Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 27, 2008

Philippine Connections

My friend, Goyo, started this Group in Yahoo called Philippine Connections.   The idea behind it is to create a venue for people to be able to know more about the Philippines and/or talk about anything and everything under the hot Philippine sun.

So far, we just have a few members but we expect our group to grow in number soon.  Should you be interested to join us, please click this link Philippine Connections.  Come on, don’t be shy…you know you want to.

I am quoting below the welcoming statement prepared by Goyo for this Group.

“Welcome. This is a group for people from around the world to connect with each other about their love of the Philippines. Join us and tell us your connection to the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. Want to know something? Ask a question. Already know? Then give an answer to someone’s inquiry. Tell us where you’re from. Are you living there or perhaps wanting to move there? What do you like the most about the country? What are your favorite foods? Post a recipe if you have one. See old friends, make new friends. This is the place for all that and more.

The Philippines is such a wonderful and beautiful country full of friendly people. Come, help us celebrate the glories of Republika ng Pilipinas.”







  1. i have been meaning to do an entry about PC on my blog too. hopefully magawa ko this week. 🙂 pero valedictorian tayo sa pagsali dito ha, hahaha!

    see you around the group keith. 🙂

    Oh, that would be great, Meeya… you know you have a big following and people take seriously any endorsement coming from you… ala Oprah! Ako lang eh sobrang influenced by your recommendations.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that more people join the group so there would be more interaction.

  2. Hey, thanks for the plug Keith! Yeah, only 5 members. We need all the referrals and plugs we can get. LOL

    Goyo, I’m sure more people will join us soon. Meeya is also planning to write about the Group. I’m excited to see your baby grow 🙂

  3. hi keith! i will definitely check out PC. 🙂 thanks for the heads-up on this site! 😀

    Thanks, Weng!

  4. am joining, just waiting for goyo to accept my request. hehehe 😉

    Yipee! The more the merrier.

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