Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter Mass in Aramco

Easter Mass in Aramco

Easter Mass Aramco 2008

These pictures were taken this morning during our Easter Mass in Aramco.  Yes, we celebrate Easter two days ahead of the rest of the world. 

Happy Easter to everyone!



  1. happy easter! 🙂

    marga looks so adorable! cute naman, little blondie! 😀 and syempre the boys are so binata na! naiimagine ko na how protective they will be of their little sis, hehe. you can rest easy na! 😀

    Meeya, happy easter to you too.

    Thanks… nakakatuwa nga siya in fact everytime we go out she suddenly ends up attracting so many strangers. I hust hope her kuyas can manage that… mukhang mas matapang pa si Mrga than both of them. I don’t think I can rest yet…

  2. happy easter to you all!

    gosh, luigi, rafa and marga have grown…like a lot! hahaha! puro future hearbreakers ang mga pamangkin ko. 😉 ngayon pa lang, start preparing for your future pep talks with the boys on matters of the heart at for marga…start polishing your shotgun! 😉 hugs and kisses to the kiddos! when oh when will i see them again?! 😦

    Happy Easter to all of you too.

    The kids have actually grown a lot since the last time you saw them in person. Luigi is getting to be really tall while we are still working hard on Rafael – hope his growth spurt starts soon. Hirap naman maging heartbreaker kung kasing laki mo si Onin Mulach.

    Shotgun? Mahina ata yon. I think I need more highpowered amo to scare off for her suitors or maybe a double layer of Abayah should do the trick.

    I hope we can all get together soon. Buti pa sina Ma/Pa and Rindu…

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