Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 29, 2008

8 Random Things About My Children

Before I work on this Tag from Weng, I would like to update everyone that we finally got our passports renewed through the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain.  The processing was very swift and hassle-free.  I can not imagine all the harassment we would have gone through had it not been for that wonderful island-kingdom.  Also, the more important news is that Luigi is now fever free for the last 48 hours and has gone back to school starting today.  Pinky, who is feeling a bit under-the-weather, is also on her way to recovery.

Going back, here are some random things about my lovable (*ehem*) children:


  1. Started dancing at 6 months old (or something like that).  I believe he has the makings of a future John Travolta or Aga Mulach (*Keith crossing fingers*). 
  2. Thrives with competition and hates losing in any challenge.  Take my word for it – he will not stop re-taking a challenge until he wins.
  3. Loves soggy cereals, soups and bread.
  4. Turned into a Walrus when he was about 3 years old. I think he was bitten by a cockroach on the upper lip when he was sleeping.
  5. Is very sociable.  He is well liked by his peers and can easily speak with anyone, even older people (huwag lang siya may sumpung).
  6. Is also known as WANCHI by a lot of people in my Mom’s hospital.  Wanchi was derived from Pinky’s favorite snack when she was pregnant – Juanchito’s Bibingka, we just gave it a Chinese twist.
  7. Is very good with computers.  He has always been interested in anything relating to computers and the Internet.  I personally hope that he will be a Bill Gates someday ($$$) but I think he mentioned to me one time that he is also thinking of being a choreographer (hmmm….).
  8. Loves the color green but that has nothing to do with his 3 year La Sallian education.


  1. Is also known to us as Christopher (as in Christopher De Leon) since he used to (and still does) occasionally throw a puppy-dog look when ever he fails to get something he wants (unfortunately, his pa-awa face never works).
  2. Was so conscious about the smell of his foot when he was young that if you say it was “maasim” he will ask you to wash it.  Now, his feet makes Datu Puti smell like a fragrant flower yet he could not care less.
  3. Loves to eat rice and seafood (preferably shrimps and fish).
  4. Was supposed to have the nickname Ragu (RAfael IniGO) until my female cousin said that it was their codename for that once-a-month thingie women have.
  5. Was toilet trained before he turned 2 since he was copying Luigi, who was being trained the same time.
  6. Was named Inigo after I felt that he was destined to be the head of a Multinational Company.  Obviously, he needed to have a very conotic sounding name to match his future position.
  7. Is a diesel engine.  He takes a while to warm up to people (anak, sayang ang conotic name mo).
  8. Loves anything X-Men related.  He (also Luigi) knows every character, special power and weapon by heart.  Do not even dare to challenge them.


  1. Was supposed to be called Isabel Francesca until we found out that one of her second cousins had the exact name.  She ended up with a prettier name, Beatrice Margarita.
  2. Was my only child who did not wait for me during delivery.  She insisted on coming out a week earlier than expected well knowing that I was still far, far away in a desert Kingdom.
  3. Is a magnet with Arabs and other people here in the Kingdom (i.e. Indians, Pakistanis, etc).  No exaggeration, she does not fail to attract total strangers every time they see her – I honestly feel I should start clothing her with the Abayah!
  4. Started walking and speaking at around 1 year 6 months (or even earlier).  She seriously can say so many things now that you will be amazed… may mga song numbers pa (i.e. Hannah Montana, Jumpin and HS Musical repertoire).
  5. Is in the 95th percentile of kids her age in terms of weight but is in the 5th percentile when it comes to her height (Pinks, do I have my figures right)… In short, beauty queen proportions?!
  6. Sleeps by touching Pinky’s tummy while she proclaims “I love it!” Anak, I know what you mean…. I love it too.
  7. Is the most energetic child we have.  Walang sinabi si Luigi and Rafael combined.
  8. Loves to wear shades. Stariray is an understatement.

To check what Pinky has to say, click => 24/3

Sy Family in Iloilo






  1. i’m impressed! ang bilis sumagot ng tag! alam mo ba, i received this tag in february. hahaha!

    it’s so nice to know my pamangkins a wee bit more. tama si luigi to like’s the color of US money. hahaha! kaching kaching! choreographer? i didn’t see that coming. luigi, you can be anything you want to be, sweetie. that’s what papa and mama tell you, right? mmmwah!

    oh keith, you’ll get in trouble with rafa for revealing his datu puti smelling feet. hahaha! dapat pala boyet ang pet name niya. hee hee. at buti hindi niyo tinuloy ang “ragu”. baka kasi “pasta” ang itawag kay rafa ng mga friends niya. hee hee. rafa, don’t be too shy anymore. but i do thing that only adds to your charm. mmmwah!

    i love marga’s name. muntik pala sila maging magkapangalan ni abby. 🙂 lol on the abayah! hahaha! 😀 baka si marga (and abby!) ang magpaiba ng image ng mga beauty titlists…we want beauty and brains!!! 😀 marga, you were still a small baby the last time i carried you. and i remember you liked it so much because you started to doze off. hee hee! i can’t wait to hug you again. mmmwah!

    thanks for doing this, keith! now cover your answers. di pa nagsasubmit ng sagot si pinky. hahaha!

    Hi Weng. Masyado bang halata na hindi ako busy… ay… busy pala ako pero I enjoy doing tags about my family so priority sa list ko yon (nice answer no?!). Masyado naman kasing hi-tech ang sagot niyo… through pictures pa… kaya naman matagal mo siyang natapos.

    I never thought about the Green Back ha pero now that you mentioned it I am so glad that green is the color of money. I just hope lumakas ulit yung dollar para naman masaya tayong lahat. Si Rafael naman ay boy charming talaga (like his father) kahit tatahimik lang yan… daming pinapain-love (doon kami iba, ako one woman man)… Abby and Marga I’m sure will be the next breed of beauty queens …beauty and brains (and attitude)!

    Check out Pinky’s answers na… so many things in common…no cheating yon ha.

  2. a sigh of relief came out when i read about your passports, luigi and pinky’s health. sana tuloy-tuloy na. 🙂

    keith, i’m so impressed at how you know your children so well! i loved your answers, especially the walrus one (if luigi turned into a walrus nung nakagat ng ipis, si ninna naman turns into a beluga whale everytime. :D), the conotic reason for rafa’s name, and the abaya for little marga.

    you’re one of the rare ones, daddy keith (along with my hubby and dondi of course! :D). very rare. 🙂

    Meeya, I also felt so relieved that every thing is back to normal and that we got our papers fixed without any hassle. It was truly through God’s graces lang talaga.

    Hmmm… rare?! I’m sure there are a lot of dads out there who also try to be involved with their children yun nga lang they don’t blog so di sila napapansin. I try as much to remember things about my children pero, to be honest, mahina nga ang memory ko so I think blogging will help me remember important milestones in their lives.

    Serious ka ba about Ninna turning into a beluga whale! Gosh, grabe siguro ang mga allergies niya no? Our children are full of allergies rin – mana sa amin ni Pinky. Nakaka-panic when things like that happen. I hope our children don’t turn into animals again… they look perfect the way they are.

  3. teka mukhang I missed something in your story. Talaga yatang matagal na ako di nakaka dalaw dito kaya di ko alam yung passport storymo. But any way you have wonderful kids, especially luigi who is so unique. Sa bata pala talaga kita mo na kung ano gusto nila paglaki ano. And I think that is very important. When I was a kid I am really into drawing. I wanted to be an architect as early as 7 years old. BUt life’s twists and turns deviated me from my childhood dream. Yet as I look back, a dream I had before made me more enthused in pursuing other fields of dreams. Belated happy easter and May Godbless you and your family.

    hi bluep! masyado ka kasing busy so pagblog… children are really so wonderfully unique even if they all come from one source… I just hope Pinky and I can guide our children properly so they can do what they want to when they grow up… hirap nga lang kasi siyempre you also have other dreams for them, which may not be what they want…anyway, I guess being stern and giving in is part of parenthood. belated happy easter to you too.

  4. Unbelievable! We actually had so many matching/common answers! Now we should really join those compatibility contests on tv so we can at least get some moolah from this “uncanny connection” we have – hahaha! 😆

    It’s really amazing how our children can be so different from one another when they all came from the same “sources” (us!) naman. Guess this is one of the perks of being parents – to appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness of each child, right?

    Love you.

    What a great suggestion! For all you know we can win a lot of moolah and just enjoy the rest of our lives travelling and sipping cocktail drinks while we lay on the beach! Hmm, not bad, ay?

    Oh, they are really so unique… so many similarities yet also so many differences too. Hay…LY2!

  5. pa-comment ulit hehe. THIS is what ninna looks like when an insect bites her. beluga whale no? albeit a cuter one, hehe.

    and yes, dad blogger or not, you’re rare. basta, trust me, my hubby’s colleagues at work na kilala ko personally are not so hands-on about raising their kids. siguro out of 10 guys, only 2 or 3 would fit the bill. the rest, they’re still, shall we say, medieval.

    btw, were you able to get the MRPassports na? alam mo ba, kami naman ngayon ang may prob sa passports, haha! apparently, the consulate here in miami now requires people to apply with the philemb in washington dc. (i guess because of the MRP). medyo its only a 17-hour drive lang naman from us right now. hubby is still checking if we could mail it to DC na lang. or else, baka hintayin na lang namin mag-expire yung passport ni ninna next year para sabay-sabay na lang kami, hehe!

    Meeya, nakakaawa naman si Ninna. She is like Luigi except that Luigi does not get his allergies with any insect bite. Buti ikaw sanay na… kami whenever it happens we panic. We used to bring so many medicines when we were in the Philippines. One time, he touched a plant and his whole body had so many small spots, which turned dark after a few days. Thankfully, it also disappeared but after a month nga lang.

    Uy, thanks. I thought naman lahat ng dads ngayon medyo hands-on na with the children. Okay, in that case, rare nga siguro kami ni Papa A and Dondi… I would rather that than be medieval 🙂

    Our passports are still the old kind. They did not have the machine readable ones in Bahrain. I really don’t mind having the old version as long as convenient for us to get it. I hope you don’t have to personally go to the Phil Embassy in DC to get the passport… 17 hours… ah pass na lang ako diyan… it might be easier if you just fly to Bahrain!

  6. each and every kid talaga, do have there own unique attributes noh? and you guys have raised beautiful children. beautiful, both inside and out 😉

    Yes they do. Their differences make them special 🙂 Thanks for your nice comments, Nell.

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