Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 19, 2008

Last Minute Mayhem

Here in Saudi Arabia, foreign governments are only allowed to have one consulate and that should be located in the capital, Riyadh.  Fortunately for Filipinos, the Philippine government sends a few of its employees once a month to key cities in the Kingdom to help its nationals with whatever problem or service that they may need (i.e. renewal of passports, notarization, etc).  This service is aptly called Embassy on Wheels (EOW).

Anyway, my whole family needs to change our passports soon and we were planning to do that this month. However, when I called the Embassy yesterday to ask their schedule for the Eastern Region,  I found out that the EOW has been temporarily put-on-hold since their supply of passports is running low. Grrr.  Passport renewals will only be entertained in Riyadh, which is a nightmare especially for us who live 4 hours away!

So now, our whole family is scheduled to drive to Riyadh next week to fix our passports.  I am quite worried since I have never driven in more than 600 kilometers (one way) of barren desert.  To make things worse, my whole family is with me and we are not driving with a group so any potential vehicular problem is something we are not looking forward to.

Despite the anxiety, I am also feeling a rush of excitement since this will really be one hell of a desert adventure.  Seeing sand dunes, camels in the wild and may be other desert dwellers is something we will never experience here in the city. I do hope that everything goes well (*fingers crossed*). 

Until then.



  1. Yes, I too am looking forward to this adventure. I only hope our little “senyorita” cooperates and does not fuss
    too much… 😉

    … and that Luigi gets well soon.

  2. it’s the same here, ubusan rin ng passports. pero i think it’s because the embassies and consulates are migrating towards the issuance of the new machine readable passports, which is why they are just finishing off the last of the “old supply”.

    anyway, wow adventure yan! basta make sure you have lots of nibblets and toys to keep everyone entertained. pictures ha!!

    Actually, that is the reason nga daw for the delays and shortages. I do hope we get ours fixed soon and without any problems.

    Exciting nga siya, Meeya. I think I’ll just drug my kids with paracetamol to keep them quiet… Mwahahah!

  3. good luck on your trip to riyadh. 🙂 expect only good things during your trip. that ought to do the trick. 😉

    Weng, I like your optimistic attitude. It makes everything so easy to take.

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