Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 15, 2008

Gourmet on VDay

The children surprised us on Valentine’s Day with their own version of a gourmet breakfast – complete with table setting, menu and drinks.

Their Cartoon Mania Cafe (do not ask why they named it that way) was definitely a far cry from the horrible restaurant experiences Pinky and I used to have when we were still in Manila.  Had we known before, we should have just paid the kids extra allowance to prepare a full course dinner for us, which I am so sure would have been much better than any restaurant in Greenbelt, the Fort or Serendra (at least in terms of service).

Anyway, in case you guys need any catering services in the future, I hope you can consider our children. I give them a two thumbs up!

Bon Appetit! 

VDay 2008

Hmm, formal setting?  Close.

VDay 2008 

The Menu… Cartoon Mainia Mania

 VDay 2008

Pinky chose the Crunchy Nut while I took the Cereal Combo… take note, both are Free… who can beat that?

 VDay 2008

Drinks?  Just water for us guys.  May bonus pa… our Valentine’s Day Card.

VDay 2008

Sweeter than our choco muffin dessert.

VDay 2008

Two snaps for the presentation… Pinky’s order.

VDay 2008

Yum-o! Choco overload 🙂

VDay 2008

Our chefs (and their muse).

Thanks so much guys.  We love you. Mwaaaah!



  1. Ain’t they just as sweet as their mother? Hahaha! 😆

    Ah…oo nga no?!

  2. i am speechless, ang babait and lalambing nga mga kids nyo. and i like the menu prices hah, free. may branch ba ang cartoon mania resto dito sa cali? pupunta ako ngayon din, hehehe. that was one great valentines for you guys and the famil. kisses to all the kiddies, mwaaah 😀

    Nell, guest of honor ka ng mga bata if ever they decide to branch out to the US. At present, pang KSA pa lang sila … hehehe. It was a good celebration.

  3. nagkamali yata ang mga bata…hindi nila alam na dahil sa ginawa nila, mukhang magkakaroon na sila ng kitchen duties! hahaha!

    the kids are so sweet and very creative, too! 😀 galing galing! 🙂

    Good idea, Weng. I did not think of that but now that you said it, it may actually work. They can get the morning shift so Pinky and I can have some extra time in bed. Hehehe… buti di uso ang child abuse dito 🙂

    We were actually surprised. They told us a few days before that they were planning to prepare breakfast for us. We thought it was just one of those things that kids say and don’t do. Gulat tuloy kami.

  4. keith super sweet ng kids niyo. i’m so touched for you and pinky. what a very memorable valentine’s day!

    ps. siguro i would have ordered the same one you did, i love chocolate hehe. yum!

    Nakakatuwa nga sila… pambawi sa lahat ng sakit ng ulo na binigay nila sa amin 🙂 I am hoping that next year they can serve us steak… asa pa.

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