Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 6, 2008

Nasaan Man Ang Doughnuts

A few nights ago, Pinky and I had a sudden urge to eat doughnuts.  So after finishing our usual chores in the house we decided to drive to Al Khobar and chill-out in Krispy Kreme.  After finishing our doughnuts and warm drinks, we decided to drive back home with 3 children and 2 dozen doughnuts in tow.  Yup, 24 more pieces (on top of what we ate) as the Pinoy salesman convinced us that that was a lot more cheaper than just buying one dozen. Suckers?  Nah, matakaw lang talaga kami!

Krispy Kreme 

Krispy Kreme

 Krispy Kreme

After our pig-out session, Pinky and I decided to have a truly jologs moment.  A friend of ours lent us this Pinoy movie (Nasaan Ka Man) starring Claudine Barreto, Jericho Rosales and Diether Ocampo. Although we have seen several movies of Claudine (i.e. Dubai and Milan), which by the way were both good, we still did not have the guts to really watch Nasaan since we thought this was the typical “cutie-cutie” love triangle story which Pinoy films are known for.  Anyway, since our adrenalin were now pumped up due to the sugar overload we just had, we decided to give Nasaan a chance.

To our amazement, Nasaan turned out to be a great movie.  Gloria Diaz and Hilda Coronel were very funny as the two spinsters who adopted Claudine, Diether and Jericho.  The three younger actors, on the other hand, gave a commanding performance as crazed lovers with a twist. Diether looked absolutely convincing as the desperate psycho lover of Claudine.

Aside from the acting and the good storyline, the director also deserves an Oscar (ay FAMAS pala).  His style definitely made you have goosebumps all over not like the trying hard Shake, Rattle and Roll series, which incidentally is now on its 9th or 1oth installment.

Anyway, shown below is a theatrical trailer of the movie.  Please try to catch this on DVD or on TFC (or YouTube).  It is definitely worth watching!



  1. Talk about major sugar rush! 😀

    Good thing we managed to burn a lot of those unwanted calories by staying up late to watch Claudine, Echo and Diet (parang close tayo – “pet” name basis pa ang tawagan!) – hahaha! 😆

    Seriously though, I live for these doughnut moments in terms of family bonding time. Love you! 😉

    Yeah, I must agree I also cherish those spontaneous family moments. Hope we have more of those soon.

  2. jologs moment pala ang tawag don? hehehe, that means na ang dami ko na palang jolog-an na ginawa at pinanood. hahahah! kidding aside, there really are lots of pinoy movies and even indie films that’s truly award winning. at total eh jologs ako, hehehe. you can never go wrong watching maricel soriano’s movies. i am such a fan, promise! maka-diamond star talaga ako, hehehe.

    now speaking of donuts, ganyan din ako pag napadaan sa krispy kreme. kumain na at lahat pero may bitbit pa pauwi, heheheh. sarap yan paired with kapen barako 😉

    I must say, Nell, that Pinoy movies are actually starting to catch up. I really do hope that one day Pinoys would rather watch movies made by Seiko, Star Cinama or Regal rather than the ones made in Hollywood. It would be nice to have our own version of Bollywood. Maricel is a good dramatic actress although I really do not get to follow her shows – excpet kapag nahatak ni Pinky.

    I actually remembered your recent post on KK. The picture looks so tempting! Gosh, mukhang lo-lobo ulit kami dito!

  3. kami naman, whenever we see the “now cooking” sign lit sa mga KK stores, mas mabilis pa kami sa alas-kwatro biglang lumiliko. 🙂 dito kasi, pag naka-ilaw yung sign, ibig sabihin may free donuts sa loob (ganun din ba diyan?). so hayun, aside from the 2 or 3 pcs na kakainin namin sa loob (na libre), for sure may iuuwi pa kaming dosena. mas sulit nga naman kesa sa 6 lang, di ba? ay bigla akong napa-crave, hahaha!

    ako naman, i don’t like claudine pero lahat naman ng pelikula niya napapanood ko (accidentally, hehe) at lahat naman nagugustuhan ko! hehe. i think pinaka-fave ko pa rin yung movie nila ni rico yan (kasama si diet) yung “dahil mahal na mahal kita”. then close second yung “got 2 believe”, hehe. yikes, jologs alert! 🙂

    Meeya, I did not know that they serve free doughnuts but Pinky said that they also do that here… apparently she read it somewhere. Hay, had I known, baka we could have camped outside the store just to make sure we get all those free goodies.

    Totoo bang by accident ang pag nood mo doon. Don’t tell me pinilit ka ni Papa A. Comedy ba yung Got 2 Believe? Is that the movie before Rico Y died? Hmm, mukhang na-convince din ako ni Pinky to watch that. If I remember right, I liked that too… very funny. Okay, mukhang buking na tayong lahat.

  4. hey sweet tooth hehe.

    I can eat a dozen of donuts would you believe it? I grew up with dunkin donuts because when we were kids, my mom used to bring a box full of those chocolate covered delights as a pasalubong for us. pero ngayon medyo nalungkot ako kasi yung dunkin dito kasing liit na lang ng takip ng lady’s choice. bummer.

    I haven’t tasted krispy kreme yet pero my friends and cousins told me that it is very delicious.

    anyhow I haven’t watched any flicks yet with claudine in it. siguro dahil mas oriented ako sa english movies and the fact that I don’t like tear jerkers.

    Hey, Bluep. Nawala ka for a time in a universe far, far away. Hope all is well with you.

    Doughnuts are yummy, although I really can’t eat a lot of them. I love the plain ones whether Dunkin or KK. I usually pass on those with cream or strawberry filled stuffing.

    I also don’t get to watch too much Tagalog movies since I find them cheesy. However, this one is nice. It is a psychotic thriller type with a twist so this does not fall under the tear jerker genre. If you get a chance, watch it.

  5. wow, hindi ba kayo na-hyper after pigging out on doughnuts? hee hee!

    something must be wrong with me. ako lang yata ang hindi fan ng krispy kreme. hehehe. 😀

    Actually, we had a sugar overload that is why we had to watch the movie – we couldn’t sleep.

    Weng, I like KK but can’t eat it too often. To be honest, though, I can’t differentiate it between Dunkin and the other doughnut store that was such a big hit in Manila (the one in Fort – I forgot the name). Any plain doughnut is good for me.

  6. keith, yup. yun yung last movie ni claudine and rico. at oo, by accident. maniwala ka sa akin. talaga. pramis.

    o sige na nga, by accident na sa maling takilya ako nakakabili ng ticket. hehe.

    I knew it… iba ang definition mo ng accident!

  7. just passing by. may naamoy akong krispy creme eh. you had the plain ones or the ones that are candybars posing as doughnuts? as for the movie, I haven’t watched a tagalog love story for the longest time but I’ll probably catch it on cable.
    if you don’t mind, I’ll visit again.

    Hey, it is nice to have someone new drop by my site. inorder ko ata yung plain ones pero siyempre kinain ko din yung mga tira ng mga anak ko, which basically are the candy looking ones posing as doughnuts.

    try catching this movie. it is not really the typical love story. in fact, it is quite far from that. I really enjoyed watching it. I hope you can catch it on cable.

    Sure, please feel free to drop by anytime. I’ll visit your site too.

    By the way, are you friends of Bluepanjeet? He is an ex-seminarian. Just curious.

  8. yup, bluepanjeet is my friend whom I met at the Net. he coaxed me into blogging. I just started last Lent and I’m as green as they come when it comes to blogging.
    btw, those are really great pictures.

    That is so nice. I actually visited your site last night and was reading at your first few entries. Nakakatuwa naman yung sulat mo about how your blog got started (and your pamangkin na parak) and your favorite past time – volleyball. I’ll visit again and read up more on you.

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