Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 28, 2008

I made it!

2nd Anniversary

 Happy 2nd Anniversary to me!



  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 😀 painom ka naman jan! ay bawal pala. nyahahaha! 😛 may you and the kingdom have many more blissful years together. hehehe. God bless, Keith! mmmmwah!

  2. happy anniversary keith! bibigyan sana kita ng bouquet of roses kaya lang bawal din, hehehe! looking forward to many many more years of kwentuhan with you. 🙂 congrats!

  3. Weng / Meeya, thanks so much kahit puro bawal yung mga balak niyo!

    Sana di naman kami umabot ng 15 years dito, like most Pinoys! Hay, only time will tell.

  4. wow, congrats for having outwitted, outplayed and outlasted the desert! you are a true survivor! 😉

    Rindu, I should apply for Survivor the series – wala bang desert edition yon? USD1MM din yon ha!

  5. congrats keith. you truly are a survivor 😉

    Thanks, Nell!

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