Posted by: Leap of Faith | May 5, 2008

Breaking the Silence

Sorry, I have been quiet the past few days.  Things have gotten very busy in the office again.  You know I think I should make a formal complaint to  my employer since my real work is starting to get in the way of my blogging – yikes, tama ba yon?  Also, since joining Litratong Pinoy, I have become more active in going around (lurking) the blogosphere and this has partly contributed to my long silence.

Anyway, things have been quite the same in our house.  Luigi, Rafael and Marga are now down with colds and fever ever since we came back from The Lost Paradise of Dilmum in Bahrain two weekends ago.  As you all know by now, things like this can instantly turn our world upside down.  Although minor illnesses seem to be a regular part of our life here in the KSA, Pinky and I still have not yet gotten used to it… and I do not think we will ever be.  Oh, when will this end!

Looking on the brighter side of things, it is officially a month from today before Pinky and the children fly back to Manila for a much deserved R&R.  Their tickets and exit/re-entry visas have already been issued so there is really nothing that will or can stop them now… unless of course I refuse to drive them to the airport… hehehe!

We are also currently planning a weekend getaway in Dubai on the third week of this month.  This trip was totally unplanned.  We just saw that there were some good deals in the Internet and we decided that it may be a good time to see the place.  Anyway, it would be the perfect way to celebrate Marga’s 2nd birthday on June 3 and my 30+ birthday on May24. 

Our travel agent has not yet reverted back to us regarding the travel package so things are really still up in the air at the moment.  We are hoping, though, that everything pushes through as planned.  By the way, I would like to thank our blogging friend, Grey, for helping us with some inquiries.  She has been a resident of Dubai for sometime now and her inputs have helped us a lot in trying to look for a place where we can stay.  For all those who are not aware, hotel cost in Dubai is known for its unreasonably high prices so looking for a decent but reasonably priced hotel is a challange for budget conscious travellers like us.  Anyway, we really appreciate all your help, Grey.

Okay, that is all for now.  I have to go back to work.  Until next time.







  1. hey, we will be transferring to dubai end of this month. let me know when exactly and we’d love to tour you around 🙂 basta weekend! 🙂 you know my email…

    take care!

    Naku, maraming salamat. We will definitely inform you once everything is final. I saw your flat… the view is so beautiful. I luv it!

  2. Hope your kiddos will get better soon. 🙂

    Got you tagged here

    Buge, thanks… they are much better now. Sige, I’ll do your tag next 🙂

  3. sorry to hear that the kids are not feeling well. but im sure, with caring and loving parents like you on there side. eh mawawala rin yan in no time.

    dubai? ay ang saya naman nyan. sama ako? kasya pa naman yata ako sa maleta, hehehe.

    God bless and well wishes you all…

    Nell, you know naman how sickly are children are… wala ng katapusan.

    Sama ka na sa Dubai… baka naman mag expect ka na LV ang maleta namin ha…

  4. nalamigan siguro ang likod ng mga bata kaya sinipon at inubo. 😦 wawa naman. i hope they all get well soon, and that includes pinky.

    sarap naman at magbabakasyon na naman! 🙂 you guys have fun!

    Weng, actually, they felt cold when we went swimming. Ang papayat kasi ng mga anak namin… kita mo ako never nagkakasakit dahil sa dami ng body fat.

    Salamat, Weng. Next time sa inyo na kami magbabakasyon ha.

  5. hi..mahirap talaga magkasakit! nawa maayos na kayong lahat! praying for the whole family here!
    kaka excite naman isipin ang bakasyon nyo! whoaaaa..pinas..! saya nyan tyak!:)

    Hi Dang… thank you so much for your prayers.

    Naku, sila Pinky lang ang uuwi ngayong June… ako sa August pa… hay tagal… anyway looking forward na talaga kami… we really need it.

  6. ok lang kahit medyo quiet keith, as long as you come back with killer kwentos. 😀

    wala lang, i was reading your older posts that i missed. 🙂

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