Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 23, 2008

Big Wheels and a Hot Babe

Whoever said ladies can not drive in Saudi Arabia is WRONG!

Hmm, “I wonder what should I bull doze next?”


“Trucker Babe”, Marga … hottest chick in town.


Sound the siren! I see a fire …


… and a paparazzi!


 Grrr, I said no pictures, please!


Jungle Jane on her tiger-striped Safarimobile.


 Hmm, that is strange… where are all the animals?


Maybe if I change trucks then I can see all those animals.


There’s a what on my truck?  Ahhhhhh!


Thank goodness there’s another truck here… that giant bird drove me nuts!


But yellow really ain’t my thing.  This military jeep is more like it.


Hey cute fat boy with a camera, do you need a ride?









  1. Super cute pictures and funny captions, too! 😉 Hmmm… I distinctly remember you saying ages ago that I was supposedly the “hottest chick in town” – whatever happened to that??? 😆

    Looks like our little driving diva just overtook me and sped away with the “title” – hahaha! 😛

    Hon, you will always be the “hottest hen in town”. You should actually be happy that our little girl took on your beauty. Naks!

  2. hehe, dami nyang rides ah… 🙂

    Lino, photo ops lang lahat yan. I just asked my daughter to sit on the rides… I did not want to pay… cheap no? 🙂

  3. cuuuuuuute! 🙂 favorite ko yung “trucker babe” (second from the top) at yung caption sa last pic. hee hee! 😀 abby loves riding in those cars, too! minsan masaya na siya kahit hindi umaandar. hahaha! 🙂

    Thanks, Weng. Actually, Marga is also happy even just sitting on them. She is more interested with the other rides like the carousel. Fortunately, medyo madali pang bolahin si Marga at this age.

  4. nakakatuwa ang mga captions! haha! i was especially aliw with the last one. 😛 marga talaga is sooo cute. no wonder heartthrob siya diyan sa inyo. 🙂

    great pics keith! 🙂

    Thanks, Meeya. Medyo heartthrob nga si Marga…yabang… usually with the salesmen na Indians or Pakistanis and also the Arabs. I’m not sure if I am happy though with her line up.

  5. you have a very cute little girl! (and nice name too) 🙂

    Iris, thanks… I’d like to say “mana sa akin” but my wife also reads this blog too… she will definitely react to that statement 🙂

  6. such a cutie!!!

    Thanks for the nice compliment and also for dropping by.

  7. hahaha!!! the captions made me roll in laughter. your daughter sure knows how to work it in the camera. pang-supermodel!

    Naku, super model kamo?

  8. These must have cost you a lot of tokens. Ha ha.

    Fortunately, my daughter was just happy posing in the cars otherwise mahal nga ito. Yikes!

  9. mukhang showbiz ang dating si marga, hah. if she decided to become an artista someday, tell her to look for tita nell. heheheh 😉

    Nell, I’ll make sure to do that. You can give her your beauty tips and all your jewelry… buti na lang at Nikko is not interested in those 🙂

  10. She’s adorable!!! Awww. Sarap i-kiss at i-hug!

    Thanks, Jen…. Hindi siya masarap i-kiss at i-hug kapag umiiyak na siya ng malakas… masarap siyang itapon… hehehe!

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