Posted by: Leap of Faith | April 8, 2008

Spring Break Moment

Luigi and Rafael have been on spring break since last Saturday.  They have been very busy watching non-stop episodes of Ben 10, Hannah Montanna, Zack and Cody and all the shows you can think of in Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.  Occasionally, on their free time, they use the computer as if there was no more tomorrow.  Believe me, Pinky and I have to beg them to get off the Internet so we can do our own surfing.  Hay, they are growing up so fast.

Anyway, since April 1, our whole family has been going through an emotional roller coaster ride since my nephew, Ira, fell ill during his vacation in the US of A.  He needed to be confined to a hospital in Orlando and is, up to this moment, still being treated by the doctors. For all of you who do not know Ira, he is the (energetic) son of my first cousin who is also based here in Dammam.  I would rather not go into details as to his illness since I am not sure how my cousin would take it. But, if you can, please do include him in your prayers.

In order to have a break from the emotional stress we were all having and to give Pinky a much deserve rest from cooking and taking care of the kids, our whole family decided to just eat out last night. We went to the nearby Al Shatea Mall and just ordered a simple chinese meal in the food court.  Nothing fancy, believe me. 

Despite the lack of anything special, we had a great time.  The light and very casual conversation with had with our kids made a big difference.  We talked about anything we could think of from how the pancit tasted better than most chinese restuarants here in the Kingdom to how we preferred to eat waffles over pancakes (by the way, Luigi ate waffle for dinner).  I personally felt so happy… there was no struggle, no shouting, no forcing of things to be done. What a moment.  To top it all of, we each had a scoop or two of ice cream, which we unanimously felt was the perfect ending to our dinner. 

Truly, these are the moments we all live for. 




  1. Amen to this! Here’s to more stress-free, family bonding moments like last night! 🙂

    Love you. Mwah! :mrgreen:

    You said it. Amen to that too.

  2. that is what we call, a piece of heaven on earth 😉

    It was really great, Nell. I like your description – heaven on earth, so appropriate.

  3. and ill keep ira in our prayers. hope she gets well soon 😉

    Thanks! He needs all the prayers.

  4. keith, i hope ira gets well soon. i’ll include him in my prayers.

    may the five of you have more sweet moments like this. hugs and kisses to you all! 🙂

    Please do, Weng. We really appreciate it.

    Mag dilang anghel ka sana 🙂

  5. well said, kapatid.
    these are the stuffs that make good memories, especially for your kids. thanks for passing by my humble blog and if you would allow me, can we exchange links?
    God bless and good night!

    Salamat! Oo naman, nilagay ko na yung site mo sa blogroll ko 🙂

  6. hi keith! first of all, i just said a little prayer for ira that he gets well soon! second, thanks for visiting my site. pinky’s site is one of the blogs i love to visit. now, i’ll be adding your site to my list. naks! 🙂

    thanks again and i hope you don’t mind if i add you up! 🙂

    Thank you so much for praying for my Nephew. He is still confined in the hospital but has shown a lot of improvement since the time I posted this.

    Pinky has mentioned about you blog a lot. Sayang, we missed you in Bahrain, I heard that you and Harvs lived there for a long time.

    I’ll link you too ha. I hope you have a great vacation in the Philippines.

  7. uy kawawa naman si ira. pero at least he’s doing better na di ba? i recently read the story of another family who had a tragic vacation in the US and sobrang naantig ang puso ko. i hope ira gets well soon.

    on the other hand, bonding moment na naman pala kayo ng family mo. i hope you’ll have many more moments like that – i’m sure pinky appreciates the break, hehe, i would! 🙂

    Meeya, naku talagang getting sick is so stressful to any family… especially when you are travelling abroad. It is not only emotionally and physically draining but also financially. I’m sure you know how getting sick in the US can be so expensive. Wala pa namang travel insurance yung pinsan ko. Hay, things like this happen for a reason.

    Anyway, Ira is much better now but he is still undergoing therapy. They were originally scheduled to come back last April 29 but obviously they had to move their return to KSA for a few more months until they are sure that Ira is well.

    I read the story of Gjay and I felt so bad about what happened to the poor boy and his family. Hay, how depressing.

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