Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 22, 2008

Catching Up with the Rest of the World

American Idol Logo

I am so excited.  The latest season of American Idol (AI) is now showing in MBC 4.  Yihee!  That simply means I will only be a few episodes delayed from watching one of my favorite shows.

Since I moved to the KSA in 2006 I have been unable to watch AI on time.  The episodes they show here are so delayed that Jordin Sparks (the winner of 2007’s AI)  just won two weeks ago.  Grrr! That is just the worse thing you can do to an Idol fanatic like me!

Anyway, Meeya/Goyo I know you guys are happy for me.  I just saw Mang Reynaldo Cruz perform last night in his funky costume. I know I still need a lot of cathcing up to do but I am not complaining. Hopefully, next year we will all be able to watch the live telecast from the US.  But for now, I have to be contented.

 PS: Ramiele Malubay, the lone Philippine representative, was born in Saudi Arabia in 1987 then moved to Miramar, Florida when she was 5 years old.  Meeya, we both have something in common – I mean, connection to Ramiele.  May be our children can be Idols when they grow up.  Yipee!




  1. You just had to establish the “ME IDOL connection”, huh? 😉 I kinda expected that… hehehe! 😀 Baka si Mang Renaldo eh ex-Saudi boy din? 😆

    Anyway, am so happy for you that at least you get to watch the “not-so-delayed” telecast of AI now. 😎

    OF COURSE! That is my only claim to fame and for all you know, our children will follow Ramiele’s footsteps… magaling naman tayong dalawa kumanta, di ba? Si Mang Renaldo actually looks familiar… I reckon he was a tambay in Ramaniyah Mall before he moved to Las Vegas.

  2. good for you, keith! 🙂 ako naman, parang i’m getting tired of AI pero sige, pinapanood ko pa rin. haha. paula kasi is starting to get on my nerves. pinapababa niya ang aking positive vibes. hahaha! 🙂 enjoy AI! 😀

    Weng, I’m a sucker for reality tv and singing competitions. It reminds me of my glory days (i.e. when I won second prize in a singing contest in Prep – harharhar!).

    Actually, I also hate Paula. She adds no value to the show. Why can’t she be booted out – she obviously is the bottom 3!

  3. alam mo ba i learned about ramiele being born in dammam and i was excited to tell you, kasi nga feeling ko may connection na tayo through her, haha! naunahan mo ako. MIA kasi ako these past few days (weeks?).

    and si paula, dapat hindi na lang din nagsasalita. ewan ko ba, tingin ko naman yung contestants and pinapakinggan lang naman si simon eh hehehe.

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