Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 23, 2008


After months of not visiting the dentist, I finally decided to go to our local hospital last night to get a check-up.  In particular, I was quite concerned about this small reddish growth I had on my gum, which looked like a canker sore or gingivitis. 

I spread my mouth wide open and my Dentist, using his little mirror, looked around.  I wanted to rush the whole procedure so I could also get a prophylaxis.  A few seconds later, my Dentist said I had “epulis.” “Aah, whaaat?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s a tumor,” he mentioned casually.  “Nothing to be worried about.”

Thanks, I thought.  It’s just a TUMOR that I should not be worried about.  Whaaaat!  Did I hear him right?  Did he say tumor or humor?  Gosh, I think tumor in any language means red light flashing – warning!

Anyway, apparently this small growth that I had was quite common (especially on dogs, as per Pinky who did her own research on the Internet).  It is supposed to be non-cancerous but still had to be removed surgically.  He wanted to get it out as soon as possible since, if left untreated, this growth can actually cause some facial deformity.  The only consuelo I had was that it takes a while for this little bastard to make a mess on my face (ooops, sorry for the language). 

So there, my Dentist did not do operate on me last night since he was not sure if it would be covered by my insurance.  He is checking on my coverage and will advise me by this afternoon if we are all green and go.  

If all goes well, I may push through with the procedure tonight.  Unfortunately, if we push through, I may not be able to smile for the camera in the next few days.  So, to all my loving fans out there (i.e. my family back home), do not worry too much. I promise to send you my photos when I have my “close-up” smile again. *bling!*

This is all for now. Keith, “ruff-ruffing” out.



  1. hahaha, what’s up with the ruff ruff keith? and that research pinky did on “epulis” ? and that comment that says “quite common in dogs” too ? am i missing something here? last i check you were still human. and definitely not part of the canidae family. not unless, you didn’t tell us you’re a werewolf. heheheh, peace my friend 😉

    ps: hope everything goes well with your oral surgery, keith.

    Oo nga, Nell. I got surprised that it was a disease commonly found in dogs. Shocks, I knew I was a werewolf in my past life… kaya pala iba ang pakiramdam ko kapag full moon. Hehehe.

    My surgery did not push through. The Dentist said my insurance did not cover it. He recommended that I go to another hospital or do it when I go back to Manila mid this year. I am more inclined with the latter since wala naman kaming kilalang mga Dentists dito. I’ll just pray na di ma-deform and mukha ko before I go home. Baka mukhang aso na ako by that time. Yikes!

  2. oh my golly, hopefully naman eh walang deformity na mangyari (knock on wood). aabot ka pa naman nyan sa pag uwi ulit sa pinas. uy, uuwi kayo ulit? grabe hah, ginawang cubao ang manila. heheheh! just kidding…

    and speaking of insurance, i hate them to bits and pieces. i have some horrible stories about those darn insurance companies. yong tipong gusto mo ng sunugin ang opisina nila. hahahah! hayaan mo, kwento ko sa inyo one of these days…

    have a wonderful work week ahead :mrgreen:

    Nell, oo nga i should knock on wood… lots of it! Hopefully, if things push through, we will be home by June when the children have their summer vacation. Nakaka-buang ma iwan dito ng 2 months especially for Pinky and the boys.

    Oh, so far (excpet for this) wala pa naman akong bad incident with the insurance company. Actually, if I have the guts to go to another hospital here, I’ll try if makalusot and insurance coverage ko. Otherwise, sa Pinas na lang talaga if I have to pay then… that’s if di ako maging Mr Hyde by that time.

  3. oooh! katakot naman yung word na “epulis”! i suggest pakiramdaman mo na lang, keith, kung kakayanin mo pang maghintay until mid-june. if it gets worse, baka dapat mo nang ipagawa jan. pero kung di naman, then good for you! i do think ok sa atin magpadentista kasi magagaling din naman talaga ang dentists sa manila at pagnagcompare ka ng price ng dental care, mura pa rin talaga sa atin! dito nga, 1500 dollars ang root canal sa isang ngipin! mga 10 roots na ang katumbas nun sa favorite dental clinic ko sa pinas! 🙂 hahaha!

    Oh, you said it Weng. Di ba parang nakakatakot talaga ang dating niya… especially when they say it is a tumor. My Dentist took an X-ray of my teeth the other night and said that mukhang okay naman… the growth is not connected to the bone/jaw naman so it could delay. I’ll wait a while and pray that it does not worsen, though. Otherwise, I won’t have any choice but to have it operated here.

    Ang mahal naman ng root canal na yan… I remember having mine done in the Philippines a few years back and it was much, much cheaper than that… not to mention my Dentist was also so good that I did not even feel him killing my nerves! Talaga sa States mahal ang mga health services.

  4. keith, have you been a naughty boy? have you been kissing any dogs lately? alam ba ni pinky yan??? 😀

    Meeya… di ko naman kasi alam na nakakahawa ang mga sakit ng aso…I know better now… di na mauulit 🙂

  5. […] After several months of delaying, I finally had my dental operation this morning to remove the epulis that was growing on my gums.  The procedure took just a few minutes.  This is how I felt after […]

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