Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 11, 2008

Would you buy this?

Spotted Dick

This product caught our attention the last time we went to the grocery.  I was just wondering, would anyone buy a product named Spotted Dick? Take note, it is supposed to be some kind of “pudding.” 

Hmmm, careful with your replies.  This blog is GP.



  1. Well… I guess some people would – but definitely NOT in a grocery store! 😆

    GP enough for you? 😉

    I agree. Perfectly said. By the way, niloloko tayo ni Weng (see her comments).

  2. from a gay guys point of view, i’d probably buy it. cause it’s pudding and i’m curious how it taste — the pudding, i mean. hmmm, akala mo kong ano hah? bwahaha 😀

    ps: GP answer ko hah. say mo?

    Hahaha! I’m luvin all your answers. So GP. Proud of you guys.

    Nell, a word of caution though. Pudding is spongy… you may need something to gobble it down.

  3. hmmm…baka aphrodisiac yan na nakadisguise as dessert! bili na dali! 😉 tamang-tama, lapit na weekend jan! 😉 i know you’re curious. o baka naman nahihiya lang kayong aminin na bumili na kayo! nyahahaha! 😛

    Weng, tapos na. Pinky will give her feedback – she tried it already last night. I’m not sure she enjoyed it – the pudding, I mean.

  4. hmmm…first thing that came to mind, giraffe meat! 🙂 i know there’s no such thing, but all of a sudden, i had flashbacks of the nature videos i watched with sir richard attenborough.

    in his famous british accent, “this is a spotted dick…” (pinky can do the impersonation for you) 😉

    galing ni ati, rindu. so brit… so like me 🙂

    giraffe meat?! i would not definitely buy this if it were made of that… yuck.

  5. maybe it is for dalmatians LOL

    hmm sponge pudding, parang tikoy ba o kalamay o parang nilupak?

    US have so many weird labels on their products LOL

    Actually, bluep, another name they have for this prodcut is Spotted Dog so medyo tama ang dalmatians guess mo. It is actually a Brtitish Dessert (thanks to Meeya). Ang Pinoy version siguro nito is Ginalis na Tikoy. Di ata appetizing yon 🙂

  6. ye of green mind.

    anuba, si roderick paulate yan na naka polka-dots. in can.

    i remember seeing that sa austin powers! di ba? it’s the british version of a fruit cake, i think. di ko pa na-try kasi mas gusto ko yung kind na hindi spotted, i meant roderick in stripes, hehe.

    Meeya, that was funny. Si Dick nga ata yan.. I’ll buy one can next time and see if he will pop out there with Ate Carmi (who may be in stripes!) 🙂

    I did some research on this product and you are right, it is some kind of English dessert.

    Per Wikipedia, “Spotted dick is a traditional English steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit (usually currants), which is usually served either with custard or with butter and brown sugar. Spotted refers to the raisins (which resemble spots) and Dick may be a contraction/corruption of the word pudding (from the last syllable) or possibly a corruption of the word dough.”

    They also have other names for this product (i.e. steamed dicky) but I guess the spotted dick steals the cake.

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