Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 9, 2008

Saudi Boy Scouts

Having to spend equal time with all your children is definitely a difficult task.  Pinky and I try so much to balance our time with our three kids.  However, admittedly, we often fall short as we have to give more attention to Marga (for obvious reasons).

Anyway, in order to make up with our boys, Pinky and I decided to come up with something special for them last weekend.  After having Indian food for dinner and doing our major grocery shopping, we surprised the boys with our very first camping trip. 

The last camping trip Pinky and I attended separately in the Philippines was ages and ages ago (i.e. Villa Escudero). Since we obviously are not the outdoor type of parents, our boys have never experienced camping back home.

Since lush forests and greenery are not available here in Saudi Arabia, camping is usually done in the desert.  However, before you get ahead of me and congratulate us for going out-of-the-box, I just want to tell you that our weekend camping was something different.  We did not camp  in the desert nor in our backyard but in the luxury of our multi-purpose room at home.

Even though we lacked the ambiance, our imaginations clearly covered for this.  Aside from our tent, we had our own bonfire (night lamp), a river to take a bath in (our bathroom) and the lush forest around us (all our things scattered all over the room). The stars were also all out that night making it perfect for stargazing and (ghost) story telling.  Marga and Pinky visited us too but they had to drive back home to the city (the Masters’ Bedroom) since Marga was still too young to camp.

The following morning, the boys woke up to the delicious scent of freshly cooked beef bacon strips, fried eggs and rice complements of Pinky, who also gave us each a warm cup of chocolate drink and some marshmallow filled choco-cookies for dessert.  Definitely a yummy treat.

We are hoping that the boys will remember their first ever camping adventure.  Hopefully, if ever Pinky and I muster the confidence, we can do our next camping outdoors.

Until then.

Indoor Camping
Indoor Camping
Indoor Camping

Indoor Camping

Indoor Camping


  1. how creative of you and pinky! ok na camping ha…me personal chef ang mga boy scouts! hahaha! good job y’all!

    Alam mo naman dito, Weng, walang masyadong things to do unlike there in the US na everything is available. Kung hinid ka creative eh mabubulok ka.

    Who wants to go camping if you have to cook your own food? Buti na lang we have our own Iron Chef Pinky.

  2. nice one! i agree with weng, very creative! 🙂 too bad lil star scout marga couldn’t join. (btw, i am loving her goldi-locks.) i guess pinky would need to have her camping nite with her in a few years…

    mad props to pinks too for the breakfast. ooh la la, i think naglaway ako! that reminds me a whole lot of the breakfasts i had at 62 periquay while i was “preggy-sitting” pinky for her last couple of months.

    Hey, Rins. Thanks, we really wanted to make it special for the boys lest we want to hear them say we play favorites.

    Oh, our star scout gave Pinky a hard time that night. She woke up at around 2am and was making a fuss. Pinky had to recall me from camp since goldi-locks was crying like crazy (buti the boys were sleeping so they did not notice me disappear for a while). I thought she wanted to go to our Camp but apparently she just wanted me to carry her to sleep – ahhhhhh! Galing sumipsip.

    Oo nga, you preggy-sitted Pinky nga pala. Yes, it is the same yummy breakfast.

  3. what a swell idea and a wonderful way to spend quality time with the kids. at ang sarap ng ulam nyo hah, tocilog ba yan or tapsiloh? penge po ako 😉

    Nell, we really had a great time. The kids enjoyed it too. May be you can do your own indoor camping with Nicho. Don’t worry, the tent is really easy to install.

    The breakfast was definitely yummy kaso bacon siya and hindi Tapa or Tocino. I’ll tell Pinky that she should try your suggestion next time. Mas Pinoy ang dating… mas masarap!

  4. Hon, thank God that you always come up with these creative ideas to spice up the kids’ otherwise limited recreation activities! I’m sure this alternative camping experience will go down their list of fave childhood memories in the years to come.

    Galing mo talaga – di ako nagkamali ng pagpili 😉


    Hon, this camping would not have been possible if it weren’t for your help… what is a camping without a good breakfast anyway, right?

    I do hope the kids remember this when they grow up. Now, we have to think of the next gimmick. Thinking caps on!

  5. i know i left a comment dito before, baka hindi ko na-submit haha! anyway, i just wanted to say that you guys are so adorable! and as parents, you and pinky are doing such a great job!

    next time dapat may theme, tipong arabian nights tapos the girls will have to do belly dancing, hehe!

    Meeya, thanks so much for the kind words. I’m sure our children will have a different opinion – they see how we can be monsters too.

    I like your suggestion. Sana naman game si Pinky sa belly dancing suggestion mo. Pero sandali, baka hindi ako makapag-pigil… huwag na lang kasi yung mga bata baka magulat! 🙂 Baka kapag kaming dalawa nalang ni Pinky… Grrr.

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