Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 19, 2008

ISG Art Exhibit – 2008

Last Wednesday, I attended ISG’s Art Exhibit. Of course, I went there because I wanted to see Luigi’s artwork, which was on display alongside a hundred or so masterpieces all made by the students.  I was actually surprised at what I saw.  The artworks were so beautiful especially if you think that these were only made by students who had no formal training whatsoever.

Anyway, enough with the introduction.  I’m sure these pictures are more than enough to prove what I mean.

I assume these were done by students. 

Grade 3 art work on display.  Luigi’s is at the bottom left.

A closer view of my son’s masterpiece.  He said it is supposed to be mosaic art… his interpretation of France…hmmm.

I think these were done by the 4th graders.  It is glass art with metal foil. 

This is my favorite.  Definitely done by an older student… or should I say, future master. 


Another one of my favorites.  Definitely not Arabic-themed this time.  Looks like it is Indonesian-Filipino inspired, what do you think?


Boo! An African mask or self portrait?  I hope it is not the latter.









  1. Hon, I must say, these art works are simply amazing! And to think that they were made by school-age kids make them more special… But I guess the most special thing of all is that our son’s own work was recognized as nice enough to be included in this fantastic exhibit! This is a definitely a “proud parent moment” for us both 🙂

    I so agree. I was actually surprised to see so many nice artworks. Unfortunately my phone-cam did not have enough memory space to take more pictures.

    It was really a “proud parent moment” especially for me given that I do not have an intsy-wintsy drop of artitistic talent in me 🙂

  2. your son sure knows how to apply colors! spontaneous at may technique ha. I liked the way he painted the night sky.
    God bless!

    Thanks Bro Utoy. This definitely came from Pinky’s side of the family 🙂

  3. wow! ang galing ni luigi! i really do think that art lessons are in order to further develop his talent. he is obviously very talented! galing! 🙂 kanino nagmana? kay tita weng!!! nyahahaha! 😛 o sige na nga, i can take third place after pippo and rina. 😀 hee hee.

    Thanks, Weng. Actually, we used to send them to summr art classes when we were in Manila but we stopped that now, for obvious reasons. I’d like to claim na may kahit konting contribution ako to his talent but that will be such a big lie! So, sige you can take the fourth slot, after Pinky, Rina and Pippo.

  4. wow these were all done by students? amazing! and luigi’s pic was wonderful. very lakwatsero talaga, to have created something so parisian! hehe.

    medyo natakot ako sa african mask, hehe.

    congrats sa proud parents! 🙂

    Thanks, Meeya. I think medyo ambitious nga ang subject ni Luigi… as if we can afford to bring him there!

    The artworks were all done by students so that adds to the “wow” factor. I must agree, the African mask was a way bit too scary for me too. I just had to take a picture of it because it was so unique.

  5. that is one nice painting, mukhang may pintor na kayo sa family. at susunod sa yapak ni juan luna 😉

    I wish mag dilang anghel ka, Nell. It would be nice to have someone artistic in the family so we don’t have to buy decorations for the house. Hopefully, we can just tell our children to do their own artwork so we can display them all aorund the house.

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