Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 23, 2008

Not Again!

Our planned trip to Riyadh this Thursday is on the verge of not pushing through.  Luigi, my eldest child, came down with an upper respiratory tract infection (bacterial) last Friday and has been having high fever since then. 

We visited the Pediatrician this morning and he said that our son has pus in his throat and sinus area.  He was prescribed some antibiotic, paracetamol and expectorant, which should help him recover in the next three to seven days.

Pinky and I are on our toes again and trying to keep the sickness contained to only Luigi.  We will definitely lose our mind if this illness spreads to the rest of the brood. Shoot, these are the times when we hate living away from family!

That’s all for now.  I hope to have more good news in the coming days.



  1. You said it…let’s pray the illness ends with Luigi and that he recovers soon.

    Don’t want another “mega-Sisa” episode if ever… 😉

  2. i hope and pray that luigi gets well soon. get well soon, luigi! hugs and kisses from tita weng! mmmwah!

    Thanks, Weng. I’ll make sure to tell Luigi. He is still sick today.

  3. ayyy. medyo late ko na nabasa itong entry. i hope he’s feeling better now?

    *sending luigi some virtual chicken soup*

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