Posted by: Leap of Faith | February 6, 2008

Thankfully Bored

Today was a very slow day in the office.  I came in at around 9:30 am, having come from the hospital for a check-up.  Since then, I have been very unproductive – not because I am lazy but because I have already completed the things that I need to do and I am just waiting for the next wave of rush work to land on my desk. Hay, time sure flies so slow when you are idle.

Anyway, in order to have some sort of excitement in my life right now, I have decided to just look at all my blessings for the past week.  I guess you will see more of these types of entries in the future, which basically means that it is one of those boring days at work.  Enough with the introduction, I have listed 5 blessings or good things that came out this week.  Of course, these are written in no particular order.

1. I had some good bonding time with the boys (and Pinky and Marga, as well) while we listened to my new Broadway CDs (Wicked and The Jersey Boys).  The CDs were given to me as a gift by my family last Christmas but it was only recently that we were able to really listen to it and appreciate it.  I know, showtunes are like Balut – it is acquired taste.  It is either you like it or hate it and, most of the time, a lot of people hate it (just like the gourmet egg we serve in the Philippines). Anyway, I guess I am slowly influencing my whole family to enjoy my music.  The uncontrolled singing by all of us in the car seem to convince me that I am succeeding 🙂

2. Our family got an unexpected windfall in our savings as my company gave me a few extra mullah for a job well done last year. Not bad, I guess they enjoyed reading all the blogs that I made in 2007 🙂

3.  It is sale season here in the KSA and, despite my professed dislike for shopping, we still managed to buy a few things to bring as gifts to our family back home during our next vacation in June. We were very excited as most of the things were really reasonably priced now.  Stores like Debenhams, The Gap and NEXT are practically giving away their stuff, with discounts going as high as 70% off. Eh, kung ganyan lang naman lagi eh baka mas madalas kami mag shopping 😉

4. We discovered this new restaurant in the Mall of Dhahran called The Pizza Company. I heard that they have this in Manila (Market! Market!) but we never got to try it there.  Anyway, the food was good and a definitely the food selection was a lot better than what we normally have here (i.e. Lebanese/Arabic food).  Hmmm, I think I am planning to go back there back soon. 🙂

5. The report cards of the kids were released today and, despite being absent for almost a month, they boys were able to maintain their straight As. Woot! woot! On the other hand, Marga, at 20 months, can now sing her A,B,Cs and can count 1 to 10.  Gling, two snaps for all my kids!

Finally, something productive.  I am thankful that I was so bored today since, in the midst of it all, I saw how truly blessed I am.

Hope you all have a blessed week ahead of you.  As we say it here in the Kingdom, it is Boogie time!



  1. Such a refreshing way to start the morning – yes, definitely, count our blessings! 🙂

    I really think we should make this a family tradition as it really helps to have a grateful heart always 🙂

    I actually read something from Bo Sanchez’s website that you have to always reflect at the end of the day and see all the good (and bad things) that has transpired. That way, you will see how blessed you are and how great our God is.

  2. there really is a lot of be thankful for. which reminds me, care to share your extra $$$ with us here? hahahah! kidding aside, di ko alam na mahilig ka pala sa mga broadway musicals. dalawin nyo kaya ako dito sa sfo para sabay tayo manood. malungkot pag mag isa lang eh, hehehe. i’m so glad you guys had a wonderful and blessed year 😀

    There really is a lot to be thankful for, Nell. We just get so blinded by all the not-so-nice things that are happening in our life that we fail to see all the blessings we receive.

    Naku, hindi ata $$$ yon – barya lang yon. Pang palubag loob sa aming mga OFW – hehehe!

    Oo nga, marami nga palang mga plays din diyan sa SFO. Sige, if we ever get a chance to visit the US guguluhin kita para naman may kasama kami ni Pinky manood.

  3. sama ako sa inyo ni nell! 😀 uy keith, wicked is slated to play here sa city namin in april. sana nandito pa kami by then para naman makapanood ako, haha.

    anyway, blessing in disguise naman ang pagka-bored mo 🙂 tama yan, the more gratitude you show, mas ginaganahan magbigay ng maraming blessings si God sa inyo. so, may you have many more bored moments, este, blessings to come. 🙂

    Meeya, sige sama ka if ever we save enough to travel to the US. Are you in Ft Lauderdale? I was actually looking at their touring schedule and noticed the one in Florida. There is also one in Texas but I’m not sure how close this is to Weng. Please watch it. It really has a nice book and score. I’m not sure though if Ninna can last a good 2.5 hours of watching.

    Naku, bored moments… I have lots of those. I should start counting my blessings nga. It really is a good exercise since you become thankful to God (even with the small things) and realize that all of these come from him.

  4. yup, we’re in ft. lauderdale. 🙂 actually, i have been itching to watch wicked for 3 years now, hehe. the first year, i wanted to watch it in NY nung nandun kami kaya lang we couldn’t find a babysitter for ninna. the following year, my bestfriend visited me tapos we went to chicago to see it, pero sold out! the next year, it was supposed to tour in charlotte, di naman kami umabot. then texas, di pa rin kami umabot. hopefully sa april ulit kahit ako na lang mag-isa. 😀

    i promised ninna we would see the lion king together. ewan ko lang when, hehe.

    Meeya, I do hope it pushes through this time. Parang tinatawag ka na ng Wicked, panay ang snub mo. But I do understand how hard it is to have some time for yourself or with hubby especially since wala magbabantay kay Ninna. Hay, buhay abroad!

    Anyway, Ninna will definitely love the Lion King. I saw it with Pinky a few years back and it was great. By the way, they are showing the Little Mermaid in Broadway, baka you want to bring Ninna there too.

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