Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 9, 2008

Guilty of the Same Mistake

Our weekend was quite uneventful.  It was mostly dining out with family and friends, house chorse and a little shopping here and there.  Everything was okay, that is, until the boys turned on my “mad mode” last night.

In fairness to our children, Luigi and Rafael are doing great in school.  In fact, they have done remarkably well that Pinky supervises them less frequently nowadays since they can do their assignments with just minor mistakes on the side. What else can we ask for?

We try to be more lenient with them so they do not have a nagging impression of their parents when they grow up.  However, I guess, giving the kids too much freedom also has a price.

While I was cleaning the bathrooms I repeatedly asked the boys if they had done their assignments.  Both of them replied positively while concentrating on their newly acquired Gameboys cartridges.  I had a feeling that this was not true but instead of checking their school and notebooks and confiscating their toys, I just decided to just give them several chances to do what is right.  In short, I just kept on asking them every now and then whether all their assignments have been completed and reminded them how upset I will be if I found out that what they tell me is not the truth.  Despite my mild threats, their answers were always “Yes!”

As expected and to our dismay, we found out during dinner that Luigi still had not completed his homework. Rafael said he already studied for his Theme Test but, knowing the irrisistable lure of all these toys, I am pretty sure that this was done haphazardly.

I was so upset by the incident, not because they did not do their assignment (I knew they could easily do that) but because they deliberately did not tell us the truth despite the many chances that were given to them.  Needless to say, because of what they did, the boys did not hear the end of it from me.

So now I still feel upset about the incident especially since this is not the first time it has happened.  However, on the other side, I also realized that I was also guilty of the same mistakes when I was their age (and may be sometimes, up to now). I rationalize by thinking most, if not all, children passed a stage in their life when not telling the truth was as natural as breathing air.  Gosh, am I mistaken or do I just (guiltily) see myself in my boys?

I would like to think that I turned out okay despite the many flaws that I had as a kid, traces of which, I guess until now, are still mildly present in my being.  Anyway, I guess parents can only do so much.  We just have to remain patient and consistent with our reminders and pray that, one day, whatever we taught our children will all be useful when they grow up and raise their own family. Funny, but karma (good or bad) always does have a way of going around.

Sige, that is all.  Just needed to vent.



  1. Hay naku – you bet that disciplining the boys remain to be a work in progress! Just when I thought that they have already learned from their mistakes, they do it again! Grrr talaga!!! 😦

    Yup, guess karma has a way of going around… 😉

    Good luck to us, Hon… mukhang matagal-tagal pang matututo itong mga batang ire… at may mas makulit pa tayong anak 🙂

  2. naku, luigi and rafa have their moments din pala. 🙂 that only goes to show that they are regular kids who do what every regular kid does…and that includes being sidetracked by those game things. 😉 i’m sure they will learn from this mistake lalo na if you threaten to ground them by taking away their toys. 😉 good luck and happy parenting! 😀

    Oh, they do, Weng… and a lot of it. Oo nga, I should threaten them more often… hehehe… that should do the trick 🙂 Good luck to all of us parents. I hope my mom does not read this or she will be laughing out loud.

  3. uuy nagpapakitang gilas, hehe. i know we bashed you about your “good cop” style pero you didn’t have to prove us wrong so soon, hehe. (joke!)

    the way i see it, the boys were out of line on this one so they deserved that earfull from you. oh, i’m sure your kids will turn out ok because you’re clear and consistent about your “reminders”. ang mahirap kasi other parents, kahit nakikita na nila na may ginagawang mali yung kids nila will just let things like these pass – and then they have the gall to pray na their kids will turn out ok?? parang how will the kids learn the right path to choose kung wala silang guide, di ba?

    so huwag ka nang ma-upset. its a part of our children’s growing up process – and we should know, dumaan talaga tayo diyan (so we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s now biting us in the backside, hehe.) 😀

    Hahaha.. asar ka talaga, Meeya… I was hoping nobody would notice my pakitang gilas… buking tuloy ako 🙂

    Oo nga, some parents think that magiging okay yung mga anak nila kapag pinabayaan lang nila sila… kailangan lang nilang pakainin at paliguan and then “chanan” okay na yung mga bata.

    Well, I definitely call this karma… I should warn my kids that babalikan din sila nito when they have their own kids… like me 🙂 Baka sakaling matakot sila… hmmm, ginawa din ata sa aking ng Mom ko yon and walang nangyari. Hay, kids will always be kids.

  4. don’t be too hard on youself, keith. this is quite normal and this can be resolved easily by having a talk with your boys. you just have to set the ground rules and the consequences, then stick to it and things will be better. cheer up, compare to other kids. yours are very much manageable. dba 😉

    I agree with you, Nell. The boys and I are okay now. I do hope that they learned their lesson. Anyway, medyo mas manageable nga yung mga bata so I should give credit to them. I guess, they are allowed to make mistakes once in a while 🙂 Strict, kunwari.

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