Posted by: Leap of Faith | March 4, 2008

8 Things I Am Thankful For

The past few days have been very busy in the office.  Apparently, passing my second year mark here in the Kingdom actually meant more work for me.  To be honest, though, I can not complain especially since my work comes so sporadically nowadays.  Every chance I get to sharpen my brain cells is good for me lest I want to lose them permanently.

Anyway, Meeya tagged me on this. I am suppose to list down 8 things that I am thankful for. Okay, here goes…

1. Meeting and marrying my wife.  I do not want to sound cheezy and all but my wife, Pinky, is really heaven sent.  I truly believe that she has given me direction and order in my life.  The occasional nagging sometimes gets to me but I feel that this has given me the drive to actually do things which otherwise I would just let pass (Hon, I hope you do not misinterpret this as a go ahead sign for you to increase the frequency of your reminders 🙂  ) 

2. Our 3 little rascals. These kids bring meaning and purpose to my life.  All of them have mastered the art of driving us insane but I guess that is part of the deal.  I know having these three mean that we have to make so many sacrifices.  However, I am more than happy to make those sacrifices so that we can provide a good future for our children.

3. The opportunity to live abroad. As hard as it is, I am really happy that Pinky and I decided to take on this work opportunity here in the Mid East.  I believe experiencing life away from what we were accustomed to made us stronger people.  Pinky and I learned to appreciate and rely on each other more.  It also made our children more independent and aware of how people of different races can be so alike and different in so many ways.

4. Having a stable source of income. As much as you hear me rant every now and then of all the not-so-pleasant things that I have experienced at work, I really can not complain at how God has been so generous and good to our family.  Working for my company is not perfect.  However, this has allowed us to be more financially independent.  Working abroad allowed me to take on a more traditional role as father and husband while also allowing Pinky to focus on her maternal duties as well.  I personally feel more fulfilled now than when we were back in the Philippines.

5. For supportive families. Even though we are separated by distance, we never fail to experience the unwavering support of our families back home.  They have always been there to help us especially in times when we have to make difficult decisions. 

6. Internet. Any Filipino who has lived abroad or have family members living abroad will definitely agree when I say that the Internet has made life so much easier for all of us.  Keeping in touch with people you love has become so easy and convenient that you can not even imagine living in a time when the Internet was not available.  Goodness… living then must be hell!  The Internet is also, by the way, my bestest friend in the office. Luvya!

7. Good Health.  Yeah, I know that Pinky and I have been blogging endlessly about illnesses that hit our family a few months back.  However, these are just minor illnesses that get to us since we do not know of any reliable physician here in the Kingdom.  Otherwise, I think I am grateful that none of our family members have been afflicted by “major” sicknesses over the past year.

8. Home Videos.  I love taking home videos, especially of special occasions involving the kids.  Although, I do not get to organize and edit them (as I want to), I still feel that it is nice to know that I can visualize and look back at our life anytime I want to.  I just feel sad that since we moved here to the Kingdom, I have been more passive in taking my videos since I am afraid that I might get into trouble if some locals see me taking videos in public. Grrr!

That’s all… back to work!



  1. not cheezy at all, keith. no wonder pinky loves you so much, sweet mo kasi eh. nilalanggam ako sa inyo, hehehe. truly there’s a lot to be thankful for, family and internet would be on my list, too. have a good day, God bless 😀

    Naku Nell, kung alam mo lang. I’m sure Pinky is rolling her eyes when you say that sweet ako. I think kahit buhusan niya ako ng asukal matabang pa rin ang dating ko.

    Why don’t you do your own list, Nell? I’m sure counting your blessings will help you have a better disposition especially during this trying times.

  2. keith, thank you for your wonderful answers! tama si nell, its not cheesy at all! anyway, what’s a burger, or a hotdog, or spaghetti without extra cheese? mas masarap yun! and like your relationship with pinky – the extra cheesier, the better. 🙂 i’m sure pinky is super kilig while reading this and she super loves that you appreciate her presence in your life.

    like you, the opportunity that was given to us to live abroad helped make hubby and i better persons, partners, and parents, too. 🙂 i loved that answer, naka-relate ako. 🙂

    anyway, i wish you good health, too, as well a long and beautiful lasting relationship with your internet connection. 😀

    Meeya, kaya naman ako lumu-lobo! Tinulad mo pa kami sa mga pagkaing masarap. Now, I want to go to Hardees and order those yummy grilled burgers with everything PLUS extra cheese!

    Living abroad really has its perks. A lot of times though we get so blinded by the difficulties that go with it. Hay, buti na lang there are Memes like these that help you count your blessings. Thanks for tagging me. I enjoyed doing it.

    I wish the same things for you, Meeya.

  3. Hon, you always have a way of making me stop bi***ing and start counting my blessings instead – and for that I am eternally beholden to you! 😆

    Thanks for making me see that the glass is really half-full most of the time. Actually, that it is overflowing with good things that I tend to take for granted.

    God is good. Life is beautiful. We are blessed.

    I love you! Mwah! :mrgreen:

    Hon, you give me too much credit. You know this is a two-way street. Don’t worry, all of us fall into the same trap. I think it is human nature to see the glass as half empty. Although, of course, that is not an excuse for us not to change our outlook.

    I like what you said. God is good. Life is beautiful. We are blessed.


  4. keith, i bet nahirapan kang pumili ng 8 things that you’re thankful for. 🙂 but family always takes top spot, as it should. i loved your answers. 😉

    Thanks, Weng. Yup it was hard doing the list. You realize upon doing this exercise that there are so many things to be thankful for… 8 definitely is not enough. Family… yup always in the top spot.

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