Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 15, 2008

Jampacked with Adventure, our Philippine Trip (Part 3)

Our first day at the resort was totally relaxing.  Pinky and I decided to take it slow and just catch up on the much needed sleep.  After a heavy lunch, we retired to our seaside cottage and dozed off.  Upon waking up, we took our buffet dinner al fresco while being serenaded by a band composed of resort employees (note: the lead singer was also the bar tender on his day shift).  For dessert, Pinky and I cuddled by the dimly lit lounge chairs near the shore as we stargazed and enjoyed the cool sea breeze.

The following day was more exciting.  We decided to test our limits by doing a 30 minute intro-dive.  Yes, you read me right, Pinky and I dove (so not us, I know!).  Both of us decided that it was time for us to conquer our fear of unknown creatures lurking beneath the ocean (and to get all our monies worth!).  It was really an experience we will not forget.  Forgive me if I sound so novice, but to see so many fish swimming beside you (some even longer than my arm and larger than my head) is just enough to make you realize how stupid you are for not investing on a water proof camera!  This is the real deal man – the giant Jack Fish and school of Talakitok should have been worth all the investment.   

Our morning started great and we were thinking of how to beat that experience.  Apparently, our personal events coordinator was thinking the same thing.  I guess upon learning that it was our wedding anniversary on the 26th, Cindy arranged for us to have a romantic lunch in one of the many private beaches around the resort.  Using a banca, Pinky and I were brought to this small beach a few minutes away from the resort where we enjoyed a full meal from soup, salad to dessert.  Of course, I had a bottle of San Mig Light by my side – in case Pinky wanted to get down and dirty with me! Unfortunately, that was just wishful thinking. 

After lunch, we took another boat ride to enjoy the lagoons of El Nido, which are more popularly known as the big and small lagoons.  According to scientists, these lagoons were formed years and years ago when a cave collapsed (probably due to an earthquake).  Now, both lagoons are loved by many due to its clear and tranquil water and its breath taking view.

I personally loved the small lagoon since the only way of getting to it is by entering a small crack on the mountain wall using a kayak.  Pinky and I had to literally lay on our back while paddling just to go in the lagoon.  Upon entering the hole, you can not help but marvel at how beautiful the place is. The back drop of the lush greenery matched perfectly well with the calm blue water and limestone rocks.  The small caves and caverns also added to the attraction.  Truly this was a sight to see.

While we were still enjoying the scenery, one of our companions shouted that they saw a “baby” shark. Okay, that is just the word we were waiting for… shark (big or small) means that it was time for us to paddle back to the banca.  Unfortunately, Pinky and I were in the company of more adventurous people who wanted to still snorkel and enjoy the coral reef.  So, despite the possibility of experiencing a great wide jaw munching down my whole body, I decided to muster my confidence and join the group as we snorkeled around the beautiful reef (take note that this was not by any means near the shore, we were located at deep water!).  Despite several panic attacks, I don’t even regret snorkeling as the experience was just amazing! Where was Pinky?  She was waiting anxiously on the boat while feeling sea sick *people now saying ahhhhh!*

Our third day in Palawan was also full of adventure.  We spent the morning hopping from one island to another.  The highlight of this day was the beautiful snake island, which boasts of a snake-like white sand bar that connects two islets, and this cave that we had to enter again by climbing into this small hole in the wall.  Pinky and I almost backed out but felt embarrassed when this 60+ year old couple from South Africa made it through without any problem.  Our motto:  if they can do it, we can do it!  Lunch that day was at the Pangalasian Beach, where we just relaxed while sipping our cocktail drinks by the shore. Oh, by the way, we also had our spa treatment that night despite all the sun burn we had! This is the life!

After having breakfast with a German couple at the sister Lagen resort, we were definitely convinced that we did not want to leave the resort on our last day.  Unfortunately, the thought of our children waiting for us on Christmas Eve was enough to push us back to reality.  So, after a totally great four day holiday, Pinky and I flew back to Manila on the afternoon of the 24th where our relatives were waiting for us to celebrate the Noche Buena feast.

Gosh, I guess I’m done for this day but I still have tons of stories to tell.  Hope to see you guys soon.



  1. jaws really got to you, no? 😀 for many years, i was so scared of the water because of that darn movie. but once i got over it… the piscean took over.

    i am soooo inggit! you lived my dream vacation for me. 🙂 snorkelling, diving, kayaking, spelunking, the spa… wow!

    i got surrounded by giant talakitok too once in bohol. surreal!! no matter how i try to explain the experience to my asawa, he just couldn’t get it, haha!

    wait, wala bang disposable na waterproof cameras dun? whenever we have outdoor activities involving water, we always try to get one. 🙂 di bale, next time ulit, right? 🙂

    OH YES! I honestly could here the.. dun dun.. dun dun in the background. I was so scared! I’m not sure though if that experience made me totally overcome my fears… too bad the El Nido experience only convinced one side of the Gemini… may be another trip to the resort will help me really be the boss of my fears.

    You are such a well rounded person, Meeya. You seem to be a jill of all traits… is there anything you can’t and haven’t done?

    It was really a dream vacation something for the books.

    They actually sold disposable waterproof cameras, which cost PHP900… I was too cheap to buy them!

  2. the first time i went to palawan was when i was in high school but that was nowhere near your el nido experience. we did a little island hopping though (around 3 islands I think) and we enjoyed it tremendously.

    keith, this entry of yours got me looking at our honeymoon album. the phi-phi island leg (pre-tsunami!) of our thailand honeymoon comes close to yours. we didn’t do any diving but we did do a lot of snorkelling. the most memorable day of our 10 day honeymoon was the island hopping we did on a speed boat with 2 other tourists (father and son). we got to go to places where other boat tours can’t because we were riding a smaller boat. 🙂 haaay, we’ve had our taste na rin nga pala of heaven on earth. God is so good, ‘no? buti na lang we got to do it bago nagkatsunami sa thailand. i heard phi-phi island was practically erased from the map. 😦 i look forward to more kuwentos from you. 😀

    Weng, I’d love to go to PhiPhi. I heard it is so pretty (at least pre-tsunami). We were actually thinking of going to Thailand but just the thought of the number of people who died there on our wedding anniversary was just enough make us pass it up for a local trip. May be next time we will have the courage to see the beautiful resorts of Thailand. Make sure you share your photoalbum so we know what we can do.

  3. whoah, what an adventure. surely, a wonderful place to spend your guys anniversary. now i feel like dragging ted to el nido as well, less that cave with the small hole. i’m afraid i might get stuck cause of my body size, hehehe!

    ’twas an unforgettable experience, so happy you both had a wonderful time 😀

    ps: keith, what was that you said about san migs light and getting dirty? care to explain this for us, hahaha!

    Oh, Nell, I’m sure both you and Ted will love it there. Better plan a trip to the resort in your upcoming trip to the Philippines. It is money well spent.

    I’m sure you will fit perfectly well in that cave. I am so over weight… classified as Obese II, and yet I managed to crawl in there. I’m sure you will do just fine.

    It was just wishful thinking, Nell. I thought we could have our own Blue Lagoon experience in that private beach. Unfortunately, Pinky got turned-off when she saw me strip my shirt off. 🙂

  4. Reading about our El Nido experience again through your blog made me want to go back there again – the getaway was totally worth it 😉

    Yup, doing all those “adventurous” (for us couch potatoes, I mean) stuff made this trip all the more memorable! Hope to be able to go back there again soon – with the kids naman this time (*hint, hint!*).

    Thanks for bringing me to this wonderful place – being known as the Philippines’ “Last Frontier” is totally deserved! Love you! Mwah!

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