Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 12, 2008

Roses, Anyone?

I saw this on Yahoo News today. 

No red roses for Saudi sweethearts on Valentines Day

Mon Feb 11, 6:08 AM ET

Saudi Arabia’s religious police have banned red roses ahead of Valentine’s Day, forcing couples in the conservative Muslim nation to think of new ways to show their love.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has ordered florists and gift shop owners in the capital Riyadh to remove any items colored scarlet, which is widely seen as symbolizing love, newspapers said.

“They visited us last night,” the Saudi Gazette quoted an unidentified florist as saying.

It is not unusual for the Saudi vice squad to clamp down ahead of Valentine’s Day, which it sees as encouraging relations between men and women outside of wedlock, the newspaper said.

Saudi Arabia imposes an austere form of Sunni Islam which prevents unrelated men and women from mixing, bans women from driving and demands that women wear a headscarf and a cloak.

Relations outside marriage are strictly banned and punishable by law.

(Reporting by Souhail Karam; Editing by Giles Elgood)



  1. Let me just put it this way: How long can a dike stop the raging waves of the ocean from finally crashing down?

    These guys better learn to swim fast or drown in the deluge! Such a pathetic bunch of L***RS if you ask me.

    Oo nga. I think the only benefit of this kind of mentality is that unmarried couples (or teenagers) are less tempted to do crazy stuff like what we have back home… you know, the biglang likos. Medyo too extreme nga lang ang implementation dito sa Kahariang ito.

  2. well, the ladies do have something to gain from this ban. jewelry na lang. 😉 how about some blings for pinky? nyahaha!

    Weng, muntik ko nang i-delete itong comment mo kasi baka mabasa ni Pinky and she will get ideas. I think I will just buy flowers and take the risk of imprisonment rather than go the bling way. Hehehe!

  3. i so agree, wala na sa lugar etong ban na eto. but on the lighter side, like weng said — let’s bling bling it for the night of hearts 😉

    Oh yes, Nell. They can go a bit extreme in this part of the world. Bling? Nah, Pinky does not like the hepatitic Saudi Gold… uuuy, excuses 🙂

  4. or tulips. or a totally hot date. 😀

    Red roses nga lang naman ang na-ban no… actually, i never really liked roses… tulips and other flowers look a lot better.

    Hot date? Now you’re talking 🙂 Roar!

  5. pssst, pwedeng pwede raw kay pinky ang platinum or white gold. heheheh 😉

    Oh gosh… walang lusot.

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