Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 16, 2008

Jampacked with Adventure, our Philippine Trip (Part 4)

Noche Buena, Christmas day and Pinky’s birthday (yes, on the 25th) were, as expected, harassingjoyous events.  Since we have been converted into socially-deprived creatures of the desert, Pinky and I enjoyed every single moment of our hobnobbing with our families and long lost relatives. The food, of course, was an add-on treat especially since these included yummy pork dishes and various desserts *Keith now thinking: “sobrang kawawa naman kami”*.

Despite all the happenings (wow, what a 70’s expression), we had to still prepare for our family trip to Ilo-ilo and the Guimaras on morning of the 26th.  This was an advance birthday celebration for my mother-in-law, who was turning 60 in January.  Since my sister-in-law, Rina, left for her MBA in Pepperdine University in 2006 and our family for Dammam on the same year, the Veguillas family has never been complete until now.  This out-of-town celebration was the best way for us to catch-up and have a good time, or so we thought.

A few days before Christmas, our niece, Alyssa, caught the viral infection, which the Sy family lovingly brought as a present from the KSA.  Unfortunately, Alyssa (accompanied by her parents Monty and Millie) had to be confined in the hospital for almost a week since the virus had now mutated into a more serious strain.  Aside from spending Christmas in the hospital, they also had to cancel their trip to Ilo-ilo for obvious reasons.

Partly burdened by guilt, we still decided that, despite this unfortunate incident, the show must go on.  So on the morning of the 26th, Pinky’s parents, her siblings, Pippo and Rina, and our family went to the NAIA domestic airport just to be greeted by a real shocker.  The lines in the domestic terminal were just sooooooo long that we almost did not make it. Apparently, everyone seemed to share the great idea of having a post-Christmas vacation. Wow, what luck! 

In our rush to be able to check-in on time, we all ended up falling in line at the wrong counter.  It was only when the ground crew of Air Philippines mentioned that they were no longer accepting people for check-in to Ilo-ilo that we realized we made a mistake.  Fortunately, after seeing our desperate looks, we were allowed to move to the correct line and were officially made the last passengers of that flight! Thank goodness.

A last call announcement was made for the Air Phil flight to Ilo-ilo: the gates would be closed in a few minutes. What?!  We had just gotten our boarding passes and we still had to pay the terminal fee and pass airport security.  All tense, we also realized that we were missing Rina’s boarding pass!  Panicked, my father-in-law had to rush back to the counter and get the missing document.

Scrambling now, we had to rush pass airport security.  Pippo was still putting on his belt and shoes when another announcement was made… they were looking for the last 9 passengers of Air Phil flight to Ilo-ilo… oh yes, that was unmistakably us!

We finally boarded the plane.  However, since we were seated at the very last row, we had to endure the evil stares of all those uncompassionate passengers, who were all eager to leave.  I thought… how can they have not pity on us, can’t they see that my brother-in-law had to even board the plane barefoot with shoes in his hands just to make it on time? Whatever! All I could think of now is that we were on our way to have a great time….




  1. poor alyssa and bro in law… forget the evil stares from the other passengers, whats impt is that you made it and about to have a fabulous time. dba?

    ow keith, you have made this family adventure of yours into an addiction for me. c’mon now, tell us more… hehehe 😀

    Sobrang kawawa sila, Nell. I felt sad that they had to cancel their trip because of the illness. Those people… yeah, I tried to block them out of my mind the whole time.

    Thanks for patiently following our saga. There is just so many stories to share…

  2. kawawa naman si alyssa! the domestic airport is, sad to say, really quite hellish. muntik na rin kami maligaw ng pila dati nung papunta rin kami sa ilo-ilo.

    kawawa rin si pippo! ano ba yan?! 😀

    Hay, Weng, you said it. I wish there was a way to improve things back home.

    Ano ba yan talaga!

  3. i agree with nell, para itong sobrang addicting na telenobela!! 😀

    bakit naman ganun yung ibang passengers, to think christmas season pa naman! and i know what you mean, super gulo talaga ng domestic airport sa atin e lalo pa siguro dahil maraming nag-uuwian for the holidays.

    poor alyssa! ang lupit naman ng virus niyo, hehe. i hope she’s doing ok now. 🙂

    Oh, it actually felt like it was a tele-novela, Meeya. Grabe, so many things happened that I needed to blog about it before I forget.

    Yup, I guess it was really the holiday rush that made things worse for us. At least we know better next time.

    Yes, the virus is really a bad strain. So many people from our family got infected. Todo talaga! She is much better now.

  4. […] case you are interested to know more about our previous trip, you can read about it here, here, and here).  Please do wish us a “dikya-free” adventure this time.  […]

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