Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 27, 2008

As good as your health

I still have my epulis with me (wow, close na kami).  My Dentist said that apparently the procedure would not be covered by my insurance and since they do not have any laboratory which can do a biopsy on the little rascal, they recommended that I try going to another hospital that can do the procedure.  Anyway, the good thing is that they performed a dental x-ray on me and found out that I should not worry too much about the growth since it did not affect my jaw or bone.  In short, the operation can still wait until my next home leave scheduled by mid of this year.

Talking about health, my Filipino colleagues and I had a sad realization quite recently about our employment situation here in the Middle East.  For the benefit of those who do not know, most, if not all, of the expatriates here in the Kingdom are employed on a 1 or 2 year contract basis only.  But this can be renewed for a longer time depending on the agreement between the employee and the employer. 

In most cases, a lot of the Filipinos working here in the Kingdom have found this place to be a good place to earn a living.  In fact, it is quite common to hear of Pinoys who have happily lived here for the last 10 to 15 years.  Of course, like in any place in the world, there are also a number of exceptions – people who are not able to adjust to living outside our beautiful country for one reason or another.

Anyway, going back, one of our colleagues here in the Kingdom was diagnosed with some illness that needed more thorough medical attention.  Although he could have the procedure done here, he decided to just undergo all the necessary treatment in the Philippines where his family could easily care for him.  For months he has been on sick leave but, thank God, has finally recovered and was scheduled to come back next month… that is until he found out that he was terminated.

Yes, after more than 10 years of service to the company, his contract was terminated just like that.  I am not aware of the exact details of this incident but I sure wish that all goes well for our friend.  I am sure our God has a good reason (purpose) for all the things that is happening to his life right now.

So there, I guess no one is indispensable.  Bottom line, we are only as good as our health.



  1. Very sad but so true – all the more reason we should storm heaven with our prayers for good health for all of us.

    You said it! Hay, hope nothing like this happens to anyone of us.

  2. amen!

    dito din very volatile ang employment situation ng mga tao in my hubby’s industry. share ko lang, two years ago, yung isang friend namin had to go home kasi his father died. he only spent 2 weeks in pinas tapos when it was time for him to return, he was told na he was released (ie terminated) from the project na daw. it was a big shock kasi he has been with the company for close to 5 years.. pero ganun pa rin ang nangyari. i guess, in our case, its not just our good health that matters, pati pala loved ones sa pinas bawal magkasakit. 😦

    anyway, i’m glad there’s nothing to worry about your condition. 🙂 so, el nido ulit? 🙂

    Sobra naman yon… that was such a mean thing to do to your friend. I guess that is something I miss about the Philippines… the job security. I hope your friend did not have a hard time looking for a new job. What a blow… death of a father and losing his job!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying a lot! Hope it does not happen to anyone of us. El Nido… gosh, ka-kayod muna 🙂

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