosh, how does Pinky take all these quirkiness… well, let’s just say, I guess she really loves me.

Okay, I tag anyone who loves making their big toe bleed… come on, there must be someone out there who loves it the same way I do. Please…. please…. please!




  1. Keiiiiiith! Gross talaga ng #1! Eeeeeew! Sobrang graphic ng description. Hahaha! Apir tayo sa #2..I mix my rice and corned beef, which I got from my Mom. Edward and his entire family eat corned beef and rice that way, too. Si Dondi, hindi…kasi weird siya. Hahaha! Ite-train ko pa si Abby. 😉 Marami rin akong papel credit card slips na hindi ko rin naman chinecheck against the statement. E ikaw, banker ka pa naman! 😛 I love Quickly’s taro ice with pearl at ang Zagu, I remember when it was new, nagtitiyaga kaming pumila for 30 minutes! Ako I try to pack in advance because I pack for three people. Dondi only picks his clothes pero mas magaling kasi ako mag-ayos ng maleta. 😀

    Thanks for doing this, Keith. I enjoyed your answers…except for #1!!! 😛

    Weng, kasi the instruction said dapat quirky so ayan I came up with number 1… come to think of it gross nga siya no… apparently no one else answered my tag so mukhang ako lang ang may fancy with ingrowns… yuck!

    Tell Dondi na weird siya… he really needs to eat his food all mixed up. I’m so sure there is a scientific reason for it. Basta I believe it will help aide in digestion.

    Sige, until the next tag 🙂

  2. Hon – you said it – MAHAL NA MAHAL TALAGA KITA – especially after “discovering” #s 1, 5 and 6! Hahaha! 😆

    To tell you the truth, sa #6 ako pinaka-affected coz I end up thinking up what to bring for 5 people – haay… a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do!

    Hon, mabait (at guwapo) naman ako di ba? I’m sure that makes up for all my quirkiness.

  3. Yeah, I gotta’ agree, #1 is pretty gross! How can I get that image out of my mind? 🙂

    Akong asawa also likes to pour her sabaw over rice and other things too. Me? I love to eat sabaw simultaneously with a peanut butter sandwich. Hahaha. Weird too huh?

    Goyo, you should try it, really… hehehe… don’t fight the images… just give in 🙂

    Sabaw (I hope not sinigang) with peanut butter sandwich… yup, all people have their weird side…

  4. Bow ako sa pagmamahal ni Pinky sa iyo ha ha ha!! Ganyan talaga ang tunay at wagas na pag-ibig, hindi pwede harangan ng nana he he he! Pero alam mo ba, lamang ka ng 1 paligo sa ka-gross-an sa akin..eto kwento ko na:
    may hindi gumagaling na portion sa loob ng ilong ko, gustong gusto ko tinutuklap (araw -araw pati na rin sa gabi) pag matigas na sya at hinila ko, may dugo pang kasama he he, type na type ko #2, ayaw ko hinahalo corned beef sa kanin di hindi ko nabilang ang butil ng kanin ano!

    Naku Thess, she really loves me because I must be loveable even with all those quirkiness… hehehe… nana or no nana 🙂

    Hey, I feel like crying evrytime I accidentally pull-out nose hair… my gosh, what more some dried blood… aruuuuy! Hey, you better be careful… they say that the nose area is the most sensitive part of the face because it is full of nerves. If you get infected it can cause problems with your brain… o, so better just stick with your big toe… malayo siya sa utak 🙂

  5. hahaha nothing, even pus, can break your love for each other hahaha.

    Ako naman, I love cutting my in-grown nails then I smell the nail after I pulled it out of my toe hahahaha. That’s true. Pero I don’t let it bleed. Masyado na ata pasakit yun sa hinlalaki ko LOL.

    I do the same with my cornbeef and rice, and of course the soup. Minsan pag walang sabaw talagang ketsup ang panlaban ko. LOL

    I should plan dinner with you and pinky sometime and witness how weird I am in my eating habits. You wont believe it but I can swallow a spoonfool without chewing it haha. I just let my throat crush it to pieces just like a snake LOL


    Naku, Bluep, ano ba… napaisip ako about that toenail thing… I want to share something but I would rather keep quiet since I already revealed too much. Hahaha.

    Sige, invite ka namin dito sa KSA… at least vibes kita when you eat with all that sabaw… medyo hindi lang ako mahilig sa ketchup…

    Kaya mong lunukin even without chewing?! Todo na yan… buti hindi ka nako-constipate… hay, ibang usapan na ulit yan. Para ka ngang sawa. Hehehe!

  6. #1 scared me, but i guess we’re similar along those lines. i don’t let my toes bleed though. more of the peeling the dried skin bit, lalo na pag disturbing na ang kalyo. hehe and i do that too on my kid’s toes. haha enjoy naman sila eh, wala pang reklamo.

    althouh hindi ko gagawin yun sa paa ni hubby kahit maraming ma-haharvest na dried skin. eww factor na eh. haha

    panalo pa rin ang #1 mo. wala na sigurong tatalo pa. 😛

    at naghahalo din ako ng ulam o sabaw sa kanin. =)

    Haze, oh my… I also get irritated when I get kalyo all over my feet (yikes!)… I love cutting it and filing it until maaalis na siya. My wife and I tried doing a foot spa on each other when we first arrived here in the KSA (almost two years ago). Sarap naman kaso hindi na namin na ulit for one reason or another. Maawa ka naman sa hubby mo… remove his dried skin… hehehe.

    Mukhang marami tayong halo-halo kumain ha… happy naman ako that I am not alone.

  7. omg! i would love to do this meme, but i don’t exactly do #1! ouch!!!! hahaha! i am with you though with #6! it’s where the excitement is, right?

    Ces, come on and do it… I just tagged those people who let their toe bleed hoping that I will meet other people from “the club.” Apparently, I am finding out that I am the lone member.

    Do it now… do it now… I’ll wait for your post… tell us all your quirky things when baking… naku, baka lang mawalan na kami ng gana looking at your beautiful pictures when we find out how you do those goodies are done. Hehehe…

    At least may kasama na ako sa Last Minute Packing Club 🙂

  8. we have something in common, keith. i also do your #2, specially kong ang ulam eh tocino, tapa, spam or corned beef. my lucky me noodles always comes in handy, hehehe. as for #3 naman, being an accountant naman and afraid of being audited by the IRS eh i’ve been keeping three years worth of receipt. better safe than sorry, dba? ayaw ko yatang makasahon ng tax evasion, hehehe. thanks for doing tag, keith. i appreciate it 😉

    Nell, mixing the food and pouring soup on your rice must be a Pinoy thing no. Anyway, mas masarap kasing kumain if you eat it that way.

    3 years of receipts! Wow, you must be really a very organized person, Nell. Sabagay it is very important diyan sa US to keep your receipts just in case the IRS checks them.

  9. ok, makiki-eeewww ako sa number 1. eeew!

    and then sabay banggit ng corned beef. eeew! hahaha!

    great answers kasi i think quirky ka talagang tao. 🙂

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