Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 11, 2008


I came in late in the office again this morning.  As like the other day, I went to the Tadawi Hospital but now to bring Pinky for a check-up. She has been complaining about some mild discomfort in her upper right abdomen and back, which she suspects could be due to gallstones. 

A year ago, Pinky got an abdominal ultrasound in Manila and they identified that she had a “soft” gallstone, which, at that time, did not need to be removed.  The doctor here recommended that we do a blood test (CBC) and ultrasound to confirm that the gallstone did not multiply and that it was also not causing the discomfort.  We will know by this afternoon or tomorrow morning what the results are.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep all of you updated.  Please help our family pray that the results turn out to be negative and that Pinky would not be required to undergo a laporoscopic surgery anytime in the near future.

This will be all for now.



  1. Hon, you beat me to the draw again! 🙂 Just when I was just thinking of blogging about my current health issue, you came out with the blog na – bilis talaga!

    Anyway, I do hope and pray that all these will be over soon – I just want the discomfort to end and not let it develop into anything more serious.

    Hon, hehehe… alam mo naman kung ano ang nangyayari kapag magaan ang trabaho sa opisina 🙂

  2. i’ll include you in my prayers, pinks! 🙂 i’m sure it’s just a case of too much running on the treadmill. 😉 God bless!

  3. pinky, i’m praying you’ll be ok! *hugs*

  4. hoping and praying for pinky’s good health. hopefully eh there’s nothing wrong 😉

  5. Weng, Meeya and Nell, thanks for all your concern and prayers. I’ll make sure to mention this to Pinky.

    Anyway, just to update you guys, we got Pinky’s blood test and ultrasound results. There is still a single stone in her GB, the one which was identified back in Manila. So far, there is no blockage in her passage way, which is good news. We will be sending her results to my mom and get her opinion whether a laporoscopic surgery is needed asap or if this can wait until she comes back to Manila in June. We are praying for the latter.

  6. gosh, even pinky’s stones are in multiply mode huh!?! hope she feels better.

    i had my own health issue today. for the first time in my entire MBA career, i actually skipped class. i had a bad case of vertigo. all those nights of staying up too late finally took its toll on me. i have been high on supraneuron since then…

    Rindu, luckily only our old blogs decided to Multiply and not her GB stones. Isang stone pa rin ang nakita sa ultrasound and, hopefully, no operation needed soon.

    Grabe, you should take it slow. A few more months and you’re over – ngayon ka pa nagkasakit. Hope the supraneuron helps. Tell P to take it slow… hirap na laging puyat 🙂

  7. […] Anyway, among the procedures I scheduled during this leave is the removal of my lone gall stone which has been causing me some discomfort (and much anxiety!) while still in the kingdom.  For a backgrounder on this, click here.  […]

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