Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 16, 2008

Jampacked with Adventure, our Philippine Trip (Part 6)

There was a great development in our trip.  Our niece, Alyssa, was finally released from the hospital and her parents, Monty and Millie, were able to book a last minute flight to Ilo-ilo.  This trip was really a special event that Monty and Millie did not mind paying an arm and a leg just to be with all of us.  I was actually surprised at how they managed to successfully arrange all the cancelling and re-booking of their flights given that this was a peak season for travelling in the Philippines. However, I guess, the lure of being in Guimaras Island (and to be with all of us) was just too hard to resist.

Monty, Millie and Alyssa arrived at the hotel the morning we were scheduled to leave for Guimaras.  Pippo was feeling much better now, although not yet fully recovered.  My mother-in-law, on the other hand, was starting to feel ill with the same symptoms as that of Pippo.  Wow, talk about luck! Anyway, no sickness could stop us now – especially since Monty and the gang flew in from Manila just to be with us.  Guimaras will be all worth it.

The trip to the resort in Guimaras island was unthinkable.  First, we took a 15 minute drive from the hotel to the port, where a chartered motorized banca was waiting for us.  The port was terrible – it looked like a mini wet market.  To make things worse, it rained that morning so all the mud and dirt were splashing all around us.

Boarding the banca was not fun either. We had to balance on this small wooden plank just to ride the boat.  I was really worried that I would lose my balance and drop my little Marga, whom I was carrying, on the greenish water. Anyway, that boat trip, apparently, was the best part of the whole journey.  Worse things were yet to come.

We safely reached the main island of Guimaras, where we disembarked and boarded a van that was waiting for us. Here, we travelled for more than 2 hours in a dirt road!  Aside from being so cramped in the vehicle, we were bouncing up and down the whole time.  The road conditions and land terrain were terrible. At one point, the vehicle had a hard time climbing up a steep hill that we almost fell off a low ravine.

After the van, we took another 40 minute boat ride to the private resort, which thankfully was uneventful.  It was a little past noon when we arrived.  The resort was decent although nothing spectacular.  The beach was forgettable, as my friend Simon Cowell would say. 

We were informed that due to poor weather conditions, we had to leave the resort not later than 3:30 pm.  What! we just arrived. Rushing, we ate our lunch and headed off to the beach.  The waves were not that strong so it was the best time for a photo opportunity.  What a perfect scene – the whole Veguillas clan happily swimming in the beach. Yup, you guessed it, that was definitely short lived.

After some pictures and a few splashes here and there, my father-in-law shouted loudly  “Dikya!” I thought, “what the hell is a dikya?”  However, his yell was enough to tell me that it was time for us to quickly get out of the water.  So, while my father-in-law was still in total shock and pain, the whole family scrambled and ran out of the water as quickly as we can. Embarrasing as it is, I think I was one of the fastest to get out of the water even with Marga in tow.  The dikya (jellyfish) incident made us so afraid to go back to the water that we ended up just swimming in the pool, which, in all honesty, looked much better than the beach.

That night, we decided to go to one of the local coffee shops and reminisce at all the things that had happened to us during the trip. Truly, this vacation has been one hell of an adventure. 

Pippo and my parents-in-law were still recovering from sickness and the trauma of a jellyfish attack but we had to fly back to Manila the following day.  Finally, I thought, we will be able to enjoy the rest of our holiday… in peace. 




  1. pagsaasabayin ko na lang dito ang comment for parts 5 and 6. 😀

    buti at nakasunod rin naman pala sila monty, millie at alyssa! why is sickness hounding all of you?! kawawa naman si pippo at ninang petite! and i could just imagine tito jess shouting “dikya”! 😀

    magkaibang-magkaiba ang ating ilo-ilo and guimaras experience. ours was memorable in a very good way although may ilan din namang unpleasant. saka hindi pa bago ang airport noon!

    psst…ingat ka sa pagaupdate ng blog sa office…baka mapagbakasyon ka na naman sa pinas ng di oras. malalatigo ka na talaga ni pinky nun! nyahahaha! 😀

    Oo nga, Weng, good they were able to follow. Ewan ko nga why we all got sick. My only explanation is that God was trying to tell us something… yun nga lang we did not listen 🙂

    I know. We read your blog and that inspired us to go to Ilo-ilo. To be fair naman, Ilo-ilo was nice and the food was good. The guimaras part was hell. Although, baka we chose the wrong resort.

    Huwag naman sana. Hirap talagang mag-kunwari sa opisina.

  2. i can feel from what you wrote kung gaano ka-traumatic yung experience niyo 😀 sayang, i had high hopes for guimaras for you!!

    there’s a “homeopathic” cure i know for dikya stings but it wouldnt have been a pretty sight – baka lalong naging traumatic for your FIL if you guys had peed on him, hahaha!

    haay, i’m sorry if i made light of your “adventure”. live and learn na lang, i guess. i’m sure this would be the topic of family’s kwentuhan for a very long time. 🙂

    bitin!! 🙂

    It was actually traumatic but that also made it so fun. Definitely our family’s kwentuhan topic for a long, long time.

    I heard of that treatment too but we just couldn’t muster the guts to pee on the person who paid for our trip! Bastos di ba… not to mention he is my father-in-law 🙂

  3. poor dad in law, na jelly sting. hope he’s much better now. and good thing monty, millie and alyssa were able to follow. now that’s one big jam packed family vacation! with special participation of the dikya, hehehe 😀

    sobrang kawawa… he ended up with a scar on his ankle and stomach (what a lasting reminder of this trip!). Iba talaga ang dikya, alam kung kelan sa sali sa eksena.

    It was really a jam packed family vacation, which we will not forget. One of the best, if only for the adventure.

  4. Salabay (dikya in our province) is really a party pooper. My cousin was once stinged by it that really scared the hell out of us. Good thing it was not in the periphery of the navel and the scrotum or my cousin could be dead by now.

    It’s good that you all returned home safely. Now this is the vacation you will never ever forget 🙂 .

    Is that real, Bluep? You can die if stinged at the wrong place… well, the scrotum for obvious reasons. Oh, you are a RN nga pala. Thanks for warning us.

    We should be careful next time… I’ll remember, beach = dikya!

  5. […] you are interested to know more about our previous trip, you can read about it here, here, and here).  Please do wish us a “dikya-free” adventure this time.  […]

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