Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 27, 2008

Death of 360

I just read an article about the imminent death of our previous blog host, Yahoo 360.  Yes, Yahoo announced that they will be soon closing down the sight.  Waaaaah!

The news came as a real shock to me.  Pinky and I have a hundred or so journal entries, photographs and videos in our old blog home and I am sure neither of us want to lose any one of them.  Although, Yahoo informed its members that they will soon be opening another similar platform called Mash, I am quite hesitant to join this new group given my not-so-good experience with Yahoo (i.e. closure of Yahoo Photos and now, Yahoo 360).

To all of you Techie people out there, my wife and I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give us in teaching us how to export our files from our old blog home to WP and/or to update us if ever you come across with any news about this matter. 

Thank you in advance for all your help.



  1. OMG! You bet I’d want to save all the stuff in 360 – those are precious tales of our lives! Techie people – heeelp!!!

  2. naku! i’m sorry to hear about this! hindi ko na talaga natutunan kung paano niyo maeexport ang mga entries ninyo. i took a look at it before e and supposed to be, may button man lang sana that you can simply click to export the entries to a file. maybe you can email yahoo360 and ask them. you should do the same with your WP entries. ako lately, i’ve been exporting my entries to a file para siguradong meron akong copy. 🙂 good luck! subukan ko ulit tignan! 😀

    Weng, thank you so much. Pinky and I am are so ignorant when it comes to these stuff. It may be good to do the same for our WP. By the way, how do you Export and where do you save it – in your Hard Disk?

  3. ow gosh, sayang yong mga files and entries ninyo. i wish i knew something about this, pero la din akong alam. huhuhu 😦 how about you get your site and url. was thinking of doing that once i have some sort of budget. and i heard you can transfer old files by doing that. magtatanong tanong ako for you guys. God bless 😉

    Naku, Nell, ang tanga ko when it comes to the Internet. Baka masiraan na ako ng ulo when I get my own site and URL! Anyway, thanks for any help you can give us.

  4. at the time i posted this comment, solved na pala ang prob niyo hehe. pero nabiktima din ako ng yahoo photos closing down dati. they had the option naman then to move the photos to flickr, e kaya lang ang dami kong photos sa yahoo na i needed to get a flckr pro account pa daw para maging viewable yung older yahoo photos. kainis hehe. i wonder if multiply can import from flickr files too?

    would the news about microsoft buying yahoo have anything to do about this kaya? streamlining services, etc? yang ang hirap sa atin na umaasa sa free service, nasa mercy nila tayo hehehe! 😛

    Meeya, that was the same problem I had. I actually have not upgraded yet so I can’t view my old photos (just the most recent ones I’ve loaded). Yes, you actually can transfer your pictures to multiply. They have an import function and I’ve tried it. I am not sure though whether you will lose all your pictures in blog if you delete files from Flickr. Mas techie ka, so if you find out please tell me.

    Sorry, I’m not abreast with the news about Microsoft and Yahoo. I guess it does have something to do with it. Oo nga, hirap kung umaasa kasi sa free service eh… at kung walang alam sa mga techie stuff.

    By the way, are you using WP or other service. I noticed kasi that your URL does not have wordpress in it.

  5. hi keith, i actually don’t use flickr that much, napilitan lang when yahoo said i had to transfer (kaya masama din loob ko if i have to purchase a pro account, hehe!). instead, i’ve always used photobucket to host my pics so i don’t see naman any prob about losing linkages if i transfer my flickr photos to multiply.

    anyway, my blog is hosted by which is owned by christine ( she has her own domain so she invited some ladies to join her, whom she hosts for free (bait no?). its akin to weng’s foodie blog being hosted thess (under the domain), so same banana. 🙂

    but i also use wordpress as the platform for my blog. in love ako sa wordpress, hehe. 🙂

    Meeya, buti ka pa, ako I used Flickr before so I am worried na my linkages will be affected if I delete my files in Flickr. Anyway, please tell me how it goes once you have transferred your pictures to Multiply. It is really easy to do.

    Sorry but what do you mean when you say you use WP as a platform for my blog… is that just the format/lay-out of your blog? Anyway, the reason I asked kasi I wanted to add your site to my daily “blog surfer” so I know if you have any updates kaso it seems WP does not recognize the address. Do you know another way how I can do it?

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